Sprint Epic 4G Galaxy S Phone

We saved the best of the Samsung Galaxy S phones for last: the Epic 4G. It's similar to its other Galaxy S cousins, but adds in a horizontally sliding QWERTY keyboard and, yes, WiMAX 4G. The slider did add some thickness - but we're comparing that to the crazy-thing Galaxy phones on the other networks, by its lonesome the Epic 4G doesn't feel all that chunky or heavy. We obviously haven't had a chance to do much with the keyboard, but our first take is we're liking the separation and even the flatness of the keys.

Yeah yeah, talky talky - we make with the pictures after the break!

Update: doesn't really do it justice, but we shot a quick video of the Epic 4G displaying ...video. It's crisp, vibrant, very beautiful. It may not have the pixel density of the iPhone 4, but the color and contrast looks much better to our eyes. It, too, is after the break

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Hands-on with the Sprint Epic 4G


I don't get it. Hmmm...
Anyway, I think this phone looks pretty awesome. I actually like the look the most out of all the devices. It is the most unique and has the most features out of all the Galaxy S series. It is an Epic phone!

all of these Galaxy S variations were expected to come stock with Touch Wiz, but seeing that google search bar is like seeing a glimpse of hope!

Does the keyboard have a backlight? I do like what I have heard about the EVO...but not sure if I can give up a keyboard....I have until August 1st to decide!

I didn't think I could live without a physical keyboard but I got use to the touch screen quickly. I am now using thw SWYPE keyboard on my EVO and love it. I can type so much faster swyping over typing.

Is that an LED notification light to the left of the front facing camera? If so this could be the only Galaxy model to have one.

I would have to agree. The left side has the proximity sensor and the right side has the camera and.... I could only think of a LED notification light. Unless it is a LED flash which I highly doubt.

haterz beware great phone ... AND You DUMP TRUCKS THAT CALL THIS PHONE "big" wow I guess ur girlfriends must all be mad at ur umm BELOW THE WAIST.. For a keyboard phone this is ultra slim.. No bigger than my pre.. Glad I waited folks..NO HDMI OUT hehe but DNLA IN... Look it up people no wires!!! Super amoled easy top 5 phone in national market... Wait till the geeks get to it and the hummingbird..!

haterz beware great phone ... AND You DUMP TRUCKS THAT CALL THIS PHONE "big" wow I guess ur girlfriends must all be mad at ur umm BELOW THE WAIST.. For a keyboard phone this is ultra slim.. No bigger than my pre.. Glad I waited folks..NO HDMI OUT hehe but DNLA IN... Look it up people no wires!!! Super amoled easy top 5 phone in national market... Wait till the geeks get to it and the hummingbird..!

Bad enough you post this drivel once. Twice is just stupid, like the post itself. What are you, 12 years old?

This phone isn't SUPPOSED TO BE a huge phone like the Evo, but it's a good size, more comparable with the iPhone 4 than the Moment or Hero.

But in other news, I'm glad you posted these pictures, because it just sold me on this phone. Screw the evo, I want the Samsung Epic! Glad I have to wait till sept. 1st for my upgrade anyways, or I would have made a poor decision already.

Keep us posted on any news about pricing, yeah?

It's actually closer to the EVO in size than the iPhone. The EVO is actually pretty small considering the screen size. I love my sister's EVO but this phone does look pretty tempting. I have till December though to decide what phone I'll get or perhaps there will be another phone that is better than this or the EVO. I highly doubt it though. Those two phones are on top of the Android world right now.

The 4 inch size is the perfect compromise between physical size and screen size.

3.7 or 3.5 is too small

4.3 is just too big

4.0 is just perfect.

I'm a Pre owner, but with the lack of excitement in webOS land, I'm looking to make the move to team Android. I was going to go w/ the Evo... I even pre-ordered the white one at Best Buy, but this will much more suitable for me. Can't wait! I'm eligible for upgrade 7/1.

@Dieter Bohn...can you use the software keyboard horizontally? I would hate to have to slide that QWERTY out every time I wanted to view/type horizontal. Does it even rotate without opening????

Hmmm.. good question. For someone that doesn't like using the slider that much I would recomend getting the EVO. I'm still torn between getting this phone or the EVO.

I think this will be the first Android Phone to give the I-Phone a good run for it's money. With it being available world wide with almost every wireless carrier, the fact that Samsung makes the I-Phone processor! They seem to be coming out full force on this one.

I actually think this phone will really sway a lot of BlackBerry people with the full keyboard. I know it's got my attention and I have a Curve currently. Glad my upgrade is Aug 1st. I like this over the EVO.

Oooooh! Me likey this phone! I'm a QWERTY keybord JUNKIE. I hate to say that I'm a proud moto droid owner that is jealous of this phone. No plans to jump carriers from Verizon but if this is available for big red in the future, I'm in!

this phone is going to be sick though. Its like a little smaller version of a evo4g, but i am wondering though, whats the price difference?

Not better than the Evo but its cool..I don't need a slide out keyboard wit this nice big keyboard on my 4.3 capacitive touch screen.

But your screen quality sucks. Go for quality not quantity. Plus I bet this phone has better battery life than your EVO AND it performs twice as fast too. (Snapdragon vs Hummingbird)

The Samsung Galaxy S video said something about Galaxys have or come with 16GB memory.... I wonder what Sprint is gonna offer?????

Can anybody that's held a real Epic 4G verify how much memory was in the unit you saw???

