Strategy & Tactics: WWIITiny Token EmpiresRecognized Top Developer on Google Play HeroCraft Ltd has put up two of its great games on sale today to celebrate the Fourth of July Holiday. From today until July 5th, both Strategy & Tactics: WWII and Tiny Token Empires are cut down to just $0.99 each from $4.99 and $2.99, respectively. Strategy & Tactics is a more serious game focused on replaying the actions of World War II between the different world powers with turn-based gameplay. Tiny Token Empires on the other hand is a more light-hearted game that mixes strategy with brain teaser puzzle games set in the Roman times.

Both games have already seen their discounts go live in the Play Store at the links above, so go take advantage of these great deals on top-rated games while you can.


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Strategy & Tactics: WWII and Tiny Token Empires just $0.99 each for July 4th


Yeah just saw that. Would have bought them too, can't go wring for 99¢.

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The WWII one is compatible with the HTC One now, apparently. At least it's showing up that way on the Play web interface. Now I just have to decide whether to risk the vast sum of 99¢ on a game with so many complaints about crashing....

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