TweakDeck dies alongside its master; tablet app from Carbon developer won't be released

We've got a couple more deaths to report in Twitter's ongoing war against anything third-party.

MoDaCo's Paul O'Brien has dropped the news that we all knew was coming -- in the wake of TweetDeck's depreciation, his customized "TweakDeck" will also bite the big one. Writes O'Brien:

So how does this affect TweakDeck, my 'fixed up' TweetDeck client that has nearly half a million downloads in the Play Store? Unfortunately... it too is doomed. Firstly, switching from the TweetDeck credentials internally to my own development credentials is virtually impossible because the application uses XAuth for authentication, which is no longer available to developers. Secondly, it is based on API 1.0 and switching to API 1.1 would be a huge undertaking. Disappointing, but it's out of my hands unfortunately.

Then there's the anticipated "Graphite" tablet app from the developers of the Carbon for Android Twitter app. Developer M.Saleh Esmaeili on Google+ gave word that because of Twitter's practices -- "not even close to predictable on what they have in plans for us third-party client developers," he writes -- Graphite won't be released, nor will a paid version of Carbon.

"I'm drawing a line for myself here," Esmaeili continued. "Carbon for Android is the last app I ever make that is a client for another service, hoping I can keep my word on this."

Twitter has significantly limited newer applications, capping the number of users at 100,000, with no exceptions, as part of this month's API changes.

Sources: MoDaCo; +M.Saleh Esmaeili


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Two more casualities of Twitter's power play


Google has NOTHING to do with Twitter. Twitter isn't an Android App or Service. It can be used on PC web browsers, Android, Linux, Mac and iOS. Everyone who cares about technology should leave them. Switch to Google+ or use FaceBook (I don't but it's personal choice) or some other service. We have to let these companies know we won't be pushed around. And we let them know with our resources. Spending time and money on better products rather than just what's popular.

That's why I'm switching to prepaid and ditching subsidized phones once the next Nexus (or another good unlocked phone) is announced. Maybe I'll get the Galaxy S IV. Maybe a SONY. But definitely not a phone with Sprint on the back.

Damn Twitter is ran buy some real douches. What's the point of limiting your user base because your official app sucks?

That's some bullshit and I just started liking Twitter too. Looks like I'm going to stick to Google+ which is big things lately.

Twitter... either cut the shit or hire one of these developers who is capable of actually making a good app for your service.

Not going to happen. twitter is pissed because they came out with a chatchy idea but couldn't figure out how to monetize it. That's why they're shutting everyone out.

What a bunch of losers! They're like the Little Richard of Tech, right now.

I will say I wish Google would let others design apps for Google+. I see a lot of potential especially with design nuts like the Carbon Twitter designer (albeit he's not great with being on time and communicative with people).

I just don't get all the drama this past week with Twitter apps. What's so bad about using the actual website? This is Android, which have real, fully functioning Web browsers. Maybe consider cutting back on the tweeting if this affects you that much.

Twitter is learning from Facebook:
"What are you going to do? Stop using our service? MWhahahaaaha!!!"

Yes! I ditched Facebook & now I actually speak to frinds & family more often and see them more often... This is what social networking did for socialising, you can do it from you living room but you actually socialise less!

I see all third Party apps pulling off, Twitter is mad, i used it because of Plume, now is Falcon, Look cant someone create another social network like twitter so developers can have freedom. Twitter is useless instead of empowering others they want 120% of their income.
they might as well go, will use g+.

So what?
As far as I know, there's no Facebook, Instagram, Google+ (and so on) third party clients and it's fine.
I really don't understand all this fuss against a private company that stops allowing other private companies/people to make money over their very own network.
To me, while not being perfect, it's just the way it is. 

You've not looked very hard then APW springs to mind flipboard is another or pulse the list could go on... I don't use instagram I don't use G+(to dam public)... Want to talk pick the dam phone up or knock the door and come for coffee, I just don't get the mentality of letting the whole planet know what you having for dinner, who gives a flying *#£+
The only thing any of these companies are interested in is your data so they can sell it to anyone who wants to buy it, who will then phone to try and sell you something you don't want.

How is Google Plus too damn public if you can completely restrict who sees what activity of yours that you post?

