Sprint Force

Four-inch Android smartphone shouldn't wow anybody, but at least it's cheap

Sprint this morning announced the Sprint Force, a 4-inch low-end smartphone of dubious origin. The Force is running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and is powered by a 1.5-GHz dual-core processor. The display is a mere 480x800 is resolution. It's got a 5-megapixel camera on the back with flash, and a 1MP shooter out front. It'll serve as an LTE hotspot for up to eight devices and features Sprint ID.

The Sprint Force is available for $49.99 on a two-year contract, after $50 rebate.


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Sprint aims for the low end with the Sprint Force


I don't understand why companies put money into the development of low end devices. The gs2 is a better phone than this and in a few months you will be able to get the gs3 for next to nothing. If you want a cheap phone just buy last year's flagship. It's almost certainly gonna be better then these low cost solutions

$50 without contract would be a nice pricepoint.

As it stands, this phone's price is better for Sprint than for the customer... Sprint can give it away practically for free (small subsidy for them), and make 4 digit$ back on the multi-year contract.

Really, I had the optiS for over a year. While I can agree it looks to fill the void of low end smart phones like the optiS did, it looks nothing like it! Looks more like the unfortunate offspring of the nexus s 4g and galaxy nexus to me LOL (that was of course kidnapped at birth and raised by sprint)

penny wise, pound foolish.

why buy expensive champagne to only then skimp and drink it through a small tiny dirty shot glass?

One nice thing I remember about Sprint ID is that you can make it look like stock Android or very close. I wish they offered that on their flagship phones rather than the typical touchwiz/Sense.

I wonder what brand this is, lol? And depending on processor type it will probably be pretty fast, especially at that resolution. Actually it will probably be faster than the HTC One X, it even has a gig of ram. Looks like a decent offering if you don't want a large screened phone. There aren't a lot of options if you want something smaller than 4.7" anymore but still want it to be fast. Although this is almost a half inch thick and it isn't even a slider...

"powered by a 1.5-GHz dual-core processor"

pfft that's my Tmo GS2, runs plenty fine too. You people and octa-quadra-bipoloar core phones....

It's also more than my Galaxy Nexus which has a 1.2 GHz dual-core and it runs just fine.
All this octa-quad-monster-core thing a getting quite silly.

Their plan is to keep releasing phones like this, then eventually people will think their device is the reason why they get such slow data speeds.

It's the CDMA version of the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze. Very solid phone.

It has an Amoled display, but the resolution is not up with the big dogs, so that's what gets it branded "low end". That and the fact that Samsung has said it won't upgrade the software beyond ICS. However, you can root the GSM version and Jelly Bean runs really smooth on it because of the strength of the dual core processor. The memory can be expanded quite a bit via sd card.

To not promulgate confusion among the confused (misinformed)
Storage (SD Card) not Memory (RAM)

I just took a quick glance and the GS3 is 99 on Sprint right now, and the GNex is free. This is a no brainer.

Oh and the Optimus G is 49. Seriously, that is a hero phone for the same price. Although, it's rebate is $100, so you'd pay 50% more up front.

Where are you getting these prices from? Certainly not from the Sprint site because you're definitely off in those numbers.

New customers (or new lines on an existing account) do get better breaks. I get the same prices as you if I go to add a new line to my existing family plan.

Looking at the upgrade prices (wife is eligible, but likes her Evo 4G too much to upgrade at this point) the GS3 is $199.99 and the Optimus G is $99.99 (the GNex is still $0, however).

It's $50.00 now but I'm guessing this will be one of those 99 cent or free phones in a couple of months.

Once the GS4 is unveiled the 3 will be $50.00 on contract.

This is EXACTLY the type of bullish*t that the manufacturers are doing with phones. There is NO technical reason why this phone couldn't have a qHD or better screen and 8mp shooter on the back.


/rage off