Twitter for Android

Twitter for Android has received a sizable update, which now provides users with two features that have been absent from the official app for too long: support for multiple accounts and push notifications.

There are a good variety of Twitter apps to choose from on Android depending on what you're preferences are. The crowd who prefers the official Twitter for Android app has long complained that if these two features were added, it would be near perfect. Well, they're available now, so check out links to the app after the break.

Source: Twitter Blog

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Saneless says:

I might have to install/activate it just for Push. I love Plume, but I had to enable email notifications for a couple things due to their inconsistency from the app itself.

IMO these are not real push notifications scanning your phone ever 5 mins? no way man

Saneless says:

In your opinion, in your experience, or in your definite knowledge?

They already do polling, I don't know why they'd say push if it wasn't push.

dherdman says:

With the new market it doesnt give me the option anywhere to update the app. IT tells me there is an update for it but no one to click update.

AndyCouch says:

I've had that problem with the market as well. If there's more than one update, the "update all" works, but not the individual updates. A lame workaround is it initiate the install from the web at

callofduty4 says:


PharmNerd says:

Same here. I had to "Uninstall Updates" on the Android Market app so I could update Twitter. Hopefully Goog fixes that when they push out the Market update for reals.

slinky317 says:

I saw they SAY it supports push, but I see no option for it in the menus. Am I missing something? (Droid Incredible running 2.2)

AndyCouch says:

I'm starting to think this "new version" doesn't actually have any of the new features. Perhaps they uploaded the wrong version to the market?

theSupporter says:

You have to go into Settings tap on your account and check Automatic Refresh.

Dont understand why there is still refresh interval with no Off option, though. Probably for contact, but there should be an off option.

AndyCouch says:

Has anyone figured out how to add multiple accounts? Either I'm completely overlooking it or this build doesn't actually have that feature.

mjneid says:

main screen > menu button > settings > add account.

yankees368 says:

The update isn't out yet. The market link shows that the last app update was May 31st.

AndyCouch says:

Sure enough. The version in the Market app isn't 2.1, but when I installed from the web, it worked. Now I have multiple accounts and push notifications!

yankees368 says:

keeping my fingers crossed that this version doesn't COMPLETELY BREAK my droid charge.

devgrp says:

I'm having the same problem to with updating. I even un-installed it and nothing. Keeps saying there is an update available but I cant update. In the android market, its saying the last update was in May

AndyCouch says:

Download it from the web: That worked for me.

ArrTooDeeToo says:

Cool, but it still sucks on a tablet. All of the 3rd party Twitter apps have slick Honeycomb UIs and the official app is still lagging behind. Tweetcaster is by far the best for a tab.

Come on, official app dev teams! Get with the program!

bsage23 says:

Someone help me out . . . what's the difference between "push notifications" and the notifications in the last version?

AndyCouch says:

Push notification are instant. The other notifications only occur on interval checks.

Ludacris83 says:

had to uninstall the newer vision of the market, just to update my twitter app and dont see a change in the twitter app, no push but i do see the multiple accounts...but the push isnt working.....smmh

cobra302 says:

is this push like it comes in when a mention is received? or push like it polls for x number of minutes and pulls down the data?

needsmoar says:

Tap your account under settings for notification settings folks.

dtblair24 says:

Yess about time.

acehomey says:

Push notifications don't work. Checked settings, not there. Had a buddy tweet me twice, no dice. I installed from both Markets. Anyone have screenshots?

theSupporter says:

Looks like you have to go into Settings tap on your account and check Automatic Refresh.

ryaninc says:

Awesome, thank you! I was starting to get frustrated that I couldn't find a way to have it notify me of tweets but not DMs, or whatever. Thanks!

acehomey says:

Ok figured it out, like needsmoar says, you have to tap your account then it takes you to the settings for that account. Easy to do but not intuitive for some of us.

shadowgod says:

Not working for me or doing something wrong. When I start it prompts me for a login and I put in info and it says "account already added" then just quits? What's the deal?

ghettotight says:

it works for me, updated from the marketplace, didn't even have to go through the settings.

medic673 says:

Can't download it with the new Market app, just says Update and then opens the program

shadowgod says:

I figured it out, I had to hit "Sign Up" then hit menu button and hit "Home" and then it got me to my timeline. Ridiculous.

It's like they didn't even test the usability of this ... very non-intuitive..

PharmNerd says:

Ack... Updated one account's profile from the app, and the changes were actually applied to my OTHER account!

iynfynity says:

This is a joke, notifications doesn't work.

BenSWoodruff says:

Update...sounds more like upchuck. I used to rock Tweetcaster Pro. Pretty sad that the official app didn't even support 'reply all' when replying to a tweet with multiple user names. I wonder if they finally updated it with that capability...

the names are added automatically when u reply to a tweet...

donniezazen says:

Don't know if i will be really using it after G+.

flash24 says:

This is great, about time! Notifications is working perfectly fine for me and yes they are almost instant. The only issue I had is sometimes the Tweets are not sending and it goes straight to the Draft Box. But overall, I am extremely satisfied. Will use this for now and wait for Tweetdeck's next update.