Alleged Galaxy S4 leak Alleged Galaxy S4 leak

We're just over a week away from Samsung's big Galaxy S4 announcement, and so we're starting to see a last-minute flurry of alleged leaks from the device. As you'll know if you followed the run up to the Galaxy S3 launch last year, late-breaking leaks have proven to be both wildly accurate and wildly inaccurate, so take this with the usual pinch of salt.

This latest set of images has an air of authenticity about it, though. GSM Israel says it has screenshots from a U.S. model Galaxy S4 (the AT&T version, judging by the 4G logo on display), obtained from a "very reliable" source. The images show a slightly re-vamped TouchWiz UI with brighter UI elements and tweaked icons, a redesigned settings menu and a transparent notification bar on the home screen. Interestingly, the so-called "eye scrolling" feature seems to be present, under the name "Smart scroll" in a settings menu screenshot.

Other shots from a device info app seem to reveal a 1.8GHz quad-core processor, a 5-inch 1080p screen (around 440 pixels per inch), and a 13-megapixel camera. GSM Israel says the device also comes with 2GB of RAM and runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. All of those details have been rumored in the past, and if accurate, it'd closely match other leading Android handsets like the Sony Xperia Z and HTC One.

It's impossible to guarantee the accuracy of these shots -- after all, Samsung's previously shown that it's not above putting out dummy handsets (and even dummy software designs) to keep leakers off the scent of its future products. Nevertheless, as Galaxy S4 leaks go we'd have to rate this one above average. We'll be live from New York next Thursday to see whether it matches up with the real thing.

Source: GSM Israel


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Alleged U.S. model Galaxy S4 screenshots emerge


Apex free version has everything that the paid version of NOVA has, but...... it is free. I used Nova when it first came out and enjoyed all the features, then the developer decided to make a paid version of nova but instead of giving you new features he just took all the options from the free version and made you pay for them. Total ripoff, I then got apex and never looked back.

In your opinion. In my opinion, I'd rather have the additional TW features and theme the entire OS to the way I like it, than use AOSP android. If you are talking about a CM based experience, then they do have more features, but TW is still more functional with the addition of Nova Launcher and a theme. Stock Android is too basic......IMO

What features would those be? What does TouchWiz bring to the table that you use so much that you can't just pull off of Google Play? Smart stay is neat, when it works, but it's a battery killer. Popup play has an App equivalent on Play. S Beam is just NFC (which I've never known anyone to use aside from just proving that it works).

It's 50/50. You know the TouchWiz features are something because there are a significant amount of people waiting/wanting the Premium Suite. Like you said the Smart Stay feature is nice when it works, I don't personally use the motion controls, but there are people who do and like them. The Multi-Window feature in the Premium Suite is pretty nice as that's what I do with my Computers. I don't know if there is a power saving feature that comes with stock android, but it's useful because I only have to switch it off and on when I need. I also like some of the features for the stock camera, like Best Picture, or the feature in the Premium Suite or 4.2 update that supposedly you can choose the best faces of multiple people taken from burst mode to make one good picture. Popup play is nice but I don't use it. The allshare or allplay + usb dongle gives me the ability to stream the screen on a tv or pc. That's all I can think of straight off of my head. The deal is difference is not a bad thing. The problem is there are not enough devices with stock, so people thrive for it.

I totally agree, Touchwiz is pretty nice, i like the extra stuff samsung has added, also under pull down menu you can have tons of options. On top of what you mentioned you get also pop out video, pause videorecording and resume (maybe possible on stock?), paper artist which i use allot and love, S Planner which is pretty decent calendar. There are likely more things. The point is i also like Touchwiz and Samsung is actually sending nice updates, last one fixes some annoying bugs and made the phone sooo much better.
Before patch each time phone went to sleep and i pressed home button the call application was minimized but now it stays on top. Also i think swype key has been much more improved.

ps. i'm sure you can most of the things using thirdparty application but i prefer to have it from the start but thats me.

Not gonna lie. I love stock android, but there are a number of things i miss from touchwiz, for example - the camera software. TouchWiz's camera is far and beyond better than stock Android.

