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No matter how hard I try, I can't find a way to use three Nexus 4 phones. Maybe a radioactive spider will bite me one day and it will be possible, but for now I have one Nexus 4 too many. That means this little fellow has to find a new home.

Ideally, we're looking for someone who will love him forever and feed him every day (he likes Apples). If this sounds like you, apply by leaving a comment below. At midnight Pacific, I'll kill the comments and pick a winner. Good luck, and #HOLOYOLO.


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Spring cleaning: Win an LG Nexus 4


I really want a new nexus 4! I never had a nexus phone and this would be an amazing upgrade in my android journey~!!!!! (crossing fingers)

Your nexus 4 likes apples eh? Well, you can trust me to take care of its needs, I got a whole orchard in my garden! Granny Smith's, Pink Lady, Golden Delicious, you name 'em, we got 'em!!

Cheers JH & Android Central;)

I do love my GSM Galaxy Nexus. It is, though, becoming sluggish and deserves a happy retirement. I've been thinking that I should get the next Nexus that comes along. Thank you so much.

Don't worry OP. I'll love this bad boy till it stops working. Anyway, I heard that it likes to eat Apples......the Cupertino kind that is!

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I could so make my partner jealous with this, and use it to show how how much better it is than her iPhone :-)

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This little fellow will have plenty Apples to kick around when he comes home with me. And he'll look just as good in his 100th year as the day he arrived, I promise!

Seeing that my first ever Android device is a Nexus 7 (WiFi), this phone will be a perfect companion to my tablet and a befitting first ever Android phone! I had wanted it as my first Android device, but had to settle for the tablet due to finance at the time.

I just bought apples from the shop to! :D Awesome prize, count me in! #NexusFTW

Nexus 4 Please, I've wanted one since it came out but I've never had the money to buy one :-( please, this would be awesome to win :-)

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I can provide a good home for one of your little fellows. Plenty of apples (for eating) here. No cracks or scratches on my N4. The wifey takes good care of her phone, I'd give it to her so she can have a kick ass phone and we can go his and hers...

Man I broke my phone two ago and have been going without since..
wife said no to a new phone Originally thought she would cave when she could not get a hold of me... But she hit the way back machine and called me on something called a landline phone at work and when I'm home.... So that plan backfired maybe fingers crossed will work... Btw they really are crossed

I would definitely give it a good home. I used my wife's n4 for a week while I was waiting for her replacement one to get here (earpiece died and Google was awesome about replacing it under warranty). I got spoiled as it was much faster and overall better than my gnex.

OK, I admit it. My favorite candy is jelly bean....and after that my favorite dessert is Key Lime Pie, so how else to consume each but on a Nexus 4? Just gotta figure out how to get Sense on it.

I would love him and hug him and kiss him and feed him red Apples all day long. There's a great home waiting for him with me, no place better.

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Oh I'll feed it apples!
But if its like any other pets I've had it'll like peanut butter better!!
Lol jk. I WANT

Sure! Sign me up - will be nice to have while I run out the remainder of my Sprint contract...

The nexus 4 is an amazing phone and I would love to get one, I've played with my friends one but I'm stuck with the nexus one :)

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I would save phone forever. It would be my 1st nexus. I could finally use navigation buttons without the hardware buttons underneath for once.

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Yes, please!

I've got some Apples to feed it.

I'll start with a light snack (the Shuffle) ...

Please let me win the phone. I really need it for work but because I'm student too I can't afford to buy one. Used to have the Galaxy Nexus but sold it for books. Choose me and I promise I'll take care of it.

Thanks from a daily reader!!

That would sure be a nice replacement for the Motorola RAZR we have.

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I would give this phone a loving home and tons of apples to feast upon.

You aren't selling it . But placing a giveaway.
Whatever it may be. Accidents never happen.
I want to kiss you.

