SE Xperia Walkman 8

With no fanfare, The W8 Walkman phone appeared on Sony Ericsson's website today.  The phone runs Android (like all the cool phones do now-a-days), and for all intents and purposes is a re-worked Xperia X8 -- including still being stuck on Eclair (Android 2.1).  For now, SE warns that availability will be limited, and the W8 is set to be released in Asia sometime in Q2.

Travel back in time to the beginning of last year, and we see that Sony Ericsson has been working on this for a while.  We're glad to see more Android powered music players, but I'm not sure if offering them up with dated hardware and phone capabilities is the way to go.  [Sony Ericsson via Xperia Blog]


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Sony Ericsson announces the W8 Walkman phone


So it's a phone AND I can plug headphones into it and listen to music? Why has no one thought of this before? GENIUS! I hope I can get one.

wowowowow, hold up. I cant just put music on to my GINGERBREAD droid x and listen to music.
(is it just me or does this phone look as thick as the iphone 2g)

The Walkman line of phones(yes,there have been several), generally have dedicated physical buttons for music playback. Before the smartphone revolution, I rocked several SE Walkman phones. They were one of the few phones that allowed use of the music player while performing other actions, a.k.a. multitasking.Plus, the sound from them was pretty good. I never had the need for a separate MP3 player as I always had my SE phone.

Tru dat. I had an orange w600i and loved that thing. But since the smartphone revolution you can use anyold one.