The European Commission has announced that charges to roam within Europe will fall by as much as 50 percent this summer. The EC is imposing yet another limit on mobile operators, further reducing the caps from July 1 to pave the way for removing roaming charges altogether by 2016. Currently, calls within the EU are capped at 24 euro cents per minute but will fall to 19 cents per minute. More importantly (particularly in 2014 and beyond), the fee for using data abroad is falling too.

For data, from July 1 consumers will be charged a maximum of 20 euro cents per MB, down from 45 cents per MB (this is all before tax). That's a considerable drop, but these figures still aren't enough when it comes to European roaming. The EC desires to demolish roaming charges altogether for EU citizens while travelling through the continent, which would be warmly welcomed by holiday makers who travel to different parts of Europe only to be met by costly phone bills when returning home.

EU Roaming Caps

As well as reduced costs to use your contract abroad, mobile operators will also be able to offer decoupled services, enabling customers to utilize local network for data, but existing packages for calls and SMS. The EC aims to completely banish roaming chargers within Europe by the start of 2016.

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This summer European roaming charges will be cut in half


How awful! I bet if they stopped regulating this industry it would be even better for the consumers! Why can't they embrace true capitalism?

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Did I detect a hint of sarcasm in your comment ?? : )
I guess they wouldn't have introduced legislation if "true capitalism" were working : )

It wasn't regulated until a few years ago.. prices for data was in the range of 8 to 10 euros/per Mb.. so yes capitalism works great.. just look at the cheap plans and great service you get in the US..

Pretty sure he's being sarcastic. Now everyone please sit down and go have some tea. While trying not to feed into Internet sarcasm especially if you don't understand it.


Two bags of big league chew. A mitt. A baseball. A phone with over 400 ppi. Only one of these things don't matter.

In case he's serious, I sure hope he is being sarcastic: try domestic roaming in Canada, and remember, THIS IS DOMESTIC (for WIND/Mobilicity customers, charged by the Big 3): 25 cents per minute, 10 cents per text (1 page = 1 text), $1/MB.

Roaming in the States with the Big 3 as a Canadian is $1.50/minute, 60 cents per incoming/outgoing messages (this is absolutely ludicrous), and $5/MB.

That's what happens when you don't regulate the industry, telecoms can milk the consumers without justifications.

You guys are funny. Think the carriers will take this. They will just raise the prices elsewhere to make up for it.

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It encourages people to use their phones more, which they can still get that money back. I know so many people who hold back on their phones when roaming is involved. I know I do whether if it's domestic or international roaming.

I travel a lot over the summer, all over Europe (from Ireland). Not having to change SIM cards/notify people of new numbers etc. all the time would be a great bonus.

With 3Mobile UK, they have already started eradicating roaming charges from several countries including the USA, Australia, Italy and Irish Republic with more to come, at no extra cost.

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Finnish operators wen't ahead and offered packets of 50mb for 2,99€. I cannot believe that only three years ago it was 3€ for mb!.