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T-Mobile is in the midst of some sort of LTE testing in and around Kansas City, according to a poster at XDA forums. These screenshots show an unlocked AT&T Galaxy Note (the original SGH I717 Note) using the T-Mobile network, and as you can see they suggest an LTE connection. While the first screenshot is familiar to us all, the second screenshot, the one of the device ServiceMode settings, is the one to focus on. It's a bit nerdy, but what you're seeing is a device on Band IV LTE (that's the 1700 and 2100 MHZ bands), on a 5x5 MHz configuration. The theoretical maximum of such a network would be 37 mbps download and 12 mbps upload. Worth noting, the poster clarified that he was using the standard T-Mobile APN setting, meaning that anyone in the vicinity with the correct hardware should see similar results.

It also shows speeds much slower than the current HSPA+ network many T-Mobile customers enjoy, but remember -- this is just a test. I imagine when we see a fully deployed 10x10Mhz LTE network from T-Mobile, things will be a good bit faster -- until people start using it. We'll keep an eye out for it, right along with you guys.

Source: XDA; via Tmo News


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T-Mobile looks to be testing LTE in Kansas City


Someone with a Nexus 4 in that area that hasn't updated please chime in and let us know if LTE is showing up.

It'll be interesting to see if T-Mobile enables LTE for their prepaid accounts. I wonder if they will try and leverage the LTE network to encourage people to go on contract.

I know that AT&T doesn't allow prepaid MVNO's to have access to their LTE network. Also, I don't believe that Verizon has allowed MVNO's to resell their LTE service either.

I wonder if the new Nexus 4's being sold today still have the LTE capability intact, or if Google has removed it?

I was just going to say the same thing.

What's the deal? Why K.C. out of all the other cities they could roll out new tech in?

We are having a huge technology boom. According to the WSJ, KC is on its way to becoming the next silicon valley. Probably has something to do with the cost of living and low tax rates for KS and especially MO.

From my understanding, KC was chosen for Fiber because KC (both KS and MO) gave Google carte blanche on installing their networks.

AT&T G'Note? Does this mean my Skyrocket, which also has AWS will work on T-Mo's LTE? Do we know if he had to flash a T-Mobile radio? Or is he using a standard ATT modem?

Wouldn't worry much about the speed. When ATT first tested LTE in LA, it was f'ing slow (like 5-6Mbps down). When it officially launched, the speeds around 15-20Mbps down. Of course, it later came back down to below 10Mbps.. but that's a separate conversation =P

With the stock AT&T radio, you only get EDGE with T-Mobile. So yeah, you need to be rooted and flash a T-Mobile radio. Fairly simple to do.

Yes it will work on T-Mobile LTE network.

Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket i727:
4G Network LTE 700 MHz Class 17 / 1700 / 2100

Go to the Mobile Network settings and change it to LTE.
(That's if you haven't excepted any OTA's that disable it.)

Didn't T-Mobile say at CES that they'll be using the same amount of spectrum as ATT & Verizon are using, aren't ATT & Verizon using
20 x 20MHz?

Also, I thought T-Mobile is deploying newer version of LTE,
and that the technical term for that newer version is. . .

Verizon is running 2x10Mhz nationwide. AT&T is 2x10Mhz except some major markets that have been 2x5Mhz like LA, Chicago, Miami, Charlotte, Oklahoma, Raleigh.

T-Mobile is gonna be 2x10Mhz in 90% of their top 25 markets. So that means 3 markets out of top 25 are gonna be 2x5Mhz. Kansas and two more...

After MetroPCS merger, they'll be able to run 2x20Mhz in a lot of markets.

I'm seriously considering getting the Galaxy S4 on
T-Mobile in May/June. Been with Verizon for 3yrs.
But I desperately need to trim my budget.
And if LTE isn't working HSPA 42 is a much, much better fallback network than Verizon's crappy EVDO 3G.

Verizon really doesn't impress me, I speak from real world experience not those stupid "America's most reliable network" brainwashing advertisements.

Why? Because of LTE? What happened to the "battery draining, slow ass, worthless LTE networks" opinion you had before Tmobile announced this? Good God your a flip flopping moron.

It's because T-Mobile's getting that "pimp slapping LTE 10" instead of the LTE release 9(?) that Verizon, Sprint and I think AT&T are currently rolling out.
In any event, yeah he is a "flip flopping moron". 2 years ago, he was on Sprint saying how "boss" they and HTC were, all the while saying how "shitty" "the devil" Verizon was. Then he signed a contract with Verizon to get the Gnex, saying how great stock was and how impressive LTE was. A few months later he started complaining like a little baby about how slow LTE was and how "shitty" his Gnex was as well. Then he moved on to T-Mobile and has been saying how "pimp slapping" it is compared to all the other carriers. He's the definition of "bandwagon jumping fanboy" and has already been banned from the forums because of it.

Kansas City gets all the new toys it seems. Google Fiber, T-Mobile LTE and thus a chance for the Nexus 4 to get LTE... Maybe I should transfer to my companies branch in KC.

Gotta love KC..living here has these up..low cost of living..cool stuff to do..good tech..some of the best water around..murder rate is high especially for how many people live here..nice to see we're getting some shine though!

I'm not in KC, but I just switched to T-Mobile, and so far I'm very satisfied. Seems to be good timing on my part

I have been with T-Mobile for going on 13 years now(Voicestream days) in Michigan, and I have never had a major problem with them. Mostly fantastic/strong signal, Fast data speeds, and rarely any dropped calls or failed texts. I know people get down on T-Mobile for various reasons, but in the Major cities and suburbs Magenta has worked as a Champ for me. If I were in the sticks, that may be a different story but I never go there so that's a non-issue for me. In thirteen years I have to say this is really the most exciting year I've seen for T-Mobile, looking forward to it all coming together.