I would agree to an extent... everyone needs to realize that there has not been 1 stock android phone that was really a big hit... not 1 and its not like they havent had great hardware to build on so it must be something right?

I would have to agree that the stock android experience leaves a little to be desired. Its fast and simple, but just a little too blah for me. I also think that the success of android (partly) has been oem skins and lets not forget CHOICE!!! Android would not be the huge success it is without CHOICE... so lets just drop all the stupid ass "stock android" pure android comments cause chances are that android wouldn't even be where it is without the oem customization (especially in the beginning)

Ahem...the Motorola Droid was a big hit and it was bare bones Android. Of course there weren't very many other options at that point. Context matters I suppose.

My ire with Touchwiz and Samsung phones in general are the legacy design elements that continue through each new iteration (like Gingerbread looking tabs or the dedicated menu key). Stock Android has made some great strides in UI design and functionality, and I'd like to see Samsung adopt those elements into their flavor of Android a bit more.

My dream would be for them to use the design of stock jelly bean but include their suite of Touchwiz enhancements. I don't mind Touchwiz, I just wish it didn't look so ugly.

I agree, they should build it in stock android, and give us the ability to either turn on Touchwiz or even better give us the ability to enable the features we want instead of just enabling all of Touchwiz.

Man that would be the sweet spot but unfortunately the way OEM's write their code and what not thats a long shot from ever coming to reality. We can all dream though cause that would be the ideal situation.

I still love the fake rumor before the nexus 4 that it would have a "customization center" that would do pretty much what you described.

Most TW specific features can be turned on/off from the settings menu. I think the TouchWiz launcher is ugly, so I run Nova Launcher, but still have access to the TW features if I want them. You don't have to be rooted to replace the launcher, and you certainly don't have to enable "all of TouchWiz".

S-Voice and their ugly @$$ launcher aside, I think Samsung is doing some good things to Android. The multi-window feature was a huge deal on the Note 2, and I love that they are porting it back to their older phones.

I have to disagree, based on 1 phone in particular. The OG Droid. You can't deny that it was a huge momentum push for Android, a very well received and popular phone (or "big hit"), and it ran vanilla Android, no skinning.

I suppose you can call it a bit hit, although the actual sale numbers were not that impressive comparatively to the hits we see now. It was a phone that was on 1 network and i would be willing to bet its sales numbers are not as high as you would think. yes, verizon put a lot of marketing into it but it was the only Android phone at the time with a physical keyboard (which is really why it sold well, not the fact that it had stock android IMO)

I can't speak about the new TouchWiz as I haven't seen enough to judge. The stock Android UI looks pretty dry and minimal. Some people may like it, but as someone who has owned some iOS devices, the stock UI looks more like placeholder UI that they forgot to update in comparison.

This is a phone for most of the world who doesn't want to root, but when we do, the development community will be pretty damn good

What's so bad about color?

Personally, I find the "all black" motif on my N7 to be rather depressing.



Stock android is BORING and useless offers no significance what so ever. The overall abilities of Nature UI 2.0 will make last year's Nature UI look different. I will say stock android has come a long way since donut but to this day offers nothing no extra to the platform and is rather boring and dull. Yeah i know download another third party applications with Nature UI we Samsung lovers don't have to download third party applications. People act like Stock android is some kind of savior to the platform which it's not. Look forward to another 250 million smartphones sold in 2013 by Samsung the clear leaders of android. No dull boring Nexus line devices will ever be doing that that's for sure. Matter of fact take all sales from any Nexus ever built since the inception of android and I'm pretty sure those sales will never compare to anything Samsung has ever sold. Plain and simple Samsung is android like itor not.

Good lord...GO AWAY and take all your Samsung/GN2 BS with you. Google is Android. How hard is that to comprehend? Samsung is a (great) OEM manufacturer. Nothing more, nothing less.

"Stock android is BORING and useless offers no significance what so ever." And that's your pitiful opinion. I can find thousands of other people who would beg to differ, and even go so far as to say that "Nature UI" is bloatware, because it is.

