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For pretty much a year now, Sprint customers have been able to make use of carrier billing for app purchases on the Google Play Store but now, Sprint in cooperation with Google have gone ahead and taken it one step further. We knew it was coming but starting today, Sprint customers in the US can now use carrier billing for all their Google Play Store purchases including apps, music, books and movies. Anyone on Sprint going to be making use of this now that it is finally live? I've always been curious how many people make use of carrier billing.

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PastorDroid says:

How many people just read the world "Sprint" and had a very fleeting moment of exhilaration with thoughts of EvoLte?

dtreo says:

Huh! What's this...?!?! Could it be?! ...ohh, meh.

Probably every one of us with preorders screamed with glee and then again with frustration.

bigtank says:

dont mock my pain, sir

Only real advantage I can see of this is it would make writing off google play purchases easier if you write off your cell phone bill for work related reasons like I do.

It would just roll up as one monthly bill number and write it all off completely, if you were able to write off your bill in the first place.

dtreo says:

"Aww... It's a writeoff, Jerry! All these big companies do it."
"Do you even know what a writeoff is?"
"No, do you?"

simon.ponder says:

I wonder if they would like it if I used carrier billing to purchase an unlocked Galaxy Nexus from the Google Play Store and then activate it on T-Mo or AT&T?

To bad the Google Play Store isn't selling the CDMA Galaxy Nexus, well you get the point.

carrier billing only works through the android app and the app only lets you buy music, movies, books, apps, games. You can't even use carrier billing for apps on the website

r1fo says:

I use it all the time - makes it easy to keep track of the purchases and appropriately rolls up the cell phone expense on my Quicken

soonerfreak says:

I hope with Sprint and Google getting along so well that the Sprint will not have to wait on the next round of nexus devices.

dubdrop says:

Simple easy and CC free. good stuff.

I wish I could use in account billing to purchase a phone :(

Sprint ended that a little while ago. Now I have to use money upfront...oh the hardship...

jeffreytz says:

eh, I'd rather use one of my cards tied to my Google account and get the miles (well, mile in most cases, since I mostly only buy apps). Plus I know if I dispute a charge with my credit card company how they will handle it - god only knows what Sprint would do at this stage (speaking as someone who paid off-contract for a phone that apparently isn't even in a Sprint warehouse yet ...).

I've had this option on my T-Mo account for a while now and actually get pissed when I don't notice that Play has defaulted to carrier billing instead of my CC.

Another perfect reason to leave Verizon. I use to take advantage of this when i was on Sprint. My Verizon Galaxy Nexus SUCKS compared to Sprint Gnex and Gsm Gnex. Please Google buy Sprint or Tmobile before November.

Uhhh...this isn't new. I have been able to charge my play store purchases to my Sprint account for about 6 months now.

ratsttam says:

Yes you are correct. You were able to get Apps for about 6 months with it, and NOW you can get books, music, movies too. Not just for Apps anymore ;)

mrich70 says:

I'm so happy I could cry right now.

aledelcastle says:

"Sprint customers in the US" isn't that redundant? Since when has Sprint gone international?

If you are on Sprint, you can only be a US customer!

Bla1ze says:

No, not really cause if I was a Sprint customer who happened to be roaming somewhere outside of the US you would find that the services are in fact, disabled. Next time, think a little outside of the box. :)

killakel77 says:

Yes it is

DWR_31 says:

My Evo 3D thanks you.

My Eee Pad Transformer (Wifi) crys.

vipercarvett says:

i would but my htc evo 4g lte aint here yet !!!!

taronba25 says:

Going there now.

DrDoppio says:

Awesome, I've been waiting for this to come to T-Mobile for years, good job Sprint! I hope the carrier gets a small cut so that they'd have the incentive to keep this service.

mtfultz says:

T-mobile has had this for years...I don't remember how long, but I know I used it on my mytouch and I haven't used that in almost 3yrs. If your bill it's late or you are not a contract customer, and are monthly/ prepaid, I think they suspend the feature however

DrDoppio says:

I am using a prepaid card, maybe that's why I couldn't get it... You'd think it should be easier when you've paid upfront...

killakel77 says:

This is a double edge sword, I could either let these app nickel and dime me on my debit card or tally up a bill that could fluctuate month by month. Hmmm?

killakel77 says:

I got the classic evo 4g, through sprint obviously, and a wifi only sony tablet s. Now if I purchase apps or whatever on my phone and pay for it with my bill will the same app sync with my tablet?

jean15paul says:

Carrier billing > credit card billing

flash4yish says:

Will it let you purchase an Unlocked Galaxy Nexus for $399 ??? Anyone try?