Twitter announced today via their support account that animated GIFs are now officially supported on, Android and iPhone. Previously, users needed to upload GIFs via a third-party service, but now they can be uploaded and viewed directly to Twitter.

So far this only works at and through the official iPhone and Android Twitter apps, no word if support it coming to other devices or third-party apps.

Love them or hate them animated GIFs are part of the web as we know it, and most likely won't be going away anytime soon. If you're a Twitter user, they'll now be more in your face than before, so get ready.

Source: Twitter Support

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Awesome! :D

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kicko says:

I'm not having much luck getting them to work.

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KaneHusky says:

Not working for me on Android or the website yet.

KaneHusky says:

Now it suddenly started working!

dadathepanda says:

Great, now I'll feel compelled to watch every gif as I do On Google +

The panda has spoken

myspace 3.0 = twitter.

dmgerbino says:

I tried to Tweet some of my auto awesome pics but they exceeded the 3mb size limit.

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ybcthanerd says:

Took long enuff gifs been popular for a while

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