Sprint IDSprint announced tonight at its developer conference in Santa Clara, Calif., that its Sprint ID feature -- which debuted on the Samsung Transform -- will spread to a couple more Samsung devices.

The Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab (which you can get Nov. 14) will have it, and the Samsung Epic 4G will get it in a future update, presumably on top of Samsung's Touchwiz interface. Sprint ID basically is a profile switcher -- themes, if you will -- that made their debut at CTIA. [via @sprintdeveloper 1, 2]


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Sprint Galaxy Tab will have Sprint ID; the Epic 4G also will get it


I don't like that's it's on the front screen without the option to get rid of it. It seems like an ok idea for those people that like that kind of thing, but for those that don't.....

STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sprint!!!!! STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think everyone knows you don't have to use it, it's just that it's going to take up space if you don't delete, out use it.

I like it.

Sprint ID = Stock Android w/ a custom Launcher. Root, delete, replace with Launcher Pro or ADW. Now you have a nearly stock Android experience.

Guys sprint id is an option. They are not forcing us to use it. I don't get what the big deal is. And its actually pretty good. I kinda like it.

If it was truly an option, they wouldn't make you select an iD when you activate the phone. Luckily, when it's downloading the iD, you just bring up the notification and cancel the download. No iD baggage added to the phone. Just an irritating waste of a button/tab on the main menu.

Actually sprint makes you download at least one ID before it even allows you to get to the home screen, at least on the Sanyo zio and the Sammy transform. Hopefully it will just be an add on option for the epic

Sprint ID is for people who are new to android and dont know how to personalize thier phones.. I know what I like and dont want this on my phone. I hope its an optional download.

LOL you will be paying a lot more for shitty service you could always root your phone and remove it...

Who cares i dont want another piece of bloat ware on my epic lol I am happy with eb13 and plan on staying here for a while unless Ace rom is updated to the new then i am staying right were i am