Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

And sure enough, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is on its way to AT&T. (See our hands-on) The 4-inch phone is bringing its custom Android experience to the U.S. on Aug. 15, complete with 8-megapixel camera, LED flash, 8GB of on-board memory, 2GB microSD card, and the Timescape and Mediascape UIs.

The X10 will cost $149.99 after two-year contract and rebate. Off-contract pricing wasn't initially announced.

Also not announced was what version of Android will be on board at launch, though we have to assume it'll be the same Android 1.6 that we've previously seen, and hope that it'll be upgraded later this year. Full presser after the break. [PR News Wire]

Update: Remember that Sony Style countdown clock? Well, it skipped the final two hours, and indeed it was showing the X10. Interesting is that it's listing the phone for $129.99 -- $20 less than the press release, but maybe that's an in-store preorder special. Or not.

AT&T and Sony Ericsson Announce the Xperia™ X10

Smart meets entertaining - Sony Ericsson's flagship Android smartphone offers an open and integrated world of communication, entertainment and social media

DALLAS and ATLANTA, Aug. 9 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- AT&T* and Sony Ericsson today announced a dynamic multimedia experience with the Android™ based Xperia™ X10, available August 15. The Xperia™ X10 introduces Sony Ericsson's unique and entertainment-driven Xperia™ platform to U.S. customers in a cutting-edge, beautiful and fun package.

The Xperia™ X10 comes fully loaded with a 4-inch crystal clear touch display, superfast 1GHz Snapdragon processor and a GPS. The smartphone also features an 8.1 megapixel camera with smile detection, face recognition, autofocus and LED flash. The device comes with 8 GB of on-board memory and a 2 GB in-box memory card, with expandable memory up to 32 GB.

Sony Ericsson's custom user experience is great for the intersection of communications and entertainment. Two signature applications, Mediascape and Timescape™, build on the Android platform to enhance the experience for users.

Mediascape on the Xperia ™ X10 gathers music, photos, videos and content from your phone's memory card and online, letting you browse, search, listen and share your media from one unified view. For example, view photos taken on the device as well as your Facebook® and Picasa™ web albums. Or, when listening to a favorite song on your phone, press Sony Ericsson's infinite button to access related content about the artist pulled from the phone's memory as well as albums, songs and video content from YouTube™ and search results from Google.
Timescape™ is a unique communication application that automatically organizes social interactions in chronological order, leaving users free to concentrate on keeping in touch on-the-go. From Facebook® and Twitter® updates to photos, emails and text messages, a scrolling menu offers easy viewing and organization of all communications. Additionally, tap the Timescape™ infinite button to bring up and view all communications from a single person in a single place.

"Sony Ericsson has created a unique choice for our smartphone customers looking for a fun and smart device," said Michael Woodward, vice president, Mobile Phone Portfolio, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets.

"Sony Ericsson is raising the bar for entertainment-rich phones with the launch of the Xperia ™ X10," said Paul Hamnett, senior vice president, Sony Ericsson North America. "With the convergence of our user experience platform and the Android OS, we are bringing consumers a smartphone experience that is not only exciting, but also very refined. Following the successful global launch of the Xperia™ X10, we are pleased to partner with AT&T to launch this phone in the U.S. market."

Pricing and Availability

The Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X10 smartphone will be available in black at AT&T stores, authorized retailers and on August 15 for $149.99 after a two-year service agreement and minimum smartphone data plan.


Reader comments

Sony Ericsson, AT&T announce the X10, available Aug. 15 for $149.99


I'm a happy user of my oem x10i on t-mobile. It really is a great device. 2.1+ will make it better. What's funny about this is the phone is not new as the boys north of us have been using the x10a now for a few months. Ironic that no where can you find the the version of android in any press release. The screen shots of the phone were pre-production so you can't trust the market icon that still looks like 1.6. If it isn't 2.1, this device will be an epic fail considering there are 3 other android devices running 2.1 being sold BY at&t.

Wait a minute, did you catch 8GB ON-BOARD? This doesn't match the x10 specs for the devices we've been using. Must be a typo as it comes with 1gb on-board with an 8GB sd card....unless they really did upgrade the hardware.

It must have 2.1 or they shouldn't waste their time. Too bad, the hardware on this phone is pretty damn good. I was seriously thinking on this phone before I bought what I think is still the best device made, The Nexus One. SE must have a piss poor relationship with google or something, why are they still running 1.6??????

Google must not have forgiven them for turning them down when they approached SE to build the "Google" phone before tapping HTC for the project.

actually.. i work for best buy mobile. and while yea, it shipping with 1.6 wouldnt be as good as shipping with 2.x, i must say, this is going to be the phone i get for my AT&T concession line. either this or the streak, which again is another (currently) 1.6 device. i love the hardware. I'm already getting an epic so i'll have a hummingbird and higher OS version, but theres something... very sexy/appealing about the X10. cant say that you dont look at that phone and go "damnnnnnn" LOL

The big countdown, and nothing to show for it but a picture and a general overview of stuff we already knew. If it's 1.6 and has no multitouch or HD video recording, then they are waisting their time.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Google Navigation require at least 2.0? says "Turn-by-turn GPS. With Google Maps™ in the palm of your hand, you can arrive fashionably on time. Aerial view or street view directions make it easy." It even shows the blue arrow in the screenshot.

