AT&T this morning announced it's turned on 4G LTE data in three new cities. They are: Albuquerque, N.M., Reading, Penn., and Salt Lake City. We've seen a couple dozen new areas go live in the past few weeks. AT&T previously announced that it plans to spend $14 billion on its network over the next three years.

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Three new LTE locales for AT&T


Well Reading, PA is only 2 hours away from between and around is all rural area. You would think they would hit on some bigger markets or much more heavily confided areas of population...but whatever it's still AT&T! (the most disliked cell phone company).

My new Sprint GSIII made me stop fussing about their network.

I get about 20 to 23 Mbs down and 5 Mbs up on my home WiFi, but this LTE in Houston Texas has my GSIII doing 27 to 29 Mbs down and about 8 to 10 Mbs up at my house.

Not to mention that its very few places around town that don't get a Sprint LTE signal now.

Sprint deploys to 5000 population towns. I'm no ATT fan but at least I have heard of these. Im sure they all do it to a point, adding two tower markets to bolster their number.

Salt Lake City was turned on on the 28th. Quite a nice surprise when I came to work (I live 30 miles outside the city). It has been consistently 20 down 12 up, vs the Faux G in this area was 5 down 2 up.

Like I've said before, AT&T announces "areas" they're lighting up. This includes the surrounding areas. Verizon likes to name every single town that is benefiting from LTE which makes it seem like more areas. For example, I live in Milwaukee, I can drive for an hour either direction and still have LTE, but they don't put the hick towns on their announcement map. Not to mention I can blow Verizon LTE out of the water with my OG Note. My Verizon co workers put down average 12/5. towers are a block apart. In the same office I put down 25/17 consistently. Anyways, good to see it coming to more places.

I live in Reading, PA, and I noticed the LTE on my phone last week. When I did a speed test, though, I'm getting 10Mbps down and 4Mbps up. So LTE is here, but not very fast....I was in KC, MO this summer and the speeds were outrageous. Not sure why it's not up to par here... Hmmm.....