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Twitter for Android just received an update in the market that brings a new UI design along with it in addition to some new features. In addition to the UI changes, the update brings some other additional features as well, such as:

  • The latest version of Twitter offers a faster, simpler way to stay close to everything you care about on your Android.
  • Home is where you start: a personal collection of Tweets from the sources you care about. The Tweet details show rich information such as replies, retweets and embedded images.
  • Connect is the place to see who followed or mentioned you, retweeted or favorited one of your Tweets.
  • Discover is where you can tap into the stories and trends people are talking about in your world.

Be sure to jump past the break for download links to grab the update!

There are 22 comments

steve19137 says:

I don't like it. Too many things feel hidden. It isn't as simple of an upgrade as the Facebook app was yesterday.

LeanNSupreme says:

Sweet, Twitter and FB both get UI redesigns

pDoG says:

Twicca is what I love.

arcadelion says:

Wish I could use it, but it keeps messing with my media on my Vibrant.

If you like being able to view embedded images in tweets, don't update. That feature seems to have been taken away.

Impostor1089 says:

I'll stick with Seesmic.

icebike says:

Seesmic too big. Went to Tweetdeck. Haven't missed anything Seesmic had to offer.

arcadelion says:

Tweetdeck FTW

orlanka says:

+1 For TweetDeck. Using multiple accounts is a lot easier. I like to be able to have access to FB too, but it does tend to clutter the stream a bit.

bmdavis4 says:

I am unable to download tried bunch of ways and still nothing.

trees247 says:

try sending to your phone from the web

dswartze says:

How about updating TweetDeck!

icebike says:


If its not broke, Don't Fix It.

Tweetdeck id fine. Nice, lightweight. All you need.

Still no scrollable widget... you've got to be kidding me. Why would I use this over Plume?

sanibel says:

Tweetdeck is second to none.

keith2k1 says:


rizzay1 says:

Tweetdeck is better than all these other apps I tried them all I just wish they would update Tweetdeck with more options like able to see trends and able to view a activity and update bio from app.

orlanka says:

Definitely needs better widgets too. Other than that, perfect.

orlanka says:

Rather than just edit and say Double Post. Out of curiosity, why do others prefer the Twitter, Plume, or Seesmic over TweetDeck?

Mr.Froyo says:

I for some reason just don't like the gray/yellow color scheme, and i might sound stupid but can't figure out how to tag facebook friends in a post, and like comments( i think I actually did find that way). I wanted to use one app for both networks, but I'd rather use the individual apps

grayzweb says:

I prefer TweetDARK

cinnabubbles says:

Since TweetDeck is now owned by Twitter, it's only a matter of time it gets a UI update on Android too.

TweetDeck on Chrome was completely changed to match the new UI.