Sprint's YouTube channel just uploaded a comparison video of the only 4G phones on the cell phone market today: Samsung's Epic 4G and HTC's Evo 4G. Sprint employee Heather walks us through a few features of the phones, mostly showcasing the Epic's 4-inch Super AMOLED display, QWERTY keyboard, and reminds us via the small print that "the Samsung media hub will be available post-launch." The clip also shows off the Epic's ability to connect wirelessly to your DLNA certified TV. Poor Evo ... he can only do HDMI out. Sprint's epic video -- pun intended -- is available after the break.



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Sprint compares Samsung's Epic 4G with HTC's Evo 4G in new video


That's exactly what I thought. What the hell Sprint I thought I read that the EVO brought you your first profit quarter in awhile and you do that lol. All I have to say is that the Epic is one bad ass device I sure wish my Captivate had that build.

I don't understand how you see it that way. They praise both phones together numerous times. They only point out that it has media streaming instead of HDMI, AMOLED screen, and slide-out keyboard. I see all of those items as different without necessarily being better. HDMI is more widely available than streaming, AMOLED can be worse in sunlight, and keyboard makes the device thicker and heavier.

No it is clear tilted toward Epic, probably based on internal numbers as to expected available inventory supply over the next month or two, plus to level Epic with the extant name recognition of the EVO.

And you are wrong about the screen. Epic isn't just Amoled, it one generation past: Super Amoled. One of SAmoled advances is that it as good as TFT in bright sunlight and is better six ways from Sunday the Evos TFT screen, including better colors. SAMOLED's significantly lower power consumption with combined with the more efficient CPU is going to give EPIC significant better battery life, which is one of the main issue with EVO and which is in fact also mentioned in the contrast promo.

I am not slamming Evo, I intend to get whichever is in stock in a a few weeks when my contract rolls to my new plan.

I think my EVO just got kicked in the junk.

Why would Sprint trash talk their own phone? Should have done an Epic vs Droid 2 or Droid X video instead.

samsung's galaxy phones are definitely sweet, but HTC would be out-doing if they released the EVO months after the galaxy debut.

HTC is where it's at.

Hey the Epic is a newer phone. It's to be expected that it's gonna be a bit better, but I'm very happy with my EVO and I think the EVO is an excellent phone. I don't have one of those new wireless tv's and even if I bought the Epic I wouldnt upgrade my TV just for wireless transfer. It's a cool add on but not to make me switch from EVO to Epic. With the EVO's HDMI, nice add on but I have not used it once and I may never use it. AMOLED is fine and all but the EVO's Screen is just fine. ANYTHING you buy, something better will ALWAYS come out. Just watch when you buy the EPIC, something better is gonna come out. I'm good with my EVO at least for a good year. Besides I'm not too fond of SAMSUNG after the shitty Instinct. I LOVE HTC!! The Epic is a nice phone and I like the keyboard, but Im VERY happy with my EVO!

I wouldn't call the Epic new. The galazy S has been out long before Evo. WHat I don't like about Evo is the fact that they used that big ugly 16bit screen and the gaming performance is weak.

You don't need a new TV to stream. An Xbox, PC, PS3, or any HTPC will do. I have an Xbox for streaming media so this is perfect.

Sure they are, if they could only get some screens in stock they could start rolling out Evos and Inredibles. I've been waiting for 4 weeks for a new Evo due to screen issues and my local store is done getting any in till next week. I wonder if they will let me swap for the Epic..

The Incredible is using an Amoled screen while the EVO is using a 16bit 65K color tft screen. A screen like that is dated and came with windows mobile phones 6 years ago.

And samsung will just be siting by and have nothing new by Christmas either?? I like HTC, my last three handsets are HTC made (Treo Pro, Touch Pro, TP2) but I also have had some for the time killer samsungs (i300 and i330)

Awesome phone :) I am just happy that the Android market is taking over! I still love my EVO and find no need for any of the new Epic features. Kickstand is the best feature on any phone muahuahahahah

Yah, I don't even have to hold my phone to use Qik, or devise some rigged up stand to prop my phone on. The kickstand is where it's at, great for playing games with WiiMotes I must add also!

Yea man, everyone just loves the kickstand when I pop it out lol. I don't game with my phone and I sure as hell don't like that Slideout Keyboard. However, the Galaxy series sure has that hardware packed into it for your gaming needs/rooting so by all means :) ANDROID YOURSELF UP!

Not downing the kickstand or the EVO for that matter but is the kickstand really for your everyday need or to have other people wowed by it when they first see it. After I thought about it its a MOBILE device not a stationary device. Would I really use the kickstand at home to watch tv at home or would I use one of my t.v.. Would I pop the kickstand out and use it to V.C. well I am considered by my friends/family to be a tecnnology junkie (and most of evo user..NOT ALL.. claim this too) and if this is the case u should have a video phone in your house (I have had one for 3 years) or at least Skype. So if i'm not on the go why would I use my cell phone w/kickstand to V.C. over a regular videophone or skype unless I wanted to hunch down over a desk/table while I talk to you. Now for movie watching, the same logic goes for this as it did for t.v. watching. Why would I choose this over tv @ home. Well what about when you go out in public? you might ask. Guess what! your not going to the DMV ,The Barbershop, your kids play, Macy's with your wife/girlfriend while she shops, PTA meeting, or in a courtroom to dispute a traffic ticket and pull up a table to set ya EVO kickstand up to watch a movie.(YA gonna hold it)Now once again dont get me wrong the kickstand is a good feature/option and your gonna use it from time to time. But its not a reason for me not to consider another phone. Now a mototrcycle without a kickstand is unacceptable..lol.. I LOVE YOU EVO 4G."Some people live in the moment and not the reality"

I use the kickstand every day at least once, and often more than that. I catch up on my DVR via the Sling Mobile app while on my lunch break at work. I find it a very useful feature.

