Phil and Dieter got to sit about 10 feet away from Sprint CEO Dan Hesse and others as they made the announcements surrounding the Sprint HTC EVO 3D and EVO View 4G, but the rest of us at home had to tune in via the live blog. Now that CTIA 2011 is said and done, Sprint has uploaded the video from the event to YouTube for our viewing pleasure. If you're like me and enjoy watching the events you can jump on past the break to catch them all. Once you're done, jump on into the forums and discuss. [Android Central Forums]

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Watch Sprint announce the EVO 3D and EVO View 4G at CTIA


Dan, Dan, Dan....

You can really see how he's relying on that teleprompter, hahaha.

New age media.

I guess, it'd be a lot of stuff to remember off the top for one guy. I CANT wait to get my Evo 3D!

Dan - you will never be Steve Jobs and Sprint will never be 'cool' and 'edgy'...quit trying. You look better in a suit, and I don't think Sprint can afford to look too relaxed right now.

therefore, Sprint will stay there forever... also therefore Sprint is incapable of being "cool" or "edgy" because they are third... clearly

being Steve Jobs is all that matters in life... everyone wants to wear the same clothes every single day... everyone wants to the most self-indulgent, conceded individual on the planet

I really don't care about Dan trying to be "cool" and "edgy" He could come looking like a bum....I could give a shit! As long as Sprint can provide and awesome phone like the EVO (and now the EVO 3D) thats all I care about. The 3D part of the phone I could care less, but the rest of the specs are AWESOME! I won a Mac, I love apple but I just cannot stand the iphone users and their attitude that the iphone is the best thing since slice bread. I don't want to become one of them and Im pretty happy with the EVO line (upcoming) I'll say this The iphone is an awesome device but I think adroid offers a lot more.