Sprint Evo 4G with Sense turned off

This one's going to make a lot of you Android purists happy: Unlike on the Droid Incredible, you can run the stock Android 2.1 home screen on the Sprint Evo 4G, as our pal Andrew from Androinica showed us the other night at the launch party in New York. Switch off Sense (again, just the home screen -- the other HTC tweaks should remain) through the same method as on the HTC Desire and you get the stock launcher, the usual home screens and the stinkeye from any HTC people who might be lurking about. Check out the video after the break. [via Androinica]


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Turn off Sense on the Sprint Evo 4G


Actually not really. IIRC it turns off the HTC homescreen and enables the 3D menu but SenseUI is embedded pretty deep into Android and it's still in other places. It's not quite "pure".

Just incase anyone was wondering how to turn HTC Sense back on once the default is set to stock Android, all you have to do is go to settings>applications>manage applications>Launcher>clear defaults. Once you do and click on force stop, you will be given the option once again to choose which UI you want to use again.

i want this phone badly!! tmobile betta start gettin their sh!t together and start snaggin some of these heavy duty phones and stop fcukin with the dumb as My Touch 3G slide

Why do you say that? They have the Nexus One and there are reports that they might be launching a new Android Device which should be on par with the other carriers.

Yeah, what are you talking about?! The nexus is just as powerful a phone as the evo minus the screen. Plus the slide is going to be a great phone as well....noob

right now you can get the N1, which will be the first Froyo 2.2 phone. And TMO is gonna get the Samsung Galaxy S, which is comparable to the EVO. Also they say HTC is making a new Sidekick for TMO with a Snapdragon processor, 4.3 inch screen, and full QWERTY keyboard.

just buy the Nexus One....it's the same damn phone other than the screen like the above guy mentioned! only the biggest difference of all......you will get all Android updates MONTHS before anyone with the Incredible/Evo will! it's awesome!!

Um,no, the N1 has a crappier 5 mp camera, less ram/rom, a defective and smaller touchscreen and reception issues. Sorry but the EVO is the better phone and probably the top Android phone right now.

I don't know if I would go as far as saying the top android phone. It still has less internal memory than the incredible and less ram. But has the bigger screen and dual camera's. It all depends on what your needs are for a phone which one is better. It all comes down to taste not facts.

I agree somewhat to the statement yes the memory does even kinda out right out the box but the addition of any size memory card gives the incredible the advantage no matter if they have the exact memory card on both because of the incredible having the built in memory....but whatever I'm still on the fence of whether I should replace my Droid with the incredible which doesn't really impress me or switch to Spring whose coverage compared to Verizon doesn't have me jumping for joy and yeah you might save money by going to Sprint but I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for and the higher price usally means better quality. I have have friends on Sprint and not too many are praising Sprint here in Tampa.

I've seen some of the pics. They're good, true, but the 8mp camera in the Incredible and Evo look better without a doubt. It is interesting to note that according to Qualcomm's specs, the very same chipset is capable of up to 12 mp pics! So in the months to come we'll probably be seeing 10mp then eventually 12 in the newer phones. My Droid is already a dinosaur.

Probably a noob question but does it also turn off the Sense lockscreen? Friend of mine has the Incredible & I like it all EXCEPT the lockscreen. Would prefer the vanilla lockscreen if available.

nope, only the homescreen! it's a great phone, but sense just isnt for everyone! like myself! i prefer the Nexus!

There has got to be away to turn off the incredibly boring lockscreen that comes with HTC Sense, @ emeraldayotte I feel yeah. I hate the sense lockscreen...if there is anyone out there, anyone, please tell us how to take this thing off. without bricking the phone. All i want is stock android on the HTC Evo when it comes out...since the nexus was canned. please please please find a way to turn that damn lockscreen off...im not very savvy in regards to knowing how to do this so if there is an easy way, let me know.

Just go to the market and download lock 2.0 , can be customized to your liking and it will replace the sense lock screen

I don't get why people would want a worse experience. Sense is awesome making android easier to use. I've used stock and its just not as good.

idk what you're talking about.....ive been an android user since the first day the G1 came out, and i hate sense! Sense isn't for everybody man! i love stock Android! i rooted my Mytouch and whenever i flashed a rom with Sense, i always found myself going back to stock within a couple hours! lol! some people like Sense, some people dont!

And this is definitely my favorite part of rooting my phone. Because I like some of the Sense UI features but dislike some(IE Lockscreen), so I can flash some stock Sense UI ROM on my Hero and then edit A LOT of the different Sense UI features I don't like into some stock Android features I do.

Though not for the everyday noob who doesn't want to get into editing their core phone files and risk bricking it, so in that sense(pun? ^^) I do feel sorry for those that don't want to or can't root their phones.

I wish you could do this on the Incredible. I really like the icon fly-in. Can the homescreen be loaded onto the phone via a .apk file?

It has the exact capabilities as those phones. They all have the same processor and gpu. The incredible has this thing called coverage and looks great! There will be some interesting competition.

Yes, it can. Do some light googling to find Launcher2.apk, and use Astro file manager to install it. You should also get Gallery3D.apk if you're a N1 fan. Both are very nice. I ended up sticking with the Sense homescreen just because with Sense "turned off" you can't use HTC widgets, and I love having the full screen weather widget one swipe to the left (I don't use the clock+weather one on the homescreen) and the bookmarks widget two swipes to the right. I realize I could just have icons for launching bookmarks, but the HTC widget is just slick.

the only thing I don't like about the evo is no 3d launcher. I hope some one gets that to work with sense ui. Because I love sense widgets. And if there is a way to get it to work please tell me

The top phone right now when considering network and features is the Incredible , I dumped my N1 for this device and I have never seen any phone as fast as this one , it is BLAZING fast and the screen in the perfect size ( for me anyway ) , I also LOVE the new Evo and think it will be a GREAT phone , just dont like Sprints network nor do I like the screen size of 4.3 inches , I have never held the Evo but I have used the HTC HD2 , the phone is to big and bulky for my taste but thats just me . I would love to see something in between the Incredible/N1 screen size and the Evo/HD2 ,maybe something like 4 inches of screen would be just perfect ?? Either way it is so exciting to see all the new Android devices coming out , apple must be shaking in there boots , the choice of phones with android is just awesome !!!! Good Luck to all you guys getting the Evo !!!

I'll take the biggest screen I can get if the phone doesnt get much bigger. and if you look at the comparison, the EVO is less than 1/4" taller, just over a 1/4" wider, and 3/4 of a mm thicker. I guess if the incredible is already pushing the boundaries of size, then those measurements could make a huge difference. but to me I dont think its too bad at all since Im getting that giant screen. I got pretty big hands too though.

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Sense cannot be disabled on the HTC desire (at least in cereal Europe). I believe the article mentioned in this post was with a prototype Desire.

Thanks... I just tried Helix and Launcher2.apk (google search it). Curiosity satisfied, I will definitely stick with Sense.

hey I just did this on my Droid Incredible and it works GREAT !! Disables HTC Sense and it was exactly like using my Nexus One all over again , I did notice however that the Incredible was MUCH SLOWER with Sense disabled , and I mean MUCH slower , so I uninstalled those APK files and returned to Sense in the Droid Incredible, and BAM phone is lightning fast again !!! This is without question the fastest Android phone I have ever owned , by a long shot !!!Its a keeper for me !!!

That's probably because you would now be running sense in the background along with it. Eh kind of like stepping out of a new car and going used again.