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Graham Macphee, one of the members of Team Boid, announced today on his personal blog that the group would cease future development of its popular Twitter client, Boid. When the group set out to create Boid, the intention was to show the development world how well Twitter clients could look and work. They wanted to be the "Tweetbot for Android," and they surely made a splash. Well regarded as an example of Google's new "holo" design guidelines, Boid was extremely popular.

Unfortunately, now without ever exiting "beta," Boid will no longer be developed by the group. Macphee explains that the Boid app wasn't meant to be an achievement for the team, but rather a tool that helped in the achievement of their true goals. They believe that what they accomplished while working on Boid is a positive result for them. The overall result, as they see it, was that other apps followed their lead and started to use design in ways that helped the overall user experience.

Macphee reiterated via Twitter after the post went up that this is not an official announcement -- and there was no mention of the moves Twitter's making that's driving other clients out of business -- but that this is what they intend to make official very soon. If there was any silver lining in this, it's that their intention going forward is to make Boid open-sourced for anyone to continue to work with it in the future. We'll be excited to see how Boid does as the community takes on the development effort.

Source: Graham Macphee; @gmph

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So wait? What the hell was all that about then? I need a better explaination. Something's off....

xlDeMoNiClx says:

Some people made a very popular twitter client, and they announced that soon they will stop working on it but will leave it open source for others to continue their work.

Boid team has been hyping this damn app forever. Now they just up and quit? Doesn't make sense.

aergern says:

It was a project for a bunch of teen/20somethings to learn on. And folks think over 35 devs are to be put out to pastaur .. this shows very little maturity and is kind of the Homer Simpson way of being a dev ... " OH DONUTS! ". Silly

If folks want a good client by responsible devs then pick up Plume. It's great.

redbullcat says:

Phil from Team Boid here.

If you're saying this you don't understand. Boid was always an experiment for us to learn by, and we succeeded. Boid has indeed been surpassed by Joaquim's Falcon Pro. We'll open-source Boid on GitHub, then go and work on some other projects we have planned.

An important factor in our decision was Twitter's API changes. They are basically killing 3rd party clients, and we as devs and designers (Graham and I are the designers, Aidan and Joe are the devs) are not at all happy to work in that environment where we feel we're being pushed out the door by a backstabbing landlord.

We have other projects we're working on, including a writing app (with a twist) for Android and OS X and a social messaging app.

doug3673 says:

Looking forward to what you guys have cooking in the future. I use Boid everyday. Hopefully it will live on despite Twitter's ridiculous API restrictions.

sensory says:

I'd like to say I'm surprised at the news, but it was apparent that they weren't going to keep this going for long.

tiroger says:

I guess Twitter is getting their wish after all, to kill all 3rd party clients. Tweet Lanes, one of the best Android clients is folding up shop and Carbon was never to be. Who's the next to fall?

Nothing was said about Twitter's restrictions influencing this choice by Team Boid.

redbullcat says:

Graham didn't say it but it was an influence. As I said above: we don't want to work in an environment where we're not comfortable.

brendilon says:

Did it really need to be said? Everyone knows what Twitter is doing and that this sort of thing would be the result.

Mobius360 says:

Think the writing is on the wall as Twitter has decided to ruin things.

So their killing the app bit not really killing it today but probably later in the week? They didn't do anything as far as twitter clients go? Oh a holo app cool too bad it was ugly as sin

ScottColbert says:

And what were you accomplishing in your late teens early 20s?

redbullcat says:

"So their killing the app bit not really killing it today but probably later in the week?"

It will hopefully be open-sourced by the end of this week. We're not developing it from this point forward though.

"They didn't do anything as far as twitter clients go?"

We pushed almost every Android Twitter client into making their app holo. We were the first holo Twitter app on the Play Store.

"Oh a holo app cool too bad it was ugly as sin"

Boid was a 100% holo app. If you didn't like Boid's design you don't like holo.

doug3673 says:

Ignore the trolls. Boid is an awesome twitter client and you have the downloads and installs to prove it. The subjective opinion of a single troll is completely irrelevant. The android platform needs more developers like you guys who understand the importance of good UX/UI design. Please direct your talents & attention to Android's desperate need for better tablet apps. That would be awesome of you ;-)

On another note check out the new falcon beta its really nice like beautiful for phones and tablets not in the store on xda

XavierMatt says:

YASSS! Now there is a Dev for you! There app and widget is number one.

brendilon says:

And it will probably be tabled soon unless Twitter changes their policy. Carbon for Android is dead now as well.

afollestad says:

Thanks for writing about my team's announcement, and yeah it has partly to do with Twitter's new restrictions that are slowly pushing third parties away (they're moving towards a central network that only uses an official app, much like Facebook).

Our team isn't disbanding though, we plan to design other apps that we will announce in the future.

tgaskill says:

I'm very happy to hear that you'll be working on other apps. It's a shame that Twitter has placed so many restrictions on third-party apps. Boid is currently the only Twitter app I use, and I'm not planning on using the official app. I can't wait to see what else you guys come up with. I'm sure it'll be top notch, as Boid was.

Byzantium says:

On your suggestion, I've found the new Falcon app you're talking about. Seems pretty nice so far, and its free with no ads during its beta period. Knowing the Twitter company though, they'll eventually kill off nearly every app.

Boid posted on their Twitter that this was mostly due to the API changes

I can see this happening to loads of good apps.

mwara244 says:

Twitter owes a little to 3rd party twitter apps, some people hate twitter but use it because of all the third party twitter apps. But Twitter doesn't want people making money off of them without a kick back to the "King" or a twitter tax it seems