Sling on Android

The guys at Android and Me caught up with Sling at the GDGT Live event at SXSW in Austin, Texas, recently and managed to pin down what may well prove to be one of the most anticipated apps on the Android platform.

Yes, folks, Sling is coming. When? "This summer," Sling said. We see it running on the Motorola Droid and Google Nexus One, two platforms with large screens, perfect for movies and TV. (And there's the Samsung Galaxy Spica, too -- not as large a screen, but still nice.)

Check out video of it in action after the break. [Android and Me via AndroidCommunity]

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MOverton says:

Sling is pretty cool. Used it on a windows based device and on a blackberry pearl and storm. Didnt use it much though. So I have a Slingbox Pro for sale if anyone wants one. You can prepare for the android app if, you want.

mouseglider says:

I am interested in the solo pro - you can pm me on treo central froum or maybe on this forum? - I don't know if I can recieve pms here, as i am new to the Andriod forum.


NexusNole says:

The N1 screen looks so much better than the others. The iPhone looks completely washed out and the Droid doesn't look much better.

JohnnyACE562 says:

Actually, Droid has the better screen out of those phones.


JohnnyACE562 says:

This is probably the most exciting app yet.


Anonymous says:

I can't F'in wait!!! Dish+Sling Media+HTC Incredible= Tv Truly Everywhere

Ryan says:

Summer? Good grief...they've been talking about this since last January 09! Hurry up already!

DannyDarko says:

There is 2 more music apps worth mentioning RockOn which has a really slick 3D album art interface and 2 widgets to go with it FREE. Also B-Tunes which is an Itunes/Iphoney interface type player that functions similarly to Mixing and RockOn by collecting album art which if you are like me, lack when downloading from the net or apps like IMusic which is a sweet little FREE music finder.

Matt says:

I wonder if this means android control of dish DVRs?

Nate says:

I will be getting a Nexus One or Supersonic come June so this is perfect. Bub-bye Palm Pre.

hutj22 says:

So figure Xmas 2012.

Dave P says:

I love it! I had slingplayer on the verizon pocket pc from 2006-2008, and the moto q9c from 2008-nov 2009. I got the droid then and have been bumming that I can't sling. I thought it would come sooner, but it's good to know that it's finally coming for baseball season.

cata12 says:

This is the first app for the iPhone:
and this is the Android version:

I am not sure if waiting for the official Android release worths as the iPhone version is already available.

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