Stitcher Radio

Automatic downloads of your favorite playlists to have available at any time

Building off of its redesign earlier in this year, Stitcher Radio has added a big piece of functionality — offline listening of your playlists. You can now set any of your playlists to be updated in the background and downloaded automatically for offline listening, meaning you can always have your content available without hitting your data cap. Just as you would hope, downloads by default are only done over Wifi but can be allowed over mobile data if you need that podcast in a pinch.

With the update to version 3.1 Stitcher has also introduced a new slide-in navigation drawer, making it simple to access the Front Page, browse for new shows or access your stations at any time. Stitcher is still a fantastically smooth and well-designed app, and we're happy to see more simple touches of functionality being added in. You can grab an update or download of the latest version from the Play Store link above


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Stitcher Radio adds offline playback, new navigation drawer


Personally my favorite way to listen to the AC podcast since they playback perfectly even on T-Mobile 2G. Great to see them going HOLOYOLO even if it is baby steps.

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