99 cents gets you one of the best-known third party keyboards on Android

Hell may have just frozen over today, because Swype is now available for purchase in the Play Store. Previously, as many of you are aware, the only way to have Swype on your device was to sign up for the beta test and install it manually, or have one of the many devices with it pre-installed. A $0.99 purchase now gets you a proper and easy to manage Play Store download, ready to install on your devices.

Its hard to believe that one of the most used keyboards on Android -- Swype claims 250 million users -- wasn't available through the primary app store up to this point, but we're glad today's the day. You can grab a download of the latest Swype from the Play Store link at the top of this post.


Reader comments

Swype finally makes its debut in the Google Play Store


Swype is really cool. I have to say, I'm a very middle-aged person who has been touch typing since high school, and I thought I would just use the keyboard on my S3 the way I've always used a keyboard - but Swype totally won me over. For just one thing, it's more accurate at knowing what I'm trying to type than either SwiftKey or the stock keyboard. I'd recommend it to anyone even if you think you probably won't like it.

Personally much prefer Swype over SwiftKey. SwiftKey gives more customization options (delays, haptic feedback), but using flow on SwiftKey gives me the wrong word about 30-40% of the time where as Swype it's closer to a 5% error rate.

Interesting. I have the complete opposite experience. Swype has always given me problems, no matter what phone I used it on (currently GS3). So I always used swiftkey, even before flow. I guess I'm predictable, but the word prediction without even starting a word, is often time saving. But now with flow, it's even better.

I used to use Swype but switched over to Swiftkey. The flow feature doesn't work as well as it does on Swype. It's just not as good at figuring out which keys you were tracing over and often comes up with the wrong word even after repeated attempts. There are also other bothersome issues like the fact that it turns off prediction for some fields, mostly user names in forms. I don't remember Swype doing that. Also, if you tap out a word on Swype and it picks the wrong word, you can go back, tap on the word and the word as you typed it is available for choosing. With Swiftkey when you do this it only shows it's predictions. It forgets the actual word you tapped out.

I may go back to Swype since it's in the store. I avoided it due to the hassle of having to side-load the beta.

Swype all the way. It's much more accurate in predictions, offers gesture controls (very useful), and uses the system keypress sounds, unlike SwifyKey which has the horrid Android 2.0 sounds embedded inside of their APK.

I too used to use Swiftkey but now use Swype. I feel I have to go back and correct words less with Swype. And I like the new feature of dragon dictation the little I have used it.

Swype is better.. I've used both.. The "swipe" feature is much more refined in Swype.. The prediction typing is much more refined in Swiftkey, but I don't use my keyboards for that feature.. Swype wins in my book.

Actually, they both have their advantages. I find Swype requires less accuracy when "swyping" but SwiftKey is easier to use next word prediction. For me, this means that I tend to use SwiftKey because I use the next world feature a lot (the prediction is so good that I only have to type about 1-2 characters per word, on average). Honestly, if Swype would show the next word prediction, instead of the alternates of the current word then I would use it. Admittedly, I wish SwiftKey "Swyping" was as accurate as Swype. I do like the feature that allows you to "Swype" more than one word at a time. For now, SwiftKey wins out...

I just downloaded the latest version from Google Play. Smoothest "Swyping" yet. I also compared the predictive text engine to swiftkey... no contest: swiftkey only took 11 characters to complete a unique sentence. Swype took 16 characters for the same sentence. Still, if you like Swype, then it's worth paying the .99. I'm going to give it a shot at replacing swiftkey... we'll see how long it lasts!

I've used both of them and Swiftkey is far and away the better product, especially since they added Swiftkey Flow, there is no comparison anymore. The options are better, the prediction is better and the themes and flow trail are better looking

It was probably a tough sell to OEM's to pre-load Swype (and pay) when an alternative is now default in Jelly Bean going forward (and free).

Since they've never really released many numbers, it's tough to tell if that decision was a mistake or not, but I'd have to agree, I think they may have missed their window of opportunity with this decision.

Does anyone happen to know if v1.5 (Play Store version) scales prperly with DPI? I've used a previous version and with my custom ROM set to 182 LCD Density Swype is unusable. What I mean is that the keyboard height is very low to the point where the keys are not able to be hit accurately. The Android keyboard scales properly, and SwiftKet offers 3 sizes which help. However the last Swype version I used didn't have anything like this.

Fixes my biggest gripe with the last beta - specifically, that the period changes to a comma when you move over to the first number/symbol page. Always hurt when I was trying to type something into my banking app!

Also an interesting choice to move the keyboard style to something very similar to the default android keyboard...perhaps a sign of integration to come? It's going to take some getting used to for me...

