Hmm. Reports are speculating that the device we know as the HTC Magic and speculated as the T-Mobile G2 will actually be released as the MyTouch 3G. An odd choice of name, to be sure, but not one without reason: the HTC Magic is a strictly 'touch' device and to differentiate it from the "G"-series would help lessen consumer confusion.

Think about it, if the HTC Magic is released as the T-Mobile G2, it could very well cannibalize G1 sales with consumers believing the G1 is outdated. Having a different name for the HTC Magic allows T-Mobile to offer two dynamically different Android-experience phones: one with a keyboard and one with just touch.

Though we definitely wish it was a better name than "MyTouch 3G", we'll forgive it if it means that it's closer to release here in the states. What do you guys think about the name MyTouch 3G?



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Is T-Mobile's MyTouch 3G the HTC Magic?


I have been with T-Mobile for a 4 or 5 years now and although I enjoy their coverage area the problem I have with them is their G3 network or the lacking there of. I like my blackberry but I think I might go with a Iphone type phone because all of its great functions.

i think the name is alright.
doesnt really matter what its called.
the phone looks amazing.

and t-mobile cannot use the name G2 because of gatorades brand.