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Roaming charges no longer a problem in countries with their own Three network

Three UK has announced a new roaming scheme known as 'Feel at Home' that promises to abolish roaming charges when you go abroad. The catch; it's limited to seven countries at the moment, and those countries are ones that all have their own Three network. Still, it's a bold and welcome move from the carrier, and should take some of the pain of travelling with your smartphone away if you're hitting one of the supported locations. 

Visiting Republic of Ireland, Australia, Italy, Austria, Hong Kong, Sweden and Denmark, 'Feel at Home' will automatically activate the moment you turn on your phone allowing you to use your regular Three allowance while you're there with no extra charge. 

Three already offers competitive EU roaming rates, with access to your UK based allowance costing just £5 per day when within EU countries, but this is one step further in the right direction. 

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Three UK's 'Feel at Home' abolishes roaming charges in seven countries


Excellent! Smart thinking, 3! It's good to see a company use some common sense thinking in a way that benefits their customers, and hopefully will push their competitors to move in the same direction. I'm not holding my breath for anything similar from the American carriers though... ;-)

Be careful!

This has been possible for a while in Sweden/Denmark, that if you have 3 in any of the countries, you could roam for free, or pay the same as at home when you are in the other country.

However, you are still "roaming", so you need to tell your phone that it should allow roaming. The problem is, the phone will not make a difference if you are on 3 or another roaming network, so it will happily switch to the one with the best coverage.
And as soon as you switch, you loose the benefit, and if you for example are tethering, you might not notice that you switched over, and then you get a huge bill for data roaming. I tried it and it is not fun.

This could be fixed, with selective roaming, or If 3 would identify the same in all networks, so the phone does not need to have roaming enabled.
I used to have an old 2G Ericsson phone, and in this one you could specify what networks it was allowed to connect to, a function I have not seen in any other phones ever since.

If you have 3 in Sweden and go to Denmark you can get a block on your sim telling it not to switch to another network. :)

This was available at 3 Sweden some years ago but it isn't any longer. I think I read that all roaming fees within EU would dissapear sometime next year though..?

Sounds good, 3 over here has kinda died off unfortunately that means less competition.

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Umm, Three doesn't exist in Australia anymore, they were bought out by Vodafone... so how does that work here?

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Well done, 3. This hopefully will put some pressure on giffgaff, Vodaphone, Orange, etc. to follow-suit.

From what is says on the 3 website and the convenience just had with them on the phone it seems that all tariffs including pay as you go are included in this offer. Could someone confirm?

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Now if only Vodafone would be this sensible, given the wide spread of their networks across Europe.....

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I can't believe I can use my phone in Italy all i can eat internet. This is so good, last time i was still on T-mobile and it cost me £10 for like 100mb of internet. Ugh

This reminds me of the cry babies of Canadian mobile companies like Bills, Robbers and Bullies.

Thy argue Canadians have the lowest fees and that's why we don't need competition in Canada. Yet, the roaming fees are mush higher than the REAL average.

Billus, Robbers and Bullies should take note of this move. Well done European politicians who push for customers.

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Once the new EU law kicks in next year roaming for calls, texts and data will be "free" next year.

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