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Following on from other carriers all over the globe, UK's Three has begun pushing out their very own Jelly Bean update to the Samsung Galaxy S2. While the link provided by Three for support goes to an ICS update page, it seems to suggest that you'll need to go via the Kies route in order to obtain it. 

Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S2 -- or any device, for that matter -- is a big deal, and besides the Google provided goodies such as Project Butter and Google Now, Samsung has also thrown in their own bag full of tricks. The Android 4.1 update brings the same Touchwiz Nature UX as found on the newer Galaxy S3, improved camera features, S Cloud and Samsung's own Smart Stay and Pop-Up Play functionality. 

The Galaxy S2 was one of the most popular devices of 2011, and it's fantastic news for all owners that it's seeing another software update. We're not sure how long they may continue going forward, but Jelly Bean marks the second major version bump for the device since it originally launched. And that isn't half bad. 

Source: Three UK


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Three UK pushing out Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S2


The SGS2 is still a great phone. That processor is still very fast. I'm not sure what it is but that phone is still as smooth as glass and very fast. I like the overall size, shape and feel. The home button has always been a personal favorite of mine. Even the AT&T version of the SGS2 is a great device but the home button will always make the international version my favorite. That was the phone that made me a big Samsung fan.

I was about to say that the SII looks great. To the point that LG, ZTE and many other manufacturers have cloned it looks but made their phones bigger.

God I wish they would give me the SIII internals in an edge to edge screened SII form factor.

That's my point, If you are goinig to sell 800 usd divices why don't you have a team to roll out the latest updates to all these phones all at oce. If you ask me I don't like apple at all, but when it comes to updates they roll them out for all their devices at once. Once Samsung has your money and they are no longer selling your device they stop udating. Look forward the Galaxy S3 software update stop in the near future.. around 8 months... why they do that, so you buy the new one!

I've never owned a Samsung device, although I plan to pick up the S4 come contract renewal. My understanding though is that Samsung are one of the few companies to actually continue to update (some?) phones regularly. This phone is now 2 generations behind yet they still support it, original Note as well. My gf's S3 gets regular updates, and while they may be security fixes, they're pushed quickly after holes are found. I don't think anyone else devotes that kind effort to their devices. HTC, for example, pushed out a half arsed ICS update to their now 2 year old flagship (Sensation) and let it rot. To get anything near new i've had to root and flash custom roms.

TLDR... There are far worse companies to be grumbling at than Samsung when it comes to updates. At least they (as far as i'm aware) don't let their flagships rot 6 months into their product life.

The GS2 was probably the best Android phone at the time. Being on Vodafone, I have not seen this update yet. However I would prefer firmware that works; so I look forward to it and hope they get it right. After 22 months I still like and use my GS2 full time, it has always been rock solid.

great phone I still use it on AT&T. Had Jelly Bean rocking on it. Showed it to my friend with a Nexus 4 and he was impressed at the speed of the device for it being a 2 year old phone. I'll be upgrading to the S4 likely in the near future and give this phone to my family.