Open webOS

We're not quite up to a flashable build just yet -- and we're still along way from using this as a daily driver -- but the source code has been posted to github to for an Open webOS port to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, just a few days after we got a taste of it running on said device.

As you'll recall, Open webOS is the open source version of webOS that HP release after killing off the Palm brand, and its hardware. It's great to see that it's got a little life left in it, and we've already seen teases of it running on Android tablets as well. Things are still very much alpha. Hardware acceleration is rough, at best. Or, as the webOS-Ports team puts it, it's "like a baby bird ... it crashes a bit after takeoff."

Stick around, folks. There's more to come.

Source: webOS-Ports; via webOS Nation


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Source code posted for Open webOS port to the Galaxy Nexus


I guess if you want to mess around with it and you don't need your Galaxy Nexus to be functional, than this is your OS! ;)

Having come from webOS I am glad to see it continuing. It's still the most intuitive interface; now let's see if we can get more apps!

I ditched webOS a few months ago.

Guess I'll give it a second try on my Galaxy NExus in the near future.

What I really like is to see iOS on Galaxy Nexus. That'll never happen,
I'll just have to keep carrying my Galaxy Nexus and my iPhone 4S at the
same time. :D

This is like a chimpanzee in a tutu. Really cool and entertaining, but mostly worthless.

Without an app ecosystem it will die quickly. It needs backing to survive, HP is not enough.

WebOS is still the most productive OS ever made, only RIM's QNX basex BB 10 comes close. As for the escosystem, all the books you want can be found through the Kindle app, and access to all of Amazon's music through the Amazon mp3 app.

I just looked at the Top Paid 45 apps in the Play Store and 30 of them are games. ROVIO, GAMELOFT, GLUMOBILE, EA, HEXAGE, And others all have apps in the webOS app catalog. The others are books by Oceanhouse Media (webOS has those), an Office App (webOS has 2), Tunein Radio (wOS has it), a calculator, some measuring tools, some fitness apps, all of which webOS has in the catalog. Granted there is no Netflix but and were perfectly in the browser so there is plenty of contentto stream.

Granted there is gap but looking at the TOP 50 or so apps MOST bought it's not that far off at all. It's the niche stuff webOS doesn't really have.

True but we need an actual functional phone first! Also, further enhancements like a UI as responsive as our current alternatives. A better browser mainly, as well as better organization for apps and such. I recently fired up my old Sprint Pre and boy was it awkward scrolling through 3 pages of random apps...

Anyone who spent time (2 years + for me) with Palm's web os would remember more than fondly the basic card design and swipe gesture scheme, which was the most intuitive user interface ever. If the software had been supported by decent hardware and a business climate with enough savvy to recognize its superior potential, we would all be better off today. It is my great hope that some of web os's gesture methodology can be integrated into Android now that the weasels at HP have released open source web os. So many things were great about web os its hard to select what should be assimilated. "Just type" would be an obvious start. The back gesture, the minimize
swipe, the stacked open apps, moving an app to the side or throwing the app you are quitting off the screen from minimize, the integration of all contacts, etc. I could go on and on. Palm was ahead of the game IMHO. I hope some of their ideas can last via Android.