Samsung Galaxy S3

The latest GS3 brings a boost in speed without any increase in price

It turns out that rumors of the LTE-enabled Galaxy S3 for T-Mobile were indeed true, as the device has just gone up for sale on the carrier's website today. With seemingly no change from the original HSPA+ device that has been available for the past year other than the additional radio support, the new model understandably retails for the same $69.99 down and 24 months of $20 payments, or a full retail price of $549.99. For the moment only the "Marble White" version of the device is up for sale with 16GB of internal storage, and it isn't clear if other colors and capacities will become available.

At least for the time being the original Galaxy S3 is still available for sale at the same price, but we wouldn't expect it to be around for long. As T-Mobile works to expand its LTE network it's good to have yet another LTE-capable device up for sale, but we're not so sure how many of these will move considering that the HTC One and Galaxy S4 are just $30 and $80 more, respectively. We of course recommend you spring the extra few bucks for the latest models.

Source: T-Mobile


Reader comments

T-Mobile Galaxy S3 LTE shows up online right on schedule, yours for $69 down


GS3 for $69 or GS4 for $199?
4.2.2 will be here in no time for the GS3, which only leaves "Air Gestures" lacking.
My Sprint GS3 says it wants to hang around until the Moto X comes out.

$150 down on T-Mobile, not $200. With the HTC One for $100, I don't see this as much of a deal. If they made it $40 down, I'd buy one for my mother-in-law. She wants LTE to download pics of grandkids, but doesn't care about processor or resolution. She also buys the cheapest smartphone, even if you can get a better one for only a little more. Not everyone has the same criteria as us when it comes to phones.

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