Twitter for Android

Twitter for Android -- the "official" Android Twitter client -- just got another update (we're at version 1.0.2 for those playing at home), and changes include the following:

  • Is faster than the previous version
  • Auto refresh is now added
  • People search is fixed

It's good, it's simple, but it's still not as good as other Twitter clients out there (pick your poison). Glad to hear it now has auto refresh. [Twitter for Android]


Reader comments

Twitter for Android updated, is 'faster,' gets basic functionality


A basic update for Twitter, but I don't understand how the Facebook app could go this long without any sort of update. It's an embarrassment.

i agree all the way. The Facebook app is total crap and so is the MySpace app. They need to make A LOT of updates, and maybe add a more graphical icon for their app(or at least the MySpace one.) I hate how you can't see if there's no notifications on the front page, no chat or video, how clicking on stuff sometimes redirect you to the broswer even if its on FB, and the poat limit. Its utter crap. Please improve your apps, Facebook and MySpace.

Either Facebook still has beef with Google or there devs suck and I've lost all respect for them. But I remember when they said forget Android....nobody cares about it anyway. So my belief is that they just don't want to step it up out of spite. I don't know what's wrong with the Twitter guys unless they are all still Ruby on Rails guys that think Java is the devil.

Until it has multiple sign in support, scrolling widget, internal browser, follower bug gets fixed, remembers place on timeline, and lets me move the big ass file too sd card, I'll stock with touiteur with it's much more appealing UI.

You still can't view followers our who you are following. And contact syncing is still broken in Froyo. Touiteur does not need to worry about being replaced any time soon by me.

Sure you can. Go to the Home page of the app, then My profile, then tap the little bird icon next to Tweets up top and it'll bring down a list where you can select your followers and followees.

I recently switched to Twitter for Android and can not get it to sync to my contacts. Are others having this problem too? Is it maybe down on Twitter's end or am I crazy??

for some reason it wont connect with my contacts on the EVO. I like the option of being able to send a txt right out of the twitter list just by clicking on the persons face.anyone else having that problem???

I would LOVE the ability to free up some space by deleting non-essential apps like this one (and facebook) from the phone without having to root it.

Why do these apps get a free ride, and why do those companies get guaranteed presence?

download Twit Plus as well, its an add-on for this official Twitter app and instantly makes it better!

Facebook and twitter both suck. Well the app's do. I wish there was a replacement for facebook like there is for twitter. Tweetcaster is awesome.

Anyone know what the "Sync Twitter data" setting is for? What is the client sync'ing...and what is it sync'ing with?