The UK government is looking to reinforce powers of security services to require internet and phone providers to maintain records of customer email and calls. Emergency laws are to be introduced into the Commons next Monday, following private talks and gaining support of both Labour and the Liberal Democrats on the basis that there will be new board to oversee the functioning of new powers. The move is an effort to continue protecting UK citizens from external threats.

Transparency reports will be released on an annual basis confirming just how frequently police and security services are using the legislation. Expiring in 2016, the new laws will require fresh legislation post-general election. It's reported that there will be no powers to look at the content of phone calls, but location, date and phone numbers in question will be accessible. UK prime minister, David Cameron, recently explained why the emergency powers were being pushed through.

"It is the first duty of government to protect our national security and to act quickly when that security is compromised. As events in Iraq and Syria demonstrate, now is not the time to be scaling back on our ability to keep our people safe. The ability to access information about communications and intercept the communications of dangerous individuals is essential to fight the threat from criminals and terrorists targeting the UK."

It's noted that a recent European court of justice ruling in April concluded that current laws invaded individual privacy, thus the UK government has taken action to ensure records are kept should investigations be started, requiring access to data retained by providers. The court ruling affected regulations requiring businesses to hold said date for up to 12 months.

What are your thoughts on the new legislation to reinforce surveillance?

Source: The Guardian


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UK government set to rush through emergency surveillance legislation


"It's noted that a recent European court of justice ruling in April concluded that current laws invaded individual privacy"

Great.. so let's change the law and fck peoples privacy!

The threat is not from make believe terrorists but from the peadophiles that reside in the houses of parliament.
To help protect our security is that why Rupert Murdoch tapped the phone calls of dead soldiers families (to laugh at their anguish)
There is NO threat other than our Government who kill at will through benefit sections, privatising our NHS, cutting funds for the disabled, cutting funds for the elderly, forced zero hour contracts, poisoning our water supply with fracking for shale gas.
Meanwhile need we forget who arms these so called terrorists yup Britain and America, Huge Profit in wars you see.
Terrorists huh what a load of bs, no wait its true the terrorist are those in office. Who don't give a toss other than chasing that infinite number, yup that man made concept of wealth.
Its bollocks and we shouldn't tolerate this EVIL raping, inbred parasites that are our royals who if you look at History, they are NOT who they say they are, the queen is not the queen and so fourth.
They are trying to manipulate and control using fear, they have been using this tactic for years.
911 yes its sad but that was Government orchestrated and the attacks in London.
Bin laden was trained by the CIA oh and I do not believe he is dead, or Sadam, don't believe everything you see on t.v.
But many will, apathy you see.
Its bullshit it really is sad what the sheep will be fooled by.
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Exactly... It's rare to see someone with a brain commenting on this site when it comes to government matters. Even the writers are blind sheep. "Government save me!" "Government protect me!" "Government wipe my ass and raise my kids for me!"

So the rationale here is, some countries in the middle east have sectarian violence problems, therefore I (the UK government) need to spy on my own citizens with even fewer restrictions than the weak ones already in place. Phew, sure glad I live in the US, land of the fr... oh crap never mind

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Land of the Free....For Corporations that is, they have successfully infiltrated the Government and the same agencies that are supposed to Regulate them with Ex Executives Running them. Mosanto employees in the FDA, Goldman Sachs in the Treasury and FTC, the Top Telecom Lobbyist now runs the FCC, and so on. Corporations get away with Not Paying Taxes, harming and Killing People with No Jail or steep fines. They caused the 2008 travesty that almost collapse the entire world into a Depression, and 1 man only went to jail who was a fall guy/ escape goat. Corporations are running the Government and Countries of the world and are basically the New Monarchs of our time.

Many new laws are created, few are repealed. Is everything you do innocent for all time?

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I'm not thinking of myself but of the people and animals being maimed or blown to bits by those willing to commit acts of barely credible cowardice, wickedness and cruelty. Anything helps to stop that is welcome.

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Another fear mongering move by the UK government. All this surveillance during "emergency times" will probably be used to spy on their own citizens.

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Emergency measures? Really? Is the UK under attack? Or is this like our never ending "emergency" here in the US?

The same thing is under debate here in Sweden as well. What those that oppose these laws point out is that the EU court ruled that the complete surveillance of every citizen was a breach of the citizens human rights. The Swedish government seems to think they can work their way around this and it sounds like the British government is thinking the same.

At the same time we have countries such as Germany and I think it was Romania as well, that calls foul on their own laws and terminates everything, It will be fun to see where this lands in the end. In Sweden one ISP has ceased storing this data and reported it self in breach of the law. With the goal to bring Sweden's own laws on the matter before the EU court.

Security theatre as an excuse for mass surveillance of the very people the government is supposed to serve. There needs to be transparency of government and the right to privacy and defence from intrusion for the population, if a democracy is to function. We are a long way from that, rather wrapped in the bubble of an illusion of democracy.

People of the UK if it isn't too late, don't make that trade of liberty for false sense of security.

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We'll make sure you can opt out of Google 'invading' your privacy, but it's in your best interests to just let it happen when we peek in your windows. - the UK government

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UK and US government after 9/11 "The terrorists hate our way of life and want to change it, we must not let that happen."

UK and US then spend the next 15 years doing exactly that.

Hypocritical fear mongering snake oil merchants.

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It's becoming increasingly clear why Britain wants out of the EU. glad I left that shithole of a country behind.

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