"Yeah i know download another third party applications with Nature UI we Samsung lovers don't have to download third party applications." That's why stock Android is so great. Don't want S Voice or that gimmicky pop-up player on your phone? Won't be there in the first place taking up storage space and system resources. Not to mention that when 3rd party apps come to the market, they're generally a hell of a lot better than the source of the idea. Any of the pop-up players from the Play Store have been able to display Youtube content for many months, meanwhile Samsung's implementation is still stuck with local video only. Just another mindless fanboy who clearly can't think for himself.

"Plain and simple Samsung is android like itor not" Considering Google owns Android, not Samsung, you're wrong. Take away Android, and all Samsung has is an empty shell that can't even make a call or text. What a joke.

Alright, children... not everyone has to agree. That's the beauty of Android. Please quit arguing about silly things. Samsung is not going to release a phone without TW on it. Don't like TW, then a Samsung phone isn't for you. All this "Stock is better" or "TW is better" argument is silly, because either of those is a completely subjective statement.

Also, it seems that a lot of people are confusing the difference between TouchWiz, and the TouchWiz launcher. The homescreen itself is not "TouchWiz". It's the "TouchWiz Launcher". If you don't like it, it can be replaced. Even without rooting. TouchWiz features, such as SmartStay and Multi-Window can be turned on and off individually, so you can just use which ever ones you want. I think calling the modifications "bloatware" is going a bit far, but every one is entitled to their opinion.

Now, can we please quit arguing about this silliness?

I will reply to many of your points logically and with punctuation.

"People act like Stock android is some kind of savior to the platform which it's not."
Um, stock Android _is_ Android. Not a "savior" to Android, but the core of Android itself.

"[Stock Android] is rather boring and dull."
At least it isn't cartoonish, inelegant, and unrefined like TouchWiz is.

"Take all sales from any Nexus… and I'm pretty sure those sales will never compare to anything Samsung has ever sold."
Name one Samsung phone that sold 150,000 units in an hour.

"Plain and simple Samsung is android like it or not."
No… Samsung doesn't develop Android. Samsung doesn't use pure Android. Samsung does not contribute to Android development. So Samsung isn't Android.

Well let's hope these are not genuine because as far as I can see no real difference from TouchWiz on the SIII which I find hard to believe. Would we have a UI following the paths of iOS with only minor tweaks in appearance during it lifetime, I hope not.

IMO Samsung need to refresh ToucWiz just as HTC saw sense (geddit) to update and improve HTC Sense

Why is there a randomly placed soft menu key in the mostly blanked out system info shot? Samsung use a capacitive menu button.


Two possibilities: It's the multi-window tab thing. Or the second capacitive key has been repurposed for task-switching and that's how Samsung is doing compatibility for apps that need Menu key support.

Or, y'know, it's all fake and someone's just screwing with us.

Good for you. That's what is nice about Android is the choice. Not everyone wants a phone with the best specs and go with value instead, like the nexus 4.

You should really add an "in my opinion" in there somewhere. And this is coming from a dude who would tend to agree with you.

"Value instead, like the Nexus 4"

You make the Nexus line sound like budget phones. For a while, the Nexus 4 was among the best phone to get (quality, specs AND price). As everything goes though, there's always something better next year. Sure you'll be able to get the S IV on contract ($250-299), but over the course of 2 years (averaging $75 for single-line service) shelling out $1800 for a phone doesn't appeal to me ;-)

"As everything goes though, there's always something better next year."

Next year? This is Android, try next month. If your phone is 6 months old its almost out of date.

Both phones performance wise in practical day too day use are damn fast. I have a nexus 4 though because I like getting updates first, love stock android, and love the nexus 4 design.

If you want a bigger screen with more storage and don't mind touchwiz I would go for the more expensive gs deuce.

It's physically impossible for a phone with a software overlay to be faster than stock Android. The more features you add, the more bogged down the system becomes. And, as an FYI, that's not bashing Touch Wiz, that's just being realistic. Also, you have to add in bloatware. Yes, you can disable bloatware; however, the system has to use memory to keep the disabled bloatware from running in the first place. So, yeah, stock Android is faster.