I'm in love with this phone. Do the keys feel like the Moments keypad or are they plasticky. Does it feel cheap or a quality product like the Moment.

Great question. I was under the impression that the keyboard was a little different, I hope that it's at least as good as the Moments.

More than likely I will be getting this instead of the Evo, not because of the keyboard, but because my girl already got the Evo. Yeah yeah I know it comes in white as well, but we kinda compete with our phones lol. Although this isn't up to par with Evo it is a great substitute.

I take into consideration all of the pros and cons for both the Evo and Epic. Although what you stated is very true, most people nowadays are hip to being curious about touch screen only. I am not taking away the full qwerty keyboard as a disadvantage, however, Evo marketed itself well with just the feature of having a large screen to do the job. No it does not have a long battery life, screen, nor processor compared to the Epic. It simply stands at the beginning of a new generation for 4G phones. That's all. I enjoy both of their features, being that I am a young adult college student lol.

The Epic theoretically has a better quality screen in both material and color depth, it also has a better processor in that it comes coupled with a more efficient dedicated GPU, both of which "should" ensure better battery life out of box.

i know its a little thing but i like how the USB port slides as opposed to having to pull it out. i generally just rip them off as i charge my phone several times a day and its difficult to get them off sometimes. cool phone though for the most part. love the qwerty, have been trying to get used to the EVOs keyboard but i am having no luck with it at all. did wish it had an HDMI out though, i actually use that quite a bit, a lot more then i thought i would. im sure there will be another solution.

and i dont know what you all are really talking about when you say its not as good as the EVO. its about the same from what i have seen minus the camera size and HDMI out., what and the screen size is a 1/4 smaller? that is all i have seen that is different in reality. the power is the same and better really with that processor, the qwerty is incredible, battery life should be a bit better since the screen is smaller, and if 1/4 makes a big difference to you so you can see it better....get a tablet.

Regarding the USB port cover... I guess I'll never be able to cut my fingernails too short.
Hopefully, it's not that hard to slide open

it looked like there was a little tab thing that sticks up for you to access it easily. most likely i will end up leaving mine open the whole time, but its still a nice option

i just really hope the battery life is good.

You can stream your movies over DLNA.

EPIC 4G will get better battery life due to hummingbird processor and Super AMOLED screen.

Do you guys know if Samsung will be selling any Galaxy S version unlocked? It would be nice if it were possible to buy one hardware like this to use here down in Brazil. :)

Search google, they have sites that sell it unlocked. However, its the Galaxy S world edition, not the US specific carrier versions.

So the mini usb/charging port is on the top of the phone?
That thing will rip through any kind of car charger with the cord wrapped to the top or if in a cradle sideways...same thing.
That from experience using the side charging of the Instinct in a cradle for GPS.

Looks great other than that.
Not sure why they cant just figure out to put the thing on the bottom...

You can always reorient the screen.

Plus I'm sure Samsung will be launching a cradle/dock to support its car nav functions.

Reorient to make it completely upside down?
And what kind of cradle will allow for the top mini-usb.
Just seems a very odd placement.
Ordered my EVO today anyway.

There is a promo video of the Galaxy S that shows a car and home dock with a horizontal orientation, effectively putting the port connectors on the side, not the top or bottom, the screen would obviously rotate accordingly. The video was showing the keyboard-less T-Moble version of the Galaxy S. However I am noticing that the T-Mobile version has the ports positioned slightly differently, like the Epic they are on the top, but in a different position. And most importantly it does not have the slide over the Micro-USB port. My guess is that Samsung won't be making a special cradle for the Epic variant and Sprint folks will be forced to jerry-rig their own docking solution.

I'm excited for this to come out!! I'm due for an upgrade already and was gonna go for the EVO until I heard about the Epic. I just hope it comes out soonish cause I don't know how long I can last without upgrading.....lol

All the 4 of the galaxy s class phones should come out by late july early august.

first out is the T-mobile in mid july.

I was curious about the size of the Epic in relation to the iPhone and Palm Pre, so I created a comparison of the three, given their dimensions.

Oddly, the Epic is actually a hair thinner than the Palm Pre, which makes me pretty happy, as that was my primary concern.


Over the last two weeks I've gone in to several Sprint stores to talk to them about upgrading my account for the EVO or the Epic 4G. None of the first 3 places I went to would even give a clue as to when the Epic was coming out. Finally the guy I spoke to today said his district sales manager told them they'd be receiving their stock of Epics next week in preparation for the phone to be released the last week of July. Or the first week of August at the latest. he also said the screen on the Epic was better than the EVO's screen. So I'm excited, and also hope he wasn't blowing smoke up my @$$.

YES!!! Thank you "briaking" was going crazy trying to figgure out when they were releasing the Epic 4G. I have Samsung Moment love it! Was thinking about changing to the EVO for the video calling and 4g. But really hate the size of the phone and Sprint doesn't have 4g in NY till September. Glad i waited love the slide out keyboard " so not 2008" its for people who hate touchscreen keyboards, or like me get tired of them. Its not like we dont have a choice to use one if we get the phone. So Excited! I got my family hooked on Android! :)

im tired of a physical keyboard.. i am a former palm pre user.. if they had the vibrant for sprint.. i would DEFINATELY get that shit over either the EVO and the EPIC..

i will like to know if the GPS on the epic is fix, because if it is like vibrant and the captivate the we are in trouble...