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Top 10 things you need to know about your Galaxy S3


Yah because one device out of how many that have shipped MAY have caught fire. (I'm still suspicious because of there the burn was located. There is NOTHING on the circuit board in that area other then the mic and the antenna. It could have arced? Or a short on the antenna where a fleck of something else was touching. No idea.) But until we see 5, 10, 30 of these I'd chalk it up to random manufacturing defect.

More likely a cheap charger was being used. There is a reason sammy states to only use Genuine Samsung Chargers.

Kinda hard to tell a joke. Missed that inflection in your tone. Oh wait. Suggestion. If you don't want to be taken serious, consider ;)

Otherwise I've run into plenty of people who are freaking out about it.

PS- I am smart. I don't need to look like it on the internet. However I abhor people who don't think about a topic and reason it out before making snap decisions. Which MANY have in this case.

It is coming and when it does you will notice it has a realy crappy battery life, check my noter father down:-(

Rather than finding nifty little nuggets hidden in the OS, I'd be more interested in seeing the bugs or perhaps major problems that aren't being reported, or aren't being recognized.

AC missed the boat entirely on the multitasking issue on the HOX, as well as two different WIFI issues, (Antenna and Connect Looping).

To be fair the multitasking "issue" isn't even an issue unless you do a ton of stuff on your phone. Most normal users will not have a problem with it.

Well, I'm all for being fair. Unfortunately, you missed the mark here.

Start taptalk, and start composing a post, then open a web page so that you can copy / paste something into that post. Return to your post, and its gone. You don't need to be doing a ton of stuff. Routine stuff you could have don on any Android 2 device fails.

What's routine stuff for you is stuff most users never ever do. Is there is issue with the multi tasking on the HOX? Yes. Does it impact a majority of users? No.

Well this is really revealing Alex.. Nice to see there's SOMEONE at AC that doesn't knock TW (if you're reading this Phil, yes I'm referring to you, LOL). This plus the in-depth guide to setting up and using the GS III is VERY helpful. Thanks so much.. you folks are really terrific and once the units are shipped and in the stores, there's much to look forward too!

nice tip for anyone using s3, in full screen apps where notification/status bar is hidden,if you swipe down from the top bezel or just swipe down from just above from where the notification/status bar is,it will appear in full screen apps like games etc...always hated the fact that it i couldnt access the drop down notification from everywhere...another good thing that tw brings.

I've given up on HTC devices...whether having to return them til I get one that doesn't over heat and kill the battery in 3 hours...or dumb little software glitches that drive me crazy...Their 'promise' never matches the actual 'execution'.
I'm excited about the S3 and can't wait to get mine.

im loving this new TouchWiz, the level of customization is almost infinite, for all those TW haters, try this one, is the best!!!

also if you hold the top with your left hand and touch that oh so gorgeous home button with your right pinky then sparks will fly out of your rectum....thats should have been #1

*curls up into a ball and shakes* PleaseShipPleaseShipPleaseShipPleaseShipPleaseShipPleaseShipPleaseShipPleaseShipPleaseShipPleaseShipPleaseShipPleaseShipPleaseShipPleaseShipPleaseShip. Seriously most of you guys are just waiting for the phone. I'm waiting to get the heck off Sprint: The Anyday Now Network AND the spiffy new replacement for my EVO 4G. *rocks back and forth* Sooooooooooon.

I think you guys are missing a key tip, that most users REALLY need to know about. (Saw it in a video review of the S3.) Going into Display settings you can tweak the display color temperature. I've seen more then a few noobie reviews saying they don't like how the colors on the S3's screen "pop". This can be tweaked. I foresee offering advice to my friends on this one.

Another unknown trick I didn't know until a Samsung event, is that you can take a screenshot by swiping from either side of the screen. Place your hand vertical(on its side, best way I can explain) then swipe the whole screen from either left or right. Pretty cool.

All great tips but 6/21 has come and gone and still no SGS3 :-( I don't think the staggered rollout where they hit the top 3 markets first was a good approach. It would have been better to set a realistic date and have inventory in all places so the device could be available to whomever/wherever. Even if inventory was short it would have been better if it was available everywhere on day one.

I cannot believe the remark the battery can last you half a day, I did not pay all this money to run the phone with most of the stuff turned off I could use a simple $20 Nokia, this is a disgrace that Samsung would release a phone like this with a 2100 battery, My iPhone 4S with all the apps on full last me 2 days, give us a free more powerful battery Samsung or take all your phones back or exchange for Note 1, this really sucks and by the way the updates Jelly Bean software does not help battery life almost at all:-(

I bought 2 x Xperia Z1 this Dec, one for me and one for my preffered nephew. We just LOVE it ! Clearly this is the best Androïd phone available on this year end. In particular, beyond the gorgeous design and solidity and huge battery, I love it's magnetic charging port that allows to charge it without wearing the Micro USB port, nor loosing water protection on its closing door overtime, using Sony DK31 dock as well as the separate Magnetic to USB cable offered by Sony. Many press reviews did not get the HUGE VALUE of that magnetic port, shame on them.
For me, it's only missing the 3D HD pics and videos that I had on previous HTC EVO 3D, and the 4K 30fps video capture I was expecting to get on Z1 thanks to its Snapdragon 800 capability, unfortunatly not enabled yet by Sony on Z1.... I hope the next firmware up-grade could add that in, one way or another ... but not sure if possible.
I struggled to find a good housing "coque" compatible with DK31 magnetic dock and bingo found the perfect fit w/ the thin black Krussel,that make it even more beautifull, while protected. Also I found a belt-attached leather pocket for it on the net, and a wonderfull iWalk 10000mAH external battery.
I strongly recommend this Sony Xperia Z1, and hope Sony will come next year with a Z1 Tablet of at least 10", with a huge battery, 4K display resolution, and an external Keyboard dock, so I can change my ASUS T701 too...