Update: Google says the issue has now been resolved.

Original story: Google Talk — the service behind the company's Hangouts messaging platform — appears to be experiencing a fairly major issue this morning, as some users report messages being delivered to unintended recipients. Reports from Twitter suggest that in some cases messages are being routed to users outside the sender's contact list, presenting obvious — and quite serious — privacy and security concerns.

For its part, Google has updated it service status page to indicate it's investigating an issue with Google Talk, so hopefully the issue can be resolved before too long. In the meantime, you might want to avoid typing anything too private or incriminating into a Google Hangout chat window for the next few hours.

via: The Verge; More: Google Service Status


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Some Hangouts messages reportedly being sent to wrong recipients [Update: fixed]


" might want to avoid typing anything too private or incriminating into a Google Hangout chat window for the next few hours."

Never text, tweet or otherwise post anything that you wouldn't mind seeing on a billboard advertisement, because that is essentially what you do when using SMS and the interwebz. Especially with the NSA looking over everyone's shoulder.

They are more talking about trash talking a friend and stuff like that not fearing that the NSA knows that I am going to blow up your house.

Your article is sort of misleading because from my understanding it is only happening to users of Google talk that still haven't upgraded to hangouts. I don't believe there has been any issues with hangouts...only GT, though I could be wrong.

It seems to crop up when users of the old Google Talk platform try to connect with those who have migrated to the Hangouts service or Google Talk to Google Talk, so it could be something transitional or only those that haven't transitioned. I'd say those who haven't transitioned should go ahead and do so now, but that's just me. You can check for updates regarding resolution by checking apps status in the dashboard as well.

Right, this has NOTHING to do with Hangouts, and EVERYTHING to do with those who haven't UPGRADED yet.

Please fix your story so the lowest common denominator won't get confused :)

Group chat and video chat for starters, and don't forget Google Voice doesn't actually work at all in most places. Your HTC One would love it!

I knew that message from Tantai saying he got a Moto X wasn't for me!

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You're right, folks having trouble using one obsolete, outdated messaging platform (GTalk) is reason to move to another obsolete, outdated messaging platform.
By the time BBM is ready for rollout, BB will have started selling off its assets. Google will buy all the BBM related patents and roll the tech into the then latest version of Hangouts.

Google has been great lately about issuing updates and fixes. But was this issue only for those that were on Google talk and hadn't updated to hangouts?

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