Developers developers developers developers developers developers developers developers developers developers developers developers developers developers developers developers developers (bis)

i want please! my old phone needs to rest, he has been with me for a long time now, it deserves to rest, the nexus will be a nice and lovely phone to upgrade, it will be loved forever! i will feed it daily and be happy together :D

Here in Washington apples are plenty. I have already scheduled a tour to walk through some of the nicest orchards in existence. This is where Nexus and me will spend some quality time together.

I will love him so much that, after monitoring my communications, the NSA will think he's my son.

I just bought my Nexus 4 white 16gb from Google Play Store. However, my friend's phone died yesterday. So if I win it, I will definitely give it to him. I promise!

It's my birthday tomorrow, I would love to get her! I have enough generations of Apple to feed her at my house.

I love apples. And I love android, And babies, and even Hippies! I'd wear it on my chest and call myself Nexus Man. p-p-p-pllleaase?

I am not sure I deserve a Nexus 4 but it will be the best thing to happen. I love the Google Experience so much and tried so many different versions of rooted Android Experience on my ever ageing Motorola Atrix. Nexus 4 would be the best replacement to my ageing phone. After all what I have heard about Nexus 4 at forums here, this is one phone which will deserve all my attention!! :)

Need this bad work replaced my work phone with iPhone and really in need of android phone again:(

I'd like to give this to someone that has yet to take the smartphone plunge. Thanks.

my current phone is the nexus S, i had been wanting this for a long time, but got layoff from work, so no money for this yet, it will be so awesome if i can win this,
i promise to feed it my wife's Apple phone every night :P

I want this phone to replace an aging Samsung Infuse stuck on 2.3.3.

I would love to feel the power of a full Google experience :)

My contract with Verizon just ended, and I'm looking to go prepaid. This couldn't come at a better time :)

I'm not sure if non-US citizens can apply but I'd love to take care of a little Nexus. We have lots of apples here that the Nexus can happily devour.

I want this! T-Mobile is awesome where I live. My friend has one, and it is awesome. He loves it, and so do I. I am in the market for a new phone and this would be the perfect replacement! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE pass this on to me. It's only right that I let my Galaxy Exhibit die easily.

Done with to switch to T-Mobile this would be a great opportunity.. Love the podcast.great job!!!

I would love to start to be able to develop for this phone too, instead of just Galaxy Nexus. C'mon AC, hook it up!

I believe Stock android is the best mobile OS right now, so you can be sure that I will really enjoy having a Nexus 4.

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My brain hurts from trying to think of something clever to say.....I am pumped for some NBA finals tho...

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There is only one real deprivation... and that is not to be able to give one's gifts to those one loves most......
I may not be the one you love the most but I still want a Nexus 4

I've never had a Nexus device before. I mean I had the original Droid, which had stock, but that wasn't a nexus device. I'd really like one though. TouchWiz is terrible.

My hamster died a week ago, so i would gladly replace him with a new smartphone who likes to eat apples :)

I would love to adopt your Nexus into my loving Android family. I would love and care for it as if it were my own.

Omg omg omg I've been waiting for this exact contest.

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Ooohhh ooh ya please me. Nexus phones are the best (IMO)

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I should win because I don't need to win, I just want to. Sorry bro.

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This beautiful little girl, so tiny, so small
Brought joy to my life, smiles to us all.

Come to Daddy Nexy........:-)

Please! My Motorola Atrix 4G is driving me crazy! It gets hosed up an takes 15 minutes after I reboot before I can make a call.

I love this apple eater. I need another for my business. No other way to have a phone but stock android.

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I've been an iPhone user for years and ever since the Nexus 4 came out I knew the time had come to make the switch and see what all stock android has to offer, even if I don't win I'll still end up buying one but I figured why not give this a shot!

Hmmm, like to attack this one against my DNA and see how they compare...

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Boy, I would love to bring him home and feed him apples. I have been considering buying a used one off eBay. Please, please, please Mr. Hildenbrand, can I have your Nexus 4.