Faster doesn't always mean better, but, that's a debate for another day.

nope. The note two uses a quad core cortex A9 proccessor which is a generation old. The Nexus 4 uses a quad core krait.

I have nothing against 5" screen but if the phone bezel remains the same thickness, I'm afraid Samsung may shoot itself in a foot.

The current GS3 size is a sweet spot IMO and anything bigger is a limited market. Can't handicap the best selling phone like that.

I agree. If they get the screen in the same size phone as the s3 I don't mind. If it is bigger I'll pass. .2 inches is a pretty small increase in size though.

And a phone being so narrow has always bothered me. I think LG nailed it with the aspect ratio on the Nexus 4. After all, girth matters more. ;)

Just because you get 100,000 signatures doesn't mean you'll get what you want. There's now way TWH is going to force carriers to offer unlimited data plans.

If you want unlimited data, then go ahead and get it. Jump ship off o whatever craptacular plan you are with Verizon or whomever and get an unlimited plan with Sprint, StraightTalk, MetroPCS, T-mobile or whomever. Vote with your wallet.

Could we please stop making the phones bigger and bigger? I'm not saying don't have big phones at all, but not everyone who wants up to date specs wants to carry around a mini-tablet.

Totally agree. My S2 is already on the edge of "too big" and while I drool over the specs of the new phones, I have no desire for trying to manage a bigger device in my hand. My Captivate was the perfect size.

There will be a new leak like this every day until it's announced. I'm surprised AC is running all of these " leaks".

Speculation is fun and generates page views. Might as well give us something to talk about until launch.

Readers of this site def want somewhere to talk about the release of this phone. Every article that includes S4 in the headlines has tonnss of comments.

I may not be a fan of touchwiz but stock android doesnt appeal to me either. I dont like the holo design. So doesnt matter to me anyways.

dafuq is this notification bar- nothing aligned, all in different sizes, gross.

htc one looking better and better every day, gs 4 is gonna blow

To people who dislike TouchWiz: Just download a launcher, I have Go Launcher on my Samsung Droid Charge.

There are lots of launchers to choose from.

You know, custom launchers only cover up the launcher, but not other stuff like the theme, settings menu, notification shade etc.

Touchwiz isn't all that bad. And like most people agree, you can simply use Nova or Apex to theme to your heart's content. Some of the tweak built into Touchwiz do come in handy sometimes, also. Just my two cents. I'll likely be snagging one of these.

How many times do people have to say this. Launchers don't change stuff like the notification shade, menus and phone dialer apk.

Honestly, if the leaked hardware images and these screenshots are true, I believe this year is going to be HTC's year. I've always preferred Sammy over HTC, but what they have done with the HTC One; especially in aesthetics, not even Apple could top. I'm holding out for the One this time around.

LOL I'm laughing hard at you fools bashing TW because you prefer CM or something else.
That's like bashing rap music because you like punk.
That's like bashing Indian food because you've never been outside of US.
That's like bashing soccer because you suck at it.

People have their own taste!
Some love it some don't, doesn't mean it's "crap" or "hideous" because you don't like it!
Grow up gezz lol

Exactly! I love what TW has turned into. It is easy and has lots of extra features that I actually USE. Plus, this is Android, if you don't like it, change it. To use your same analogy, it is like complaining about how much you hate this song but refusing to change the station.

I totally agree with you, and judging by sales id say Samsung has it right and Google has it wrong.

You are such an idiot.
What does Google have wrong? Providing an open OS that anyone can use for free, get devices into the hands of hundreds of millions which feeds their advertising streams and which all access Google Play?

Yeah, Google really screwed up here by being a gigantic success. Moron.

It's not a matter of owning stock, it's a matter of this idiot, and many others, not having the first freaking clue what he's talking about.

It's just horrid and tragic that not everyone agrees with dare they???

