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Not every smartphone case has to be a heavy-duty, rubberized monster. Sometimes, you just want something slim and light to protect vulnerable areas of the phone, without adding too much extra bulk and weight. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S3, Spigen's Ultra Thin Air series of cases fits that bill.

Lightweight and constructed of polycarbonate, the Air Series case protects the edges and back of the Galaxy S3 without introducing too much additional heft. If you've used a Galaxy S3 for a few weeks, you'll know how susceptible the back can be to scratches and knocks, and a case like this will protect those plastic areas from damage. There are also cut-out areas for all the major ports and keys, so the case shouldn't get in the way of regular use. And a screen protector is included in the box too, if you're concerned about keeping the front of your phone pristine.

A larger, bulkier case may offer more protection against falls onto hard surfaces, so if you're accident-prone, that's worth bearing in mind. However, as a basic safety precaution, it's hard to beat a lightweight case like this. 

The Spigen Ultra Thin Air series is available from for $19.99. We reviewed the satin silver version, but it's available in a wide range of colors, including black, white, pink and orange. We've got more photos after the break.


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Spigen Ultra Thin Air Series case for Samsung Galaxy S3 review


This is very similar to the Incipio Feather case.

I begrudgingly bought the Incipio case in hopes of some sort of protection, I am nothing but pleased with the Incipio. It provides just enough side panel to make the phone feel comfortable in the hand. I felt the S3 is a bit too beveled on the sides, and felt like it was always about to slip out of my hand. This case helps that.

They both differ slightly, choose which is best for you.

I bought one of these last week for my GS3 and I was horribly disappointed in the fit. It didn't snap on nearly as tight as my Ringke Slim Lite back to the Ringke I go. It also seems to be a bit thicker than the Ringke. I guess the plus side is it comes in more colors. The Ringke only comes in matte black and glossy white. Still a better product.

I saw this post and came to comment that it looked like my Ringke, too. Love that case - its perfect for me.

I hope this case is better than their case for the Evo 4g LTE. It looked really nice but cracked along the eges within a month. The replacement was just as bad and the reviews on Amazon are not kind. I love their screen protectors and have one on my EVO now but the case was not up to their usual standards.

I have an Elago Breathe Case, which can be found on Amazon and it's basically the same case but half the price ($9.99)

The blue color matches the Pebble Blue of my Galaxy S3 almost perfectly too. Very slim, you forget it's not part of the phone.

I have ordered a more durable case just in case I need to add more protection later on.

I encourage everyone to check out the Elago case and save some $