I can do all that with my Nexus one with some downloads. Nexus One is still the best device made today. I want the Nexus two.

As someone looking to buy an EVO I say bring on the Epic. I hope it will drastically shorten the lists I'm currently on.

Epic looks awesome although I wish they had an option without a slideout keyboard,oh well. I like Evo's design better but by what I read, Epic makes Evo look like yesterdays product when it comes to speed/GPU.

I've played with a Galaxy S and I own an Evo and both phones are great but HTC's Sense is far more polished and I found useful than Samsung's. Sammy's hardware is impressive but for us regular folks who don't know how or care to root and just want to use the stock phone out of the box I prefer Sense over Sammy's UI. Sense is more useful, intuitive and looks better. IMHO.

I bet this would be great for psx4droid. Most games are choppy with sound on my Evo. I'll have to try it out when it comes out. I really hope I don't like it so I won't have to spend more money. haha.

She says the Epic is the best out of the galaxy s phones in regards to media because it has the Media Hub AND an Asphalt 5 Demo?

All galaxy phones have both of those, though the Asphalt 5 demo isn't preloaded. It's a fun game for about 90 seconds. How is it for media enthusiasts?

those super amoled screens ae just beautiful and the top of the market GPU/4g combination should make it very nice for local and streamed media.

Nice phone but I'm just SO HAPPY WITH MY EVO....is gonna b hard for me to get another phone, the evos set the standards high

The fact that they mentioned the Evo in an ad for the Epic tells you something. Obviously still a top of the line sought after device. Just be glad you are getting some really great choices and hopefully more in the future.

SAMOLED is freaking amazing! I sit outside at work on my coffee break in the sun and the screen is always bright and clear. Auto brightness work very well, just don't shadow the light sensor or it will go dark and in the sun you won't see shit.

My only complaint of th GSV is the glossy battery cover, feels like it's going to slide out of my hand. If it does I'll cry, then go to Bell store to get another one. :)

Wow, could she look and sound any LESS like she knows what she's saying? I get it, this is your big break, maybe somebody will see this and cast you as the rape victim on an episode of "SVU". Ugh. She's awful.

And? she is not a reviewer, but a presenter working on a script. I have seen reviewers, men and women who know nothing as well when it is their job to know.

I waited and waited for Sprint's Samsung Moment to get the 2.1 upgrade before I switched to Android from my dinosaur of a Palm Treo 755p. Now I've finally had my Samsung Moment for a few months now and, IT IS THE WORST PHONE I'VE EVER OWNED. I'll personally NEVER buy another Samsung. I'm trying to get out of my Sprint contract, (but I have 3 lines on it) to get away from this piece of crap. If I didn't give my wife my Treo, I'd hook that back up for sure over this junk. Heck, I may try to dig up my first Motorola StarTAC. It was better than this. Sprint, I'm okay with... Sprint Samsung Moment with Android...again...WORST PHONE EVER. I hate to be blunt, but if you buy a Samsung, you're an idiot.

Samsung doesn't have any more complaints for problems than HTC, MOTO, or certainly not Palm (which has been very shoddy for years) or Apple.

Your are the idiot since we are all sure you will be saying the same thing in a year if you buy and HTC, Palm or Moto. You will be saying they are junk

The USB-to-HDMI cable available for the Galaxy S phones removes at least one of the advantages of the EVO (unless it doesn't provide HD video..this needs to be established)

I still need to hold both phones to see the difference in thickness.
According to the phone specs on the Sprint page, the Epic is lighter than the EVO.

She might as well had said Here's the Evo" and smashed it against a wall. The Evo does have better cameras on the front and back and has a dual flash, to boot. Also has a Kickstand :P

I'll admit that i am an Evo owner and I will admit that My Evo is looking dated compared to this newer nice and shiny device. But, I am quite happy with my Evo and it will be in the game for a long time coming.

Unfortunately, the EVO does not have a better camera on the back. Although it is an "8MP", it has an inferior sensor (what really matters). I'm not bashing the EVO by any means, just clearing up that fact. The Epic also takes much better HD video.

Only an idiot would have opted for a Droid X over the EVO... but to choose a DROID 2 over the Epic 4G... you would need to be Shortbus Special!

I love my EVO! The Epic is going to make me do something I said I would never do; carry two phones!! Dam Sprint! Plus from what I hear, there will be another phone from HTC called the Sabor that will run a dual core processor some time in late September or early October for Sprint.

I dunno... the EVO still looked better to me. I'm just not a fan of sliders anymore. The EPIC's keyboard seems too big and say what you will, it adds girth to the device. The EVO has a sleek, "tablety" look to it.

If we can get the HDMI port to display the screen and hook up a keyboard and mouse via bluetooth, the EVO will be a powerhouse device (even more so than it is already).

Not much to worry about. I have a Samsung moment in the house and it sucks. Sense is worth everything here, oh and ya I have a upnp wireless server installed on my EVO that lets me stream wirelessly to my tv as well, so take that Epic.

I'm an EVO owner and I have owned a moment and used other Galaxy S models. Those that say the EVO got passed up have not looked at specs. The EVO is still the top overall phone. Epic plus points - SAMOLED screen, and DLNA (if you have DLNA equipment). EVO has a 8mp cam verses the Epic's 5mp. Samsung phones do not come with sync software and HTC sense is just a great User Interface. The Samsung loses points with UI experience.

So if you are looking for a stock phone and have no concerns about rooting the Epic will do you well. If you are a cell phone guru enthusiast you will be much better off with the EVO. Both phones are very nice it just depends on what level of customization you want.

The EVO is still a power house and the Epic is very strong but just not for the advanced user.