To his point though, he was looking at sales figures, and Samsung is leading the android charge at present, not the "official" google nexus phone...but it is easier to call someone a moron for not agreeing with you I suppose, that understand their point

But to say it has something to do with touchwiz like the original poster says is stupid. Samsung sells more galaxy phones compared to nexus phones entirely due to MARKETING. You put Samsung backed marketing on the nexus 4 and Samsung backed mass production for the nexus 4 and watch its sales increase at exponential rates.

LOL do you honestly think that the sales of the galaxy line of phones are due to touchwiz? I bet you if the galaxy line of phones had AOSP android it would still have the record breaking sales that it had with touchwiz. Google doesn't sell as many nexus devices as Samsung sells galaxy devices because Samsung is a MARKETING GIANT plus it helps that they can mass produce their products and not have shortages.

One thing I didn't see mentioned, they kept the sd card slot.

So I will have a max of 128GB of storage

Yes tw is ugly, but very functional with apex on it.

Good point, nothing I've read so far has mentioned the SD slot at all. What if Sammy gets rid of the SD slot...?

Own a TMO GS2, and obviously looking forward to this announcement, but Samsung's innovation = bigger than last year. HTC's re-imagination of Sense and creation of Zoe's are really quite attractive even if everyone isn't buying it - and let's be honest, some commenters hate just to hate; be it sammy, htc or apple.

Please, please, please have an improved camera sensor with better low light and less noise. I don't want a bump to 13 megapixels and it still look terrible in low light.

If this is true,then obviously no on-screen buttons, not highly unlikely from samsung. I honestly think htc one or xperia z look a lot better than this, my opinion. And id prefer nexus over any. I have an s3and so far it has been very unpleasant, never samsung again. This is, ofcourse my opinion, if you disagree, suck a dick.:)

The only problems with what you are saying is there are no shots of the phone so you cannot say that you hate the looks of it outside of tw, also you are assuming that they didn't crop out anything.

Your opinions are valuable if they are base on some kind of solid information

I actually wouldn't mind most of their "skinning" if they would just leave the launcher alone. Stock Android has a really great-looking launcher, and when manufacturers mess with it too much it just looks cheap and...the only word I can think of is "fake," but that doesn't really fit when I'm talking about pixels on a screen. Just go with it :P

I'm looking at Samsung, LG, and Huawei here.

Another thing, i love on-screen buttons, much better to use & more sophisticated especially since we dont know what changes google will put into klp android 5.

The govt has no business telling businessess how to offer ther services. It may suck that unlimited plans have mostly disappeared, but this is not the answer. (Not that they would actually do anything about the petition anyway)

That's as reasonable as petitioning them to make all restaraunts offer breakfast all day long.

Call me paranoid, but I refuse to sign up for petitions at Don't need the government having an even easier time knowing everything I agree or disagree with in this day of drones and NSA wire tapping.

Fake. Why would it show the processor name and cores under basic info?

Why would it be there at all since that info has never been in the About section on any previous Samsung phone.

Samsung will not let anything leak until the day of their big unveiling.

You bring up a great point. I was just looking for that very same information on my S3. no where to be found and no real reason for that information to be there...

maybe its just me but these screeines don't look like it came form an amoled lcd. i like the revamped icons but ill always theme these bad boys and throw apex on them. touchwiz is nowhere near as bad as sense.

Screenshot is not the same as a picture of the screen. If you use an Android app or function to take a screenshot, you'll get a resultant image file of what the OS was sending to the display device. You'll have no idea about the arrangement of pixels, etc.

Looks like I will be moving to HTC or a Nexus now. TW is getting worse. I guess last year was the year of quad core and this year is the year of 1080p. I will hold on to my S3 until something really good comes along, like more cores or more ram or a great camera. I am good for now.

Even the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is getting its 4.2.2 update.

Ok this is a leaked image and not even confirmed. Good thing you're making a decision about an unannounced phone before it even comes out.

If you like stock Android, why do you freaking care so much about the S IV? You have your Nexus. Go play.
OEMs are NEVER going to offer stock Android. Get the freak over it already!

