Photo tagging and adding multiple pictures to a Tweet are coming soon

Twitter is pushing out a new update to their mobile apps for iOS and Android, and this time it's all about sharing pictures. With today's update you can tag up to 10 people in your images without wasting any of your 140 characters. Coming soon on Android, you'll also be able to attach up to four images to a single post.

On the tagging side, you will get notified when someone tags you in a photo, which you can enable or disable in your app settings. If you'd rather, you can also set things up so that nobody can tag you, and you can keep your secret identity hidden from Mr. J. Jonah Jameson, or anyone else for that matter.

The photo sharing will take up to four pictures and create a collage that is shown in the timeline. This is live on iOS with today's update, and coming soon to the Android app as well as on

Both tags and collages will also be embeddable, to make for easy sharing through email or on a blog, like this one.


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Twitter rolling out updates to make photos 'more social'


Twitter is getting better and better.. So sad it's not popular at all in my country (Bulgaria)... Wish all people to leave Facebook for Twitter.. So sick of ads/page/people/group/events suggestion.. And games notifications.. HATE IT!

Adds what adds I see no adds on Facebook game notifications don't get them as well check out fbpurity

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Dark theme is most wanted
and when you reply to a notification you must go to the same account you got notification from, as I am using multiple accounts.

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Plume is my daily driver, but if the Twitter stock app had a easy to manage multiple accounts feature and a dark theme, it would rock. These will be welcome changes, I feel sorry for people that don't understand Twitter, it is so much better then any other social media. You see and control want you want easily without all the BS that comes with FB.
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Maybe if they added character extention it would be worth using

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Surely, it is good to see Twitter catching up with the rest of the big boys. Competition like this is healthy, forcing them to come up with new things for all consumers.

Geekalogy covered a similar article and thought it would provide more value to this one! Here is link:

Until Twitter gets their timeline jumping issue solved, it's a "three star, or less" rating type app for me. Love Twitter. Use it daily. Have almost 1500 followers, and nothing sucks more than to jump on there where you last left off, try to catch up and have the app default jump you hours and hours ahead without prompting. Android Twitter has worked very hard to get in step with it's iPhone co-parts, but in this regard, it's failing hardcore. PLEASE... Fix this issue, Twitter...if you're looking at these comments...

Yup. +1. I can't use Twitter for Android until they fix this. I've been using Tweedle - works well enough.

It seems like Twitter rolls out an update every other day! And I usually dislike the changes, but this update sounds like a nice improvement.

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