Terrible Towel

As we all know, the Super Bowl is coming up this weekend and it should be an amazing game. The Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers have both had great seasons and they shouldn't disappoint on Sunday. If you're a Steelers fan in particular, you should download the Terrible Towel app, which is  necessity if you bleed black and yellow. (Hi, Phil's wife!)

The app, which was of course developed by a diehard fan, gives Steelers fans a portable Terrible Towel right on their mobile device. The yellow towels admittedly aren't that bulky, but it's nice to be able to pull one up on your phone and as the developer states in the description:  

You don't have to ever wash this Terrible Towel. Actually, I recommend against it!

Aside from providing users with a digital Terrible Towel, the app also provides real-time Steelers news, 2010 highlights and past Super Bowl rings display,and live updates and tweets from various Steelers' players.

The app is $0.99 from the Android Market and is perfect for any Pittsburgh fan who can't wait until Sunday. Find the QR code as well as links to the app after the break.

Note: It also requires the Adobe Air plugin. And we don't recommend waving it around.


Reader comments

Terrible Towel Android app gears Steelers fans up for the Super Bowl


Hey, I have an idea! Why doesn't Android Central also supply a link to the apps on market.android.com so we can install the app while browsing from a PC without having to pick up our phone and scan the QR code?

I'll do some testing with HTTPS, was getting issues yesterday with the weird Google Account glitch on launch. Probably a good bet to do it that way, I'll see if there are any errors.

OK Phil,
You don't want to do it that way.
You get "Security Warning"
"There are problems with the security certificate for this site. The name of the site does not match the name on the certificate"

You don't want to pass people over to HTTPS if they aren't signed in to your site for starters. Just avoid it, definitely go HTTP brotha.

YES! Have you seen TwerribleTowel[dot]com ? Just saw it last night. Hilarious idea. I don't like Twitter for the most part, but every #SteelersNation tweet spins a terrible towel.

F- that Steeler Nation Crap ... There is only one nation. Here's an app for all those fair weather fans. It's amazing how many of them come out of the wood works while they play well.

For the love of Pete, don't let this app corner you in a bathroom.
Also, riding a crotch rocket with this app is officially discouraged.