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Owners of the LG G2 on T-Mobile's network are the latest to receive a software update that adds the Knock Code feature to the smartphone, allowing owners of that device to simply knock on the display to wake it up.

The update role out apparently began on Monday and a check of T-Mobile's support page confirms the availablity of the software download. In addition to the Knock Code feature, the LG G2 T-Mobile update includes some battery performance improvements. It also has "Google Wallet improvements, Google security fixes, auto brightness improvements, visual voicemail improvements and Wi-Fi calling improvements."

While the update will automatically roll out between now and August 4th for LG G2 owners on T-Mobile. it can be downloaded right now by connecting to a Wi-Fi signal, and then by going into "Settings", then into "General". There users can tap on "About phone", followed by tapping "Update Center", then "System Updates" and finally "Check now". After that, the user follows the prompts to download the update.

If you own a LG G2 on T-Mobile, are you glad about being about to get the Knock Code feature along with these other improvements?

Thanks to ragdoll08 in our forums for the tip!

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T-Mobile LG G2 latest to get Knock Code update


Mine wasnt there either, I just plugged in to the pc and ran the LG support tool and it updated just fine. Took maybe 10min for the whole process to complete.

Update is great... Google wallet now supports tap and pay, Google music doesn't throw errors anymore and displays the song\album correctly over bluetooth. Google music also now has full screen album art work on the lockscreen. I was also able to switch to ART from Dalvik. Very good update in my opinion.

Thanks, was wondering about the Google Music error. Apparently you can still root, too, so it sounds like there are no drawbacks to the update this time?

Hello misaacs, I was wondering how did you make the switch to ART? Thanks. One more thing to the forum, my knock on feature was working sporadically at best. The knock code update seemed to resolve that issue. Knock code seems to be working about 80% on first attempt. Unfortunately, it still seems like I have a dead spot on my screen. It's about a half inch thick and runs the width of the screen. Other than that, all is good.

It was there b4 hand. It seemed to happen, literally overnight. The device was acting like it was possessed or something. I did some research and found the code to get into the hidden menu and updated the touch firmware. Didn't really help much. I did a touch test as well, and that is when I discovered the dead spot. I then opened the quick memo app and noticed the same dead spot in the screen. Like I said earlier, it seems to be a perfect rectangle, roughly a half inch thick, towards the top of the G2's screen.

That sucks :/. So the update didn't really cause any issues then right? Have you noticed any bugs? Weird battery drain or anything after updating?

Battery seems to be doing fine. I received the update, last night around 6 p.m. I streamed an entire Wimbledon match, lasted a cpl hours. When I started, my battery was fully charged, it's now down to 81%. The device didn't get hot either, so that was a plus as well. I absolutely love the device. I do wish there was an sd card option, and removable back plate. Its not a deal breaker though. I was thinking about updating to the g3, but I think I'm going to wait for an Android L device.

Btw I am pretty sure to activate art you need to go on the developer options. If you don't know how to do that it's pretty simple. Just Google how to get in the developer options on kitkat. Another question did you get the update through OTA or you used the pic software

Well, I went ahead and updated to ART. I don't remember seeing that option b4 the update. Anyway, it's good to go. To answer your question, I received the update OTA. Question, are u using a rooted device. I have been leaning towards doing it, just not for sure if it's worth it,

Yeah according to what I have read the ART is an addition in the new update. No I haven't rooted my g2 yet. I got it around two months ago and I'm very happy with it. I don't think I'm upgrading my phone in the near future. I think this phone is functional and has everything I need in a phone. Hopefully it will get Android L in the future

That's what I am hoping for as well. I was thinking about using the JUMP program to get the g3, but I'm still learning new things on this device all the time. The knock code feature has made it feel brand new again. Instead of paying the money to JUMP, I think I might pick me up the G watch.

Yeah I mean I don't really know if it's worth it. I had to pay full price for the g2.and I have the option to get he s5 and I knew that the g3 was coming out soon.. But I decided spending 200 dollars more to get any of those was not worth it. I mean yeah you get a couple of better features and stuff.. But I think they g2 was a perfect choice. Also when comparing the s5 to the g2 I even felt the g2 was faster lol. Hopefully I will get the update soon haha.. I'm still waiting.

I read somewhere that u can update it thru the t-mobile site. U have to hook ur up to it computer though. That's how I got the kit Kat update.

Yeah I know there are other ways. I just haven't had the time. I also like to wait a little to see if it's a buggy update. But it don't think this one is.

I had that issue they ran a test at the store because once i restarted my phone i was getting a LCD failure message. So they did a manufactures hardware malfunction and overnight me a new pone with the update I got it today.

I'm not able to download from the website saying "There is currently no option to download software updates from the phone or using a computer." Can anyone please provide a link to where they were able to update please?

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Good news. Sounds like they put some good work into this update. Glad to hear Google Music is finally fixed. I had been experiencing much better Google music performance from that apps update yesterday. Hopefully now it's completely fixed.

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Hmm. The ability to knock to wake has been a feature of the LG G2 on T-Mobile from the beginning. It is not a new feature.

Signed LG G2 user with T-Mobile.

This allows you to knock a pattern and unlock the phone. Not exactly the same as tap to wake.

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My Knock On doesn't work at all. Can't wait for this update, hopefully it'll begin working again.

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yeah same here! I don't understand how the knock on went from working 95 percent of the times to not working at all :/

I was told it was the digitizer. Test it with quick memo. U can also use this code from it dialer menu, my model number 801 is for t mobile, u will have to change that number depending on ur model3845#*801#. U can update touch firmware. I tried it and it didn't really help mine. Maybe u'll have better luck.

Hey there, my knock on feature wasn't working well at all, maybe 20% of the time. The knock code feature on the other hand is much more solid. I did find out that the reason my knock on feature wasn't working was because of my digitizer. Here how to test it, open up ur quick memo and start drawing lines up and down on the screen and see if have a space not being covered. Its about a half inch thick.

Google Wallet Tap to Pay is here!!! Glory Be the day!! This is what I've been waiting for. Knock Code is cool, but slow. Double tap is still a little faster. Google Wallet is what I've been waiting for.

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