LG Optimus S

Sprint's latest Android device, the LG Optimus S, now has its own custom ROM from our very own forum moderators KSmithInNy and Beezy.  You might be familiar with their excellent work on the Evo 4G, and anyone who might have grabbed one of these snappy little phones should get to know them soon.

The ROM is a well optimized Froyo build based on the latest official version from LG, and has that dreaded carrier bloatware stripped out.  Not only did you pick up a solid little device for a great price, now you can run the pure Android experience on it.  Be sure to hit the Optimus S forums for everything you need to get rooted and run custom ROMS on your new Optimus S phone. [Android Central Forums] Thanks KSmithInNY and Beezy!


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Sprint's LG Optimus S gets the custom ROM treatment [From the forums]


Is there any way to get that "home screen tip" widget on the Evo? Im digging the look of that and it would go great with my theme? : )any help is appreciated.

Download an AOSP rom and take the ProTips.apk (or whatever its called) out of /system/app. Install that to your Evo. Don't take it from CM6 though, because that one is cyan colored and customized.

I do get a chuckle out of the Cyanogen tip widget, though. They put a few jokes in the tips. One was an xkcd reference, and other... well...
"iPhone4: You're holding it wrong. Always."

YOu guys are sick. I love you. I just bought this phone last week because I couldn't wait any longer for Android 2.2..

Wow, nice work! surprised to see that especially since some of the less popular Android phones have missed getting custom ROMs like the Devour. Kudos.