Samsung Galaxy Note 2

A heads up for you folks rocking the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2 — a software update is headed your way. Sprint has posted the changelog for version PAMK4, which brings Android 4.3 Jelly Bean to the device.

In addition, you'll also be getting improvements for HD voice, Samsung KNOX, and compatibility for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

Sprint notes that it'll be a staggered rollout, so you might not get it first thing. (And with the way updates have been going lately, that's not necessarily a bad thing.)

Source: Sprint; More: Sprint Galaxy Note 2 forums


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Sprint's Samsung Galaxy Note 2 getting Android 4.3, Galaxy Gear support


Can't seem to log into forums I keep getting a connection err but if I log out I can get in...any way I have the s4 from us cellular with the 4.3 that they stopped so does anyone know if they get the bugs fixed will there be something sent to us that have the 4.3 to fix it?

I'm new to this site!

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I just got a replacement through best buy insurance. I haven't rooted it again yet. Should I wait in case this breaks the current rooting method?

It has KNOX, it will affect the current rooting method. Most notably, once KNOX is enabled, rooting will permanently trip a "WARRANTY VOID" flag. Also, once it is enabled it is impossible to revert to a prior ROM version. In other words, if the update is borked, you're stuck with it until Sammy tries to fix it, and their track record with updates is less than stellar.

On the S4, CFAutoRoot still works, but of course trips the warranty flag. Generally speaking, no one was able to get any of the root keeper/persistence tricks to work. Also several people reported the 4.3 update to be buggy, slow or unstable. So depending on the software similarities between the S4 and Note 2 updates, you might consider taking the 'hide and watch' approach before updating.

I believe that was the S4 update that had issues and they pulled it, not the Note 3/2.

Different hardware all the way around.

Thanks. I will wait. Will most likely be selling it anyway. Switching to T-Mobile. I'll root it again before the update so it can be worth more.

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This. It's amazing how much extra you can get people on Craigslist to pay for an unlocked/rooted phone, eve for models that are really easy to open up.

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I wonder about Framaroot?.. That's what I did... It was short, simple, effective... But I wouldn't mind rocking 4.3!

Unless you have a Nexus device I would unlock it and root it ASAP and prevent any OTA.

Definitely. Besides, how long before devs come out with a debloated rom running 4.3 with tw? That's the thing to do if you're into it

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Sprint care tweeted me today saying it will be rolled out in waves. I'm assuming it will start rolling out today. I'm waiting for it to be available on KIES.

Very disappointed in Samsung right now, you guys can't get the s3 update right, which was expected 2 WEEKS AGO TODAY ON SPRINT, but have no issues with the note 2 which has the same UI. How long does it take to get these issues resolved? Amateur devs fix this stuff quicker than this

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Very true, but the hardware differences are are typically dealt with in the HAL. Device drivers are in the kernel, and access libs are in the hardware abstraction layer. You can compile the same rom and link to different HAL and kernel. So it's quite possible that Samsung is using a very similar base ROM project across several Galaxy devices if they are all on the same Android version.

But you still have to make sure that everything works together with everything else which means while you have your ui base, and even a hardware base, there are tweaks for all of the.

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S3 update for At&t is rolling out right now. After seeing this post I decided to try on my S3. It's 623 mb. Halfway done so far.

If you make sure it cannot turn on in the event something goes wrong then it will not void any warranty ;) At least that's what I would do if I knew they denied warranty claims due to rooting.

If I ever had to turn my Note 3 in, for a legit reason, I would hard brick it.

It is hard to do unless you do it properly but can be done. Heck even a soft brick might do.

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Just crack the screen. They even let you keep your old phone till you get your new ine now. So BB doesn't bother checking for root.

So the at&t galaxy s3 gets 4.3. What the fuck happened to "suspended"? Samsung is fucking up fast and picking up speed

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This is such crap! I'm happy for sprint users, but come on I've been waiting patiently for this update. I should have known ATT would screw us over!

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Is there any Sprint users out there that have received the update. I haven't seen anyone yet.

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My father in law just got a galaxy s4 on sprint...out of the box it had a 4.3 update reqdy to download. I just baught a tmobile galaxy note 2.....can't wait for mine :-)

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Sitting here in Florida still waiting on this update. I still don't see anyone saying they've received the update except like 2 people in this post. I know it is rolling out over a couple of days but surely someone has it that can talk about it.

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I just updated from the file found on xda and it worked fine. Just place it on the root of your SD card then enter recovery by hitting Vol-Up+Home+Power then load update from SD. Be patient it takes a while to complete.