Update now avalable over the air for those who didn't mess with the PC utility

T-Mobile's LG G2 already had a taste of KitKat a few days ago when the update came available through LG's PC utility, and now it's heading out over the air to everyone. Support pages from T-Mobile indicate that today is the day the official Android 4.4.2 update is rolling out to devices, bringing all of the latest KitKat features, along with fixes to auto brightness and "user experience improvements."

The documents indicate that the software — version D80120a — will be available for those who check manually starting today, and that users will start being prompted to install from March 6th to the 25th. Decide to hold off on installing manually and are now seeing the update over the air? Let other folks know in the comments.

Source: T-Mobile; More: T-Mobile LG G2 Forums


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T-Mobile LG G2 KitKat update now rolling out OTA


First.... But who cares.... Where is The note 3's update! Please!

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Samsung is in the same boat as iPhone, you seen a commercial that told you the note 3 was the best so you bought it. The note 3 shouldn't get the update, it should be bricked. Let the real phones get kitkat first :)

Source code released last Friday for the Note 3 for T-Mobile. History shows that there is a 2-3 day period in between the posting of the source and the roll out of OTA's.
If not today, I'd say Wednesday by the latest.

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Please.... I am checkin like a Crack head checks da corner for the dealer

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I got the 4.4 update on my HTC One, but unless u are running pure android on your device, the update doesn't have the impact u think. Don't get too exited about it.

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Verizon was doing so well too with kit kat updates for the Moto X and htc one.

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Why does Verizon like to leave us out in the cold? I just want some KitKat to nibble on. Please Verizon?

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Vzw released today, but only the black models got it, no love for the white ones. Heard this was an issue with the GSM carriers too.

It's a race for last to update, Verizon or Sprint.
My money is on Verizon being last.

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Where is the Optimus G Pro update!?!?

Posted from the surface of the moon using my LG Optimus G Pro on T-Mobile with 0 Death Star bloat...

Yeah I know. I haven't had the phone for too long. I prefer not to factory reset. I just got everything setup the way I like it.

I've with my 3 days for my Note 3 to be updated I know I still have a few hours left but still. How about a little respect the note 3 help break the twitter record thing a ma jiggy...I JUST WANT MY FRIGGING update come on 'Gimme a Break, Gimme a Break. Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat' upgrade

~My $0.02~

Says the guy who won't take that very same advice when it's quite clear he's not wanted. All your comments being rated negatively is a pretty good indication.

Aww look at those poor unlucky note 3 owners that don't have kitkat yet. I don't see the big fuss. It's not like you guys will notice a huge difference.

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I'm annoyed that they feel the need hijack the comments section of this article and make it about the N3.
Samsung sucks at updates, get over it.
Surprised the S4 was updated

Because a lot of people who buy Samsung think there Android royalty and should always be first. Not all of them just some. Lol

I'm annoyed that you feel the need to hijack the comment section here always.

It's sad to see your trolling comments all over the place.

Go back to your Internet get off Google Plus and here

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

1. You obviously don't know what the Internet is. There is no "your" and "my" Internet. It's just "the Internet".
2. I'm annoyed you say other people are "trolling", as if you don't do it on a daily basis yourself.
3. I'm annoyed that you feel a few comments from one person (which, isn't that the point of comments on an article- to engender discussion?) constitutes as "hijacking the comments section". You clearly have no clue what these words mean. What an idiot.

Aww get a real phone! Hater... Don't pee on my parade... Wouldn't do you like that... Wait I just did. Yes I am In My feelings

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Anybody that did the update can you check if Google wallet works with tap and pay feature active?

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Still waiting here in Connecticut, why are all of the comments in this post about phones other than the T-Mobile Lg G2?

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Same here in CT, still 4.2.2. And I have no clue why people are complaining about other phones here. Glad I stitched from VZW to TMo. Kind of nice getting an update (I hope).

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I hope so too, someone just pointed out that maybe the white phones haven't got it yet for some odd reason, is yours white? Seems strange,but mine is white and still no update

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I updated on Friday with the mobile support tool. Battery life seems the same as before but the phone is much faster and smoother.

Tried the PC update on two different machines, and now I'm trying for the OTA, and still nothing. I know I could do the KDZ, but I'm lazy and just want the other options to work right.

Do you have a white version Greek? I read a couple reports of "My significant others' black version got the update, but so far nothing on my white!"

I have a white version and no update for me either :(

Yes it actually is white Lol, not sure why that would make a difference but anything's worth a shot now lol

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It matters. The white models cant even get the update through the update tool, neither LG's or the VZW tool. Same thing happened on ATT and T-Mobile.