T-Mobile myTouch 4G

So a couple of things are now official:

  1. The T-Mobile myTouch is now officially called the myTouch 4G. That's no great surprise, and it's not a big deal, but it's nice that somebody finally made up their mind. (Hey, you run a website that covers Android and you'll see how little time you have for such nonsense, too.)
  2. It's coming Nov. 3 (which we knew) for $199 after $50 rebate, available at T-Mobile stores, Best Buy, Costco, RadioShack, Sam's Club and Target.
  3. I still don't even have T-Mobile 3G where I live, so the chip on my shoulder will remain through the rest of this post about TMo's HSPA+ "4G" speeds.

Oh, and there's a new promo video up on Facebook. Have at it, folks. [Facebook]


Reader comments

T-Mobile officially says myTouch is the myTouch 4G, coming Nov. 3 for $199


I want this phone but got my G2 on oct. 5th, if this phone does launch on nov. 3rd, can i just exchang for this?

Tmobile's Trial Period is typically 14 days, not 30, so I don't think so. You might be able to get a decent amount for the G2 on ebay to make getting a new phone a little less painful.

cool phone, dumb video...more like a 3D image except you can't control the view unless you pause it every 2 seconds like a cracked out tech junkie

Great specs. Too bad the overlay, like most, is weak and entirely unnecessary in a current Android device. And then there's the toyish appearance. Oh, and the "Genius Button"... (sigh)

I don't think it's THAT toyish (is it the rounded edges?) and you can always just ignore the stupid Genius button.

Frankly, I think some phones with snap out keyboards look much more toyish. Makes you look like you're playing a GameBoy.

Why would someone order this from T-Mobile (or any of the other stores) when they can get it from Wirefly for $50 cheaper?

anyone who has doubts about this phone needs to go play with it. This phone is a frikkin monster. Wierdly enough they are still marketing it as a "mom's phone" for some odd reason though. Its well built, not plasticy, and screams performance.