Twitter for Android

It might not be the biggest update in the world, it's an update to a widely used application. If you hit the Android Market right now, you'll find Twitter for Android is now sitting at v2.1.2 with some minor changes listed in the log:

  • Updates account settings.
  • Updates translations for currently supported languages.
  • Many more improvements and bug fixes.

So, no drastic changes but I'm sure it will address some issues users were experiencing, whatever they were. Download link is beyond the break for anyone who hasn't update or tried Twitter for Android yet.

Thanks, Joshua!

There are 4 comments

slinky317 says:

Have the push notifications worked for anyone? Does anyone have any idea on what exactly gets pushed?

likwid687 says:

DMs and @ Replies get pushed. I don't think regular tweets do.

ekyle says:

It would drive a person nuts if all tweets were pushed.

joshua.worth says:

Your welcome @Bla1ze