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With unlocked European Samsung Galaxy S II models now being updated to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, owners of network-locked Galaxy S II in the UK are wondering when they'll be able to get the new software. As ever, this depends on which network your phone is locked to, and how long their internal testing processes take.

Initial bragging rights go to Three customers, as the network says Three-branded Galaxy S II's can now be updated to ICS through Samsung's Kies software. O2 customers have a little longer to wait, as the carrier's official Twitter account says that the update is due to roll out from "the start of April".

Things are a little murkier on the other three main networks, though. Vodafone UK says it's in the process of testing the ICS update, adding that it'll push out the software "as quickly as possible." However no release date is offered. Similarly, T-Mobile UK and Orange both say they have no information to offer on timings for the ICS update.

Of course, if you're willing to root your phone, then you needn't wait for your network to push out the update directly -- that's not for everyone, though. So it looks like it could be a frustrating few weeks for some network-locked Galaxy S II owners in the UK.

Source: Eurodroid, @O2, @OrangeHelpers, @TMobileUKhelp


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UK carriers reveal Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich plans


Unlocked UK SGSIIs are getting updates are they? Mine certainly isn't. Perhaps it's phased, but I figured that they just haven't released it yet. It was week starting 19th, not 19th. Anyone else in the UK got it?

This is typical England. Can never decide on things in a timely manner! TBH you may aswell root your phone and flash another non branded ICS as its free from the T-mobile crap they put on there!

3 UK users are getting ics and unbranded are still waiting... Just spoken to samsung and they say it has been available since Monday but due to the high number of phones wanting the update it is a phased release... and they can not tell you what phase you are in out when you will get it, so just keep checking.