These are most likely fake. Why would they switch from black background to grey? This is an AMOLED screen, so it displays blacks with no power consumption. That's always been something Samsung has touted as a feature.

The nice thing about these new phones is the skins run just as smooth as stock android. I have a Nexus 7 and my Galaxy S 3 with touchwiz runs just as smoothly as my Nexus. This wasn't always the case in the past and is the reason I liked AOSP better in the pre ice cream sandwich days. Now it basically comes down to visual preference. While I have installed CM on my GS3 there are bugs that persist (weird home button bug, CRT off animation doesn't perform well, MMS is unreliable, etc...) that have kept me on TW so I am glad the performance is as good as AOSP now.

It doesn't help I am on Sprint either and they are very delayed in getting a Nexus phone. In fact I am not even sure they will ever get another one. I know I can just run CM or AOKP but in my experience with the EVO LTE and the GS3 there are always a few persisting bugs that are really, really annoying that are not present on a Nexus device that runs custom roms since those are based of the official roms.

Annnnnd this is why my rooted/rom'd GS3 sat while I used my LTE gnex. Anyone who says "just throw a rom on and you're done" just doesn't get it. Never the same as an AOSP device.

OK here's the deal. Two of the screenshots showing detailed system information are actually of the Quick System Info Pro app.

An interesting thing if true is that the first of the two screen shot lists 'SD card storage' but no 'Secondary SD storage'.

This usually means that the phone does not have a micro SD card slot!

You can check this for yourselves by downloading the app and running it.

I thought the new S4 and Note 3 were supposed to have the new eight core processors? The octa whatever?

It looks a lot like the screenshots of the Galaxy S3… We will know for sure on the 14th though, which I’ll definitely be tuning in for. There is a lot that will be cleared up when the S4 arrives, such as the eight-core processor and the 1080p display, which I’m looking forward to. I like streaming live and recorded shows to my phone during the commute to and from work at DISH, and a higher resolution display would do well for me. Since I use the DISH Anywhere app on my Galaxy S2, which allows me to stream my shows from my DVR wherever I go, it would be a pleasant experience on a full HD display.

I really like Sammy's hardware but just like other companies they kept the UI almost the same. I wish they would change it up more than what they did. It's nice to play it safe but things get old when they look the same like iOS. Very nice hardware though.

At this time everything is pure speculation, we will find out in less than a week. Either way this phone is gonna be a beast!!

Can somebody please shoot the UX/UI/Interaction designers on the Samsung team. They need to stop pretending they know how to design.

Extremely disappointed in what we're not seeing... where are the buttons? All the leaked hardware images sans home button, etc. do not match up to these screenshots. Which is right? We'd hoped that in 2013 Sammy would move away from the ridiculous home button, menu button and capacitive buttons in general, in favor of the on screen buttons that have been available since 2011... if this is correct, guess not. So disappointing. Guess it was a long shot anyways.

Any idiot can predict those likely specs, why even bother. And the ghz can always change after an official announcement even. Good work captain obvious and team.

Samsung, show us you care about your product by putting a decent camera in it, don't show up next week with that 13mpx Sony crap onboard.

Notice the lack of onscreen buttons shown in these 'leaks' ;)

is it me or is the dpi a bit iffy? seem too high to me..

what i mean is the

5.5" lg optimus pro is around 400dpi 1080p
4.7" htc one is around 468dpi 1080p

so how does samsung manage 480dpi on a 5"???

has fake written all over it

I use to root every phone, not anymore, The new innovations are just too useful and too well done on the new Samsung phones to loose with flashing a new rom. No other manufacturer can compare to Samsung with all their great innovations to the Android OS. It puts their new devices on the must have for anyone in an office environment. I run a construction business and the SGS3 and the Note 2 are just priceless, the SGS4 should be a killer. We exchange much of our imfo with just a tap of the two phones together.(NFC) Bring on the SGS4.
Thank You Samsung.
Android is just killing it.
PS - The HTC One isn't too shabby either. Damn I just love choices. It must suck to be tied to an iphone with 2+ yr old software.