Tiger Woods 2012

Electronic Arts has released the popular golf game Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012 for Android, so if you've been itching to swing the club on your Android device, you can rest easy.

The cost of the game of the $4.99, but that comes with solid graphics and a slew of features including:

  • Playing on PGA courses such as St. Andrews and Pebble Beach
  • Choosing the golfer you play as and competing against other scores
  • Playing alongside other pros to see how your score stacks up
  • Customizing your own golfer to make them look however you want
  • Playing head-to-head against a friend (WiFi or Bluetooth)
  • Playing the Tiger Challenge, which is a bunch of mini-games to test various skills

So if you're an avid golfer, you're definitely going to want to check out this game to start testing your skills on your Android device. The game is available for all Android devices 2.1 and up. It is available for $4.99 from the Google Play Store. Please find links after the break.

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codiusprime says:

Why does he look so pained in the picture above? I can't tell if he is determined or trying to pass a kidney stone.

When's the " Tiger Woods: After Hours at Dennys " game being released?

PoLaRBe4r says:

Not available in canada? Ahhhh not available on my note.

Crimson says:

Does this include the SUV window smashing level?

Beherrschen says:


bethel03 says:

ahhh, you beat me to it! It's only worth the $5 if this is included and you have to try to outrun her...

Now, now... didn't you pay attention when Tiger's lawyers clearly pointed out that she was just trying to help him get out of a wrecked car?

Viper says:

If you have a Galaxy Nexus, I suggest holding off on this. A lot of people are reporting that after downloading, the game says "Screen resolution not supported." Yes, I realize the screen shot above is from a gnex.

foebea says:

This occurs when you launch the downloaded app in landscape view. if you hold the phone in portrait the app will launch fine (and then switch itself to landscape) then commence the download of data. Once the game is installed and finished downloading it will launch in any orientation.

Mayze says:

Yep don't buy it yet if you are using a Gnex. I'm running stock IMM76K and it won't open for me. Do developers not use a developers phone for their apps.?

foebea says:

This works fine for me on gnex. See my note above yours, describes the issue and the resolution.

Mayze says:

Just tried your method. Doesn't work for me. Still won't open. According to the play store reviews its a widespread problem.

jmart75 says:

Thanks for the heads up. If it ends up working and you have time to reply please let us know.

EDIT: I just needed to refresh to see the new comments... Thanks again everyone for contributing. That's what makes Android Central so awesome!

trooper54 says:

i thought this was pretty cool, but then all of these hot women started sending me naked photos, which was fine, until my wife found out, and chased me down in her Buick

nyc_rock says:

566 MB. 4 games like this = 2 Gig. Anybody still unclear why 16GB with no expansion options is not acceptable?

tayl428 says:

Agreed!.... but if it's anything like my experiences with previous EA Tiger Woods games, I'll play it for an hour and almost never touch it again.

bblande says:

Is there an adultery mode, and does it have life-like meltdowns on the green?

GripnRip says:

Just went to the Google Play weblink under the post and it says it's not compatible with my OG Evo and my Transformer. No EA love for me. I'm still upset that I can't get NBA Jam on my Transformer.

Joe H. says:

Yeah, I've been waiting on NBA Jam also. For both my Transformer and my Atrix (both Tegra 2 devices). But Tiger Woods works on my Atrix.

Incitatus says:

Play claims it does not work on the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

jtexans says:

Wow, that's crazy expensive. I got this for 99 cents on the iPad last week. It's ok. Worth the $1...not for $5!!

ballistic90 says:

EA "Hi, I'm saddened that you can't play N.O.V.A. 3 on your new phone. Would you like to give us $5 for a golf game instead?"

No, I would not.

Says app isn't compatible with my device (HTC EVO 4G). Guess it doesn't work on all 2.1 and higher devices. I have been looking for a full golf game for a while. I hope they get it to work so I can buy it. I obtained the apk and it works fine on my phone, so I don't know what the issue is here. And I have no clue how to contact EA (tried emailing them but they just redirect you to the site, which is piss poor customer service).

nocaldawg says:

Works perfectly on my HTC Rezound...Once again this proves the Rezound is much better than the GNex. Great game.

Yes,but we already knew that.

slave2theaxe says:

Works fine on my GNex...

emerilnut says:

No workee on tablet.

xBigReemo says:

Working perfectly on my HTC Sensation.....Guess this phone is better than the Nexus also....well maybe not, but rooted makes it close

Gunner says:

Just like Tiger Wooooooods!


Matt Miller4 says:

Does anyone know why this game dont work on galaxy s4? It worked fine on my s3.