What was science fiction in 1993 has turned into just science in 2013

Long before you did all these things with that tiny device you're holding in your hands, AT&T commercials from the early 1990s told the future. Navigation, PayPass systems, video conferencing and more have all turned from twentieth-century fantasy into twenty-first century reality.

Or maybe Elias is right, and Tom Selleck is a Timelord. Either way they're worth a look.

Via: +Elias Lugo

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and the company that will bring it to you...

Amazingly accurate! AT&T should sue Apple for copying the tablet in this commercial... :-P

blp72 says:

That's the only part they didn't get right!

moosc says:

Some one was listening to opie&anthony Fri. They did a stint on this. Really interesting

^^^ Elias Lugo

Yep ! I love Opie and Anthony ! They are the reason why I found this video !

This was done several weeks ago. It's a much better video too.

stef92263 says:

A combination of Creole folk music, brought by Haitian refugees in the early 1900's, and African beats brought by the slaves to Louisiana in the cotton fields. Mixed with a dash of orchestral instruments taught to some.

blp72 says:

Yeah, you bet Joe.I thought Marques Brownlee did an excellent job on this topic. When I first read the article from Android Central I immediately shared it with Marques Brownlee on Google +. Thanks for recognizing it too!

Will some one please just tell me where Jazz came from?!?! The suspense... it kills!

stef92263 says:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFthwKEMABg&feature=youtube_gdata_player First jazz recording, most of the sounds were developed by then from listening to the creole folk players and African slaves singing in the fields.

brian2177b says:

Tom Selleck is not a timelord!

tdizzel says:

I call BS on these commercials...we all know that Apple invented everything

TheNexusMan says:

I guess Apple DIDN'T invent the page turn animation.

fightcrazy says:

Why give AT&T free advertisement, they are nothing but scabs.

App8ite says:

WOW! Good bit of brain washing from AT&T, They Will (Were) right after all ;)

reidoreilly says:

kinda.... att split and made sbc which did most of the work, and then bought its oldself and became att what it is to day, so the att today isn't really that att. Just a little confusing.

troyboytn says:

I would love to see both AT&T and Verizon forcefully split once again. One could literally "hear" their cell bills dropping to reasonable levels.

ekt8750 says:

The irony is that Verizon is made up of a bunch of northeastern Baby Bells spunoff the old AT&T

revtech says:

Wow, cool, nice find jerry, thanks!

crxssi says:

Nice find, although the video quality is HORRIBLE. Remember the commercials well when they first ran :)

lionsson says:

When I saw this commercial I had a feeling of deja vu.

TheDu9du says:

Where are the touch-baby-phone-booths ATT?

TimmyB says:

As cool as this is, I find it even more amazing how many of these things are WAY PAST dated, already. I mean, swiping your credit card for the tolls, having to actually go to a phone booth(!) to make a video call, etc! Good stuff, indeed.

Darth Mo says:

Pretty much everything in the commercials pre-dates the commercial so they aren't really predictions.

I suppose you can say they predicted how commonplace those devices have become.

ridie1389 says:

I love how they have all these and yet didnt imagine flat screens existing.

Dutchmasta says:

wasn't there a shot with a kid in front of a large flat-screen TV? the TV also seemed to be in the 16:9 ratio too (just like a 720 or 1080p TV)

At 1:36 the kids selecting their movie - TV LOOKS like a flat-screen. Certainly theater aspect-ratio.

Did AT&T actually bring any of those things to us?

SoCalMario says:

Its funny how I remember these commercials but at the time I didn't even phase me. I was about 15 back then and we didn't have anything even remotely close to affordable for the average consumer so my thought was that only universities and schools would have this technology. Now we take all this for granted. Regardless of who brought the technology to us, it's here and it's amazing. Stuff that we would see on re-runs of star-trek (at least re-runs for me) or on the Dick Tracy even the Jetsons, is almost all here. We are living in some great tech times!

What's a "phone booth"? LOL Amazing that they predicted all these developments but almost none of these things are on mobile,portable devices like cell phones,laptops, or tablets. I guess the miniaturization of electronics to the degree we have today was unthinkable,even in the 90's.

ScottJ says:

The guy on the beach sends a "fax" with a tablet that looks remarkably like an iPad, except it had a stylus.

vor says:

Still waiting for the day I walk right through the register stand with a cart full of groceries and don't have to unload any of it onto the conveyor belt...

Kiamat says:

I remember watching these commercials as a kid and being so excited about finally making it to that future that seemed so far away.

AT&T should revisit these commercials with a tagline like "You did, and the company that brought it to you AT&T".

dbattenfl2 says:

AT&T should revisit these commercials with a tagline like "You did, and the company that brought it to you AT&T".
... Was someone else, but you still got it!

Chocoburger says:

lol @ phone booths... AT&T was one of the companies that helped eliminate their need.
It just seems odd that they had visions of faxing from the beach, but not calling from the beach? Why would you need a phone booth in those futuristic visions of their?

imomperousse says:

someone has been watching mkbhd youtube videos (thumbs up)

lightyear420 says:

heh....phonebooth....nice! that seems to be the only one they got wrong, though. and really, it's still not entirely wrong. you just don't need a phonebooth to do it.

jasonmanges says:

Pretty sure Dharma aka Jenna Elfman is the mom who tucks in her kid over the phone