TwitPic support, higher quality images and "tons of bug fixes" round out the big change log

If you're in the camp that thinks the official Twitter app sucks, there's a good chance you're using Talon. It's a relatively new app that has received a lot of press, and it got one hell of an update this evening.

In addition the the KitKat-inspired "design that makes sense" the app has always sported and its wealth of eye-candy, the developer has added in support for crowd favorites like TweetMarker and TwitLonger support, and tweaked some of the UI buttons to make the app stand out from the crowd even more.

If you're a Tweeter, it's probably worth the buck ninety-nine to give Talon a try if you haven't already. Grab it from the Google Play link above, and check out the huge change log after the break.

Source: Kilnker Apps

Full list of changes:

  • TweetMarker support
  • TwitLonger support
  • Upload with TwitPic
  • Much better handling of user searches
  • Added share and quote button to the in-line expansions on tweets
  • Add color to the retweet and favorite buttons so you can better distinguish your actions on a tweet
  • Live streamed tweets will be automatically loaded when you are at the top of the timeline
  • Higher quality Instagram, TwitPic, and Imgur pictures
  • Remove retweets by long pressing the retweet button
  • Pull to refresh on searched trends
  • Don’t show YouTube in pictures timeline
  • Better feedback for when you retweet or favorite a status
  • Much better support for auto-trimming the databases
  • Added size 30 font
  • Mark direct messages and mentions as read when the notification is dismissed
  • Better handling of retweets when viewing the tweet
  • Reply to your own tweets
  • Share individual links in a tweet using the “Share Link” button in the overflow menu when viewing a tweet
  • View your current account on the talon pull notification if you have more than one
  • Workaround under advanced settings for if your timeline jumped down a spot after a refresh
  • Better stability
  • Tons of bug fixes
  • Updated translations
  • Probably some other small stuff I forgot about as well ;)
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ultravisitor says:

This is my second favorite Twitter app after Falcon Pro. Get it while the tokens still exist, people.

Grab your token now before it is inevitably cutoff by the Twitter limits.

harryg27 says:

Same developer as Sliding Messaging and the newer evolve SMS. He's a little immature if you ask me. Usually responds to feedback with an arrogant attitude and basically tells people to go screw themselves.

helcioajr says:

Not to mention that he updates Sliding Messaging like every single day. Often breaking stuff.

jesamyn says:

This. I would never buy another app from the dev based on my experience with Sliding Messaging Pro. It initially worked great for me, but every "fix" has made it laggier and broken more stuff. Maybe Talon is different. My experience just leads me to believe that he's throwing more stuff together without really understanding how to code well.

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Wollombi says:

Is the app good? If so, then comments like these have little bearing. People either like the product or they don't. It either works or it doesn't. The dev's attitude may annoy you, but it doesn't speak to the quality of the product itself.

That said, there is the customer service aspect to it, but for crying out loud, the app is $1.99. Not like you're getting robbed because he has an "immature" attitude. Personally, I care more about the product/result.

harryg27 says:

I certainly see where you're coming from. But when a developer continually acts like a jerk it will eventually ruin his reputation. Good app or not, there is no excuse for acting the way he does. Just read the comments from this thread in Reddit:


Jamaar White says:

Did he fix the battery usage issue?

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zackmack7 says:

Just started using it today. I like it, but I'm not sure it can unseat Plume as my favorite Twitter app. Some of the features are nice, especially the emoji support.

Guillin says:

I have very few quarms with the official Twitter app, but Talon is just miles ahead for me. Its even dethroned Twicca for me (and that was no easy task)

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I tried going back to Twicca (used and loved it for months) but now it just feels so laggy and outdated compared to the newer offerings.

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