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As the confirmed (and re-confirmed) UK Galaxy Nexus launch date approaches, we're hearing more and more reports of delays in shipping handsets out to customers. British online retailer Clove, which is usually pretty accurate with its release dates, now expects its first batch of Nexii next Wednesday, Nov. 23. Clove says "this will be part of the first batch of SIM-free stock that is available in the UK". Many of the other retailers we spoke to said the most recent date they had from Samsung was Nov. 17, but that they had yet to receive stock, and couldn't guarantee that they'd have any on launch day.

Meanwhile, Three UK -- which started taking pre-orders yesterday -- has said it won't be able to fulfill its pre-orders until next Tuesday, Nov. 22, due to "stock delays". Three adds that it's still expecting its retail stores to receive stock on the 18th, but that it can't fully confirm this yet.

So far the only place that's definitely stocking the Galaxy Nexus on the official launch date of Nov. 17 is Phones4U. However it seems you'll need to jump on a 24-month service agreement to get your launch-day Nexus, as the retailer isn't selling any unlocked or Pay As You Go stock.

We'll keep you updated with any more details in the hours and days ahead.

Source: @ThreeUK, Clove Blog


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UK Galaxy Nexus availability updated -- some delayed until next week


When the hell is this thing coming to the US? I really hope the Galaxy Nexus doesn't follow the same pattern as the SGS2.

No 32Gb hitting the UK shores, pretty much every retailer has said that so far. The UK doesn't seem to be so big on offering multiple versions of the same phone for some reason....probably cos the price hike is so huge.

Im a huge fan of Android and Samsung, but this isn't how the world's largest smartphone manufacturer is suppose to handle a launch. Next time maybe Samsung should take some notes from Apple.

Hopefully they don't take the Apple route and pretend there is nothing wrong and actually tell customers what's up with this haphazard phone launch.

The slight delay which is only 5 days in the UK is likely down to high demand and this happens to Apple too, they have devices on launch day and then they sell the sounds of it there will be devices in stores on 17th like was reported and deliveries to customers my be delayed due to high demand....they need them in store more than shipping to people that have already ordered them (bit crazy)

As for the US, any botched launch is almost entirely down to the carriers screwing about, I mean the LTE versions are good to go cos there are ones out and about already, they just waiting for VZW to get their act together.

Phones 4u has an Exclusivity period for the nexus, in my local store (in Nottingham) theyve already had stock - showed me one today

How was the size of the phone? Was one handed navigation manageable? What phone are you currently using now (as a comparison to size and one handed usability).

FWIW, the correct plural of Nexus is either Nexuses, or simply Nexus (technically, Nexūs in Latin). Nexus is a fourth declension noun. Even if if were a second declension, the plural would have been Nexi, and not Nexii.

/end nerd rant =)