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I've long since raved about services like Tripit, which aggregate and organize your travel itineraries into a single application. Slice has  been doing that for shopping for some time now, and today it announced it's coming to Android. We've been using Slice for a few days now, and it's quickly found a home in our must-have applications. 

The premise is simple: You give Slice access to your e-mail account, and it keeps an eye on things, looking out of receipts, order confirmations and shipping announcements. If it spots one, it gets sucked into the Slice app for easy digestion. You've got quick access to current and previous orders, tracking codes, histories and maps.

Oh, and it'll show you your total number of orders imported, as well as how much you've spent. And you'll likely feel a little guilty and wonder where all that money went. Just saying. (Our test sucked in orders all the way back from 2008 – these things add up after a while.)

SliceSlice's layout is excellent. The main menu takes you to open orders, shipped orders, delivered orders and full history. It's a little redundant because once you choose one of those sections, you can flip left or right to the others. But it still looks great. (Update: Slice apparently decided to change its main home screen between the time we got our advance look and launch. The home screen at right is what you should see on your phone.)

Order tracking is nicely done – you get easy access to the tracking number and service phone number, as well as the history of your package's travels. You get a Google Map, too, showing the shipping origin and destination cities, and points in between, but that's really not all that useful for any sort of real-time tracking.

The long and the short of it is that Slice is an excellent way to keep track of your online purchases and keep up with orders that are on the way. It's also got the ability to squelch iTunes and Netflix purchases, which you'll likely have a bunch of, so things stay nice and tidy.

We've got a slew of screen shots and some hands-on video -- and the download link, of course -- after the break.

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Slice for AndroidSlice for Android

Slice for AndroidSlice for Android

Slice for AndroidSlice for Android

Slice for AndroidSlice for Android

Slice for AndroidSlice for Android

Slice for AndroidSlice for Android

Slice app launches for Android to Save you Time, Track Your Packages and Get You Organized


Slice Makes Package-Tracking From Your Mobile Phone a Breeze, Helps Whip Your Inbox into Shape and Simplifies Shopping for All

PALO ALTO, CA – March 8, 2012 – Today, Slice announced the availability of its free online shopping organizational app on all Android devices. The Android release is the latest addition to Slice’s suite of mobile and desktop tools aimed at simplifying online shopping. With Slice on your Android, you’ll never waste another minute sorting through old receipts or entering tracking numbers. Slice’s app is the only service that gives Android users instant access to their entire online shopping history, making tracking shipments and staying organized on-the-go easier than ever before. With the launch of the Android app, users will also be able to conveniently view and organize purchases made using Google Wallet.

Slice makes sense of the shopping clutter by automatically pulling information from the electronic receipts in your email – including shipping notifications, tracking numbers, return policies and customer service information – and compiling all the relevant data in one place for quick, easy reference. Slice parses receipts from brick-and-mortar retailers