Team Coco

The Conan O'Brien Team Coco app now supports phones as well as full episode streaming right inside the app. Previously, the app was only available for tablets, which didn't make a whole lot of sense. The new update opens things up to phones, and has a pretty solid UI to go along with it. You have access to videos, photos, articles and show schedule from a slide-in panel on the left, and a video clip viewer on the main page.

You can also now "sync" your phone with the TV broadcast for enhanced functionality while watching, or even watch full episodes on demand in the app. The Team Coco app still shows ads, unfortunately, but surely has a lot of increased functionality in this latest update. You can grab a download from the Play Store at the link above.


Reader comments

Team Coco app now supports phones, full episode streaming


All 6 people who still watch Conan will rush to download this puppy. Wouldn't want to miss a single string dance.

I'm guessing the first Co in Coco comes from the first letters of his name, but what is the deal with this "Coco" nickname stuff???

It sounds sorta gay!

I think there was a skit that Conan did when he was still on NBC. There was some dude in a creepy voice (in the background) that kept calling Conan, "Coco". Conan told the guy his name is not Coco. Can't remember what episode that was.