AT&T only has 2 Android 2.1 phones, not 3. The hTC Aria and the Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S)
Their other Android offering is the Moto Backflip which still runs 1.6

The Dell Streak is still coming soon as is the Dell Ares, both to be running 1.6

Aside from that note. They sure as hell took long enough didn't they?
To bad. If they released it back when they were supposed to (nearly a damn year ago) it would've sold nicely. To little to late IMHO. I can say the same thing about the Streak and the Ares aswell.

The Samsung Captivate is on AT&T, and it runs 2.1.

Also, I noticed something that might point to 2.1 being on board on Sony's website. Under features, they talk about the android market and show apps coming out of the phone. Four stock apps can be seen, music, messaging, calendar and youtube. They were using the stock 2.X icons. This probably mean nothing but I thought it was worth noting.

I've been unimpressed with Sony for the past few years. If this thing ships 1.6 then it's a total failure and does nothing for android. Google should write up some rules on using android and anything coming out right now should be required to run 2.2.

@ The Protagonist
Yeah, I corrected that right before you posted.
The Captivate almost slipped my mind entirely. That's still only 2 Android 2.1 devices and soon to be 4 Android 1.6 devices tho.

Google can right up all the guidelines they want, but they cant force the manufactrers to release with the newest version if they don't want to. Just like they cant force them to stop adding custom UIs.

Welcome to Android and open source. They can do whatever they want with their phones and the open source OS.

Looks like it's only for right handed people. What about us lefties? Oh well, not switching to ATT anyway and I love my EVO.

I don't get the comment. Whats stopping you from using the phone in your left hand? lol

Is it me or does it seem like ATT is stock piling android and bb phones because they are loosing the iphone in Dec

Judging by the specs alone, The X10 seems to be a great device...
However, since its (more likely) running 1.6, I'd say stick with the Captivate

As much as I hate to say it, Keep the captivate.
X10 will most likely ship with 1.6, and is not multitouch capable (unless they remedied this, and then alot of older x10 owners will be UPSET), the 1Ghz hummingbird is faster then the 1Ghz snapdragon, the captivate has the better graphics chip, X10 has less internal storage and not as good of a screen and while it will be new to AT&T it is an older device. The only thing it has going for it is the Custom UI.

I wouldn't say that they are stockpiling Android devices in fear of losing the iPhone exclusivity.
It's more or less that they are trying to make good on their promise made in January about having 5 exclusive Android devices in the first half of 2010. They are already missed that deadline.

2 coworkers of mine have the vibrant and it's slow as hell compared to my x10i.

also, don't trust the images that sony ericsson used as those are pre-production images that don't have the reception indicators on the right side of the phone, and the market icon is still 1.6. We'll wait and see what the official announcement is but I can tell you that we sony ericsson fanboy/gals out there have been waiting for 2.1 to start rolling out the end of this you never know. the last 3 week's we've seen unofficial builds rapidly become available from some sony ericsson insiders.

What the hell is wrong with Sony to think they can keep releasing these out dated phones and people will want them. And the nerve of them putting up some kind of countdown like people are sitting around waiting for this phone to come out, what a joke.

I suppose there are plenty of people who will be sucked in by the Sony name, and not know there are multiple versions of Android. But 1.6 on a 2010 release is a non-starter for anyone remotely knowledgeable.

Well, I am not American(Canadian) and we've had the X10 on Rogers' line of phones for a while.

A few things I can tell you about it are:

Unless it was just the one handset - Call quality/volume was horrible, and basically non-existent. I said to the rep, "Woah - you can't even hear it!" He then went to jiggle the volume rocker and low and behold - it was MAXED, meaning .. unusable.

The screen is gorgeous - but lacks Multi-touch, oi, typing on the keyboard ain't no fun when you suck at typing already, and have no MT support.

in Canada it DOES come in white, looks quite nice, but Blacks just sexy for some reason.

Camera is nice; however.

Battery - Oh my god, can anyone say iPhone is better? LOL. Well, to be fair, Sony/Rogers had to release an update ASAP because the device was rendered unusable as it was, and is suppose to increase it or something.

I notice that the price of a 3 year contract(3 years, gag, Damn America and their 2 ;) dropped from 149.99 to 99, and 79.99 at some best buys, whether or not that has to do with a new line of devices(ie Captivate, Torch, etc) or its plummeting sales, I dunno.

what I can tell you is - I think with my small hands on and research(I didnt get it, waiting out for Captivate) its a beautiful phone, and as Canada stands, we're still running Android Build 1.6, but can improve it hopefully with a 2.1(or 2.2)

But my advice.. I dunno..Possibly keep looking, but it all depends on the user :)