Eats Apples... Love it. I'll love him and take care of him and feed him apples and blackberries too.

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Still a great phone. It'll get replaced soon enough though.

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Would love to have some stock android goodness to balance out the increasing levels of iOS in my home

Pick me because I have just discovered Android, and now have to wait until February next year before I can BIN my iPhone :((

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Just what I always wanted. My own little android phone. I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him...

Lets me join the dark side via a google experience device

I await you to convert me...:)

I would love this Nexus 4 and I'm sure I could find some Apple's laying around to feed it.

Please I will like to have a nexus. In my country I can not buy it through google play. I promise to feed it every day with apples that have my friends.

Hey Jerry -

I would love this Nexus 4.....I'm still using my Nexus One!!! It will eat apples daily and will live on forever!

I have been an iPhone fun boy since its lunch until Apple compleatly dissapoited me with the iPhone 5, so I opened my mind for options and I fell in love with Android. This baby will be loved at home :)

I have the perfect Apple to feed this Nexus. I was forced to the other side due to work not officially and fully supporting Android. I regretted that move after the first week. And of course, now its supported. Needless to say, I'm counting down the days left in my 2 year contract. A brand new shinny Nexus with a belly full of Apple would be great right about now.

I lost a bit of sleep lately scouring ebay for a good deal on a Nexus 4. Please stop the insanity and land this phone at my doorstep a.s.a.p. :D

I love my wife so much that I'd like her to have a Nexus 4; then she'll understand why I spend so much time on mine. We can also get rid of her "rotten apple"!

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My wife lost a really crappy LG phone this week while traveling outside the country. To save my marriage, I would love to give her a Nexus 4 when she gets back next week. Otherwise, she will probably buy a new phone with a 2 year agreement to boot.

I know she will take better care of a phone that is far superior than anything she has had before! Let me be surprised and I will surprise her! :)

I was trying to decide between the Nexus 4 or buying the HTC One and switching from VZW to T-Mobile to replace my G-Nex, having a free Nexus to love would make my life a lot easier!

I've heard that AT&T service is getting better in my area and it would be really awesome to have a good phone to give it a test run on to free myself from the tyranny of Big Red who has a monopoly in my area :(

They say you are what you eat so I'll feed the little guy some key lime pie, buy him a brand new cover, and play a youtube lullaby every night to his processor's desire.

I would love to have a Nexus 4! I have wanted one since it was announced!


I'll take good care him, just like I am doing with my galaxy nexus right now.

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i hear by will give this nexus a new and very friendly environment with other house hold gadgets. For instance the Asus Cube and the Asus Nexus 7 and my Samsung Chromebook. U said it likes apples, well i will provide just as much apples it desires. i believe i have a suitable atmosphere for the LG Nexus 4. #HOLOYOLO

I love my Nexus 4 - got me to switch from iOS. What I don't love is my wife always stealing my phone because she likes playing games on it more than on her old iPhone. I promise not only a good home for the Nexus 4 but another Nexus 4 to keep it company. Can they make little Nexus babies?

I'd love to take this off your hands! I won't bore you with a sob story, or with my philanthropic plans for said device. I just want it. Thank you...carry on with your satisfying articles.

Sign me up! Still have my original Palm Pre that I enjoy (though not my daily driver) so I'd love to have another longterm toy!

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Never win these things, but what the heck.. #HOLOYOLO!

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Me, me...over here Jerry!!...Please+Thank you kind sir. BTW Android Central rocks, Talk Mobile FTW

I would enjoy a Nexus very much. I also would like a revamped G1 oh how I miss that phone.

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Would love to have a new android and get rid of my Samsung Galaxy Prevail...Come on baby....fingers crossed.

I declare hereby that I will guard my Nexus if I am given one until death separates us. It takes a lot to be part of nexusperience and I just want to tell you I am onboard! ;)

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