You just don't get privacy do you?.

Google Plus real name policy means that you can't decide to follow anything privately.

You have to expose a real ID, and by extension, a real email address and end up on everybodies spam list simply because you had an occasion to follow a team, or a movie, a news event, or a web site.

There are plenty of third party clients for Facebook - in fact, Tweetdeck was one of them. As for the Twitter app, I've tried several different clients including the latest star, Falcon Pro, and it does look very nice. But without push notifications, particularly for users I've requested notifications from via the Twitter settings, it still falls short for me. If Twitter would just give their app a lick of paint to look more modern I'd be happy.

To put it simply if I can't use my preferred apps for twitter I'll simply say bye bye to twitter.... It's not the third party developers fault there official app sux and has got to be one of the ugliest available. I've heard some jokes in my time but never an intentionally self destructive company..
The only reason I use twitter is a lazy way to follow sites such as this one, back to rss feeds I'll be going.

Depends on your purpose for following.

RSS is great for AC, but not so great for breaking news or following a team or any place that does not run stories.

Blah, I'll be the one to say it: I wish Twitter (and all social media) would die! It's all creating a generation of narcissists. :(

They are only doing this so that you HAVE to use their app and look at the BS ads that plague it, thus maximum revenue for them.

I loved Tweedeck because it allowed me to see all of my social updates at once. The same goes for the Android Widget Pro that I use currently. If this is how it's going to be, I'll simply stop using Twitter. It's definitely not a must have service for me.

Honestly, with all of the stupidity surrounding Facebook and Twitter lately, I don't know why more people don't use Google+. it's basically the best of both worlds. You get the social aspect from Facebook and you can also get the news aspect that some people use Twitter for by following sites that post there.

I may just have to put my foot down and tell my friends that I'll be using Google+ and that if they want to talk to me, that's where they'll find me.

Google+ is definitely an option for some, but what about It has an excellent dev community and the system puts users first, not advertisers.

Goodbye Twitter! I can't tolerate you without a good interface. I'm moving to Google+ or some other option.

For those female dogging about using social media in general....why would you even be bothered to read the story and comment on it then?? I use Falcon Pro for the added features but I have no real issues w/ the offical app outside of needed new functions baked in. I actually like the look of the official app and it's not the glitchy unresponsive mess like some other social network apps *coughfacebookcough*

I never use twitter, the whole concept seems barbaric and primitive compared to even the earliest ways of communicating on the internet. That being said I'm also glad Carbon is gone, as the best android backup app is also called Carbon. It was released the same week and got severely overshadowed by this end user UI that I assume any standard browser can supplant.

Why cannot Twitter just require their advertising to be pushed to any third party client that connects to their system. Simple and the needs of Twitter are met. They want revenue from their site and clients.

The other option is to allow the third party developers to share revenue from the purchase of their client with Twitter.

So many options.... Twitter is being very short sighted here....

I don't really use twitter (except to enter contests). I really think twitter could be shooting themselves in the foot though. It wouldn't be the first thing that was all the rage for a while then fade off. Myspace comes to mind. According to Wikipedia (I know not a necessarily reliable source) it has dropped form top most visited web site to 220th (higher than I expected) and from 1600 employees to 200.

I have begun to transition away from Twitter to G+ and my news reader. I never really used Twitter as a social app but found it very useful to follow technology, sports, news and other interesting "stuff" both from the Publications and the authors. In fact I don't really have any "friends" that I communicate on Twitter, there are surely much better ways to do that. I don't like closed systems like many other Android users, we like choice and we like trying new and different things. I tried many Twitter apps on Android and on my PC and there is/was some really good innovative work. Sorry for those developers that spent a great deal of their time. I will find another way to accomplish what Twitter was actually pretty good at. Be careful Twitter because what you provide has a very low barrier to enter your market niche.

Why is everybody so upset? I think the official Twitter app is pretty decent. It could definitely use an UI update though. And yes I have tried Plume, Tweetcaster, Falcon Pro, Echofon, TweetDeck, Twicca, Uber & Carbon!

A dark theme is a decent and reasonable request I have to concur, but third party apps filter the adds something that I despise having on my phone.