Sprint Hero

The 2.32.651.2 OTA for the Sprint Hero is still rolling out, and so are some bug reports.  I'm hearing and seeing a bit too many reports of things like serious lag, to the point of a battery pull, or problems with contacts since accepting the OTA than usual.  According to Sprint, the only thing users should see is an updated Sprint Zone, but there are a couple other bug fixes.  Hopefully these are just isolated incidents, as you would think they have the Hero software down pat by now. 

In any case, be warned before you click accept.  Of course if you've rooted your Hero, you have nothing to worry about, because you shouldn't be accepting OTA updates.  Get the update yet?  Share your experience (and help out a fellow Hero user) in the forums.  [via @dwthrman]


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Sprint Hero OTA rolling out, may have issues


I got my OTA update about 36 hours ago and havn't had any issues yet, but mine is running stock Sprint and not rooted or anything.

Sprint is epically bad with fixes that break stuff. Honestly, their entire IT department needs to be fired. This is precisely why the OS security & update needs to be pulled from all carriers. Google needs a desktop client to manage your Android devices.

youd be an idiot to not root the Hero and install CM6 on it. granted there are risks, i just spent the last 2 days fixing a botched bootloader, but im not the normal user! you get crazy awesome battery life, a little overclocking going on to speed up angry birds frame rate (still waiting on AB Lite, Rovio!), and access to chrome to phone, which i use constantly. so all in all, its a great device, made better by the devs at xda :D

CM6 runs super smooth on the Hero, I was actually surprised on how well it handled 2.1. Root and go custom, forget the OTA