That was my number one complaint. And the aosp style keyboard is just a skin that can be customized in swype's settings. The skin you remember is now called "Classic" and the skin that comes applied by default is called "Holo"

I just wish they would allow us to customize the swipe trail. Orange is kind of a remnant of the pre-ICS days if you ask me. I'd prefer the holo blue color to match the rest of the AOSP theme.

Is this version much different than the latest Swype Beta? Does anyone know if it is worth uninstalling the Beta and purchasing this?

Yes. I just did. It's a lot more refined and cleaned up. Overall functionality still the same, with the addition of an Add-ons menu, which just says to check back later.

This ^. I have tried many different keyboards but I always end up going back to Swype (especially on my phones).

I second this comment. I purchased this keyboard even though I have the beta because of two reasons. One they deserve some money for this product and two because I am sure the release version will have more features.

I have been happily using swype for 3 years. I will be purchasing this later today. Love this keyboard. IMO much better than swiftkey for trace typing.

I have it preinstalled on my GSII, but I'm gonna go ahead and buy it. I like it, and I don't mind supporting these guys.

I really really wanted a Swype app a few years ago. I switch roms and phones enough that I really wanted a single method of data entry. I hated trying to relearn where everything was and eventually went to Swiftkey. It was a welcome addition when they added the "flow" feature. I think I'm good with them.

I'm still happy Swype unshackled itself from the OEMs and Carriers. I hope this proves a viable strategy for them.


I have both SwiftKey and Swype and I can tell you in my opinion Swype is far superior. I feel like I have to correct far more words in SwiftKey and since I frequently reload ROM's on my phone the prediction of SwiftKey doesn't do well for me. The ease of punctuation is just great in Swype. Plus the festures are fantastic!

For my use, I found the JB stock KB worked better than SwiftKey. I'll give Swype a try for a buck.

Will be trying the Minuum too. Is there such a thing as too many choices? Our iFriends don't have to deal with this. ;)

Finally!! If you hold the delete button, it will delete words one at a time but then it will start to quickly delete. You can erase a huge section in seconds.

I tried several other keyboards and always came back to Swype. It has always been the most accurate.

So wait.. The free app I've been using for years is now a paid app?

Does this mean the end if the free app?

I've no issues with 99c for what is the best keyboard, I'd just like to know which direction Swype is heading.

You can still be in the beta program which is what you have been doing for years if you were downloading it. You just have to deal with bugs and feature changes that may not be popular or end up in the final builds.

Until now Swype's customers were carriers or phone manufacturer's, not us. Swype made money by selling their product to them. They wouldn't survive without a source of income and we obviously weren't paying. We were the carrier's and phone manufacturer's customers. We were beta testers only for Swype. Now, we can be Swype's customers which is what happens when you buy it off the play store.

I've used Swype since it first appeared and have loved it. I think they defiantly deserve my $0.99 so I went ahead and bought it. One of the things I'm most happy to see is that when I switch over to the screen with numbers I still have the period! This has been the biggest annoyance I've had with the keyboard and now it's solved.

So do I need to uninstall the beta first, or just install this over it? Will it save my dictionary of words/names? I've enjoyed Swype for years, and have no problem giving them my 99 cents worth.

I stopped using Swype Beta when they required internet access permission. That was way to risky for a keyboard app. Since then JB keyboard has Swipe and so does Swiftkey (which also has the nice continuous through space swipe feature).

The thing that would bring me back or push me to another keyboard is a macro feature. For instance swipe up from the Swype key to the letter 'a' to insert your e-mail address or web address, or home address etc.

I used Swype for years but I switched to Swiftkey when they added flow. The only gripe I have about Swiftkey is that when you put in a ; or : the keyboard ads a space between the last word and the colon or semicolon. They did this to accommodate making smileys.

With that out of the way, I use Swiftkey and dumped Swype. I got tired of things breaking in the beta's.

I read all of these posts, and read the description on the Play Store. My question, is the Swype version on the Play Store ANY different than the stock version on the S3 with 4.1.1?
My big problem with Swype is its failure to auto space when making comments online! I use SwiftKey for this and Swype for general texting.

1. Is it correct to assume that paid-Swype is different from beta-Swype as well as the stock Swype that came with the Note 2?

2. Both Swiftkey as well as Swype could take a page out of the TouchPal book and include a quick-flick for numbers and punctuation. It drives me nuts to have to long-press.

I lost Swype beta when I had to restrat my GSII. Found it on Google Play and paid 99 cents for it. While setting it up it demanded that I allow it to collect personal data and credit card numbers. Thought I might have done something wrong so I downloaded it again for another 99 cents. Same thing. Am I the only one who is getting this and is bothered by it?