Audio streaming app gets new Google account capabilities

The Android (and iOS) version of popular streaming and music discovery app SoundCloud has been updated with new Google account features. The new version lets you log in with any Google account credentials on your phone, in addition to the ever-present Facebook login. What's more, you can now share directly to Google+ through the app, allowing you to send your favorite tracks directly to people in your circles. It's a relatively minor update, but both could be important changes if your big on Google's ecosystem. Google account login in particular makes signing up extremely painless on Android devices, as you just need to tap once to confirm the account you want to use.

SoundCloud users can head to the Google Play Store app to update to the latest version. Alternatively, hit the Google Play link above to view the full listing.


Reader comments

SoundCloud updated with Google login and Google+ sharing


This is newsworthy just to show the uptake on Google+ sign-in. This makes it completely seamless on Android, and I look forward to it being used on even more apps. I trust Google+ sign-in far more than I trust Facebook!

Um, since your G+ password is the same as your Gmail, why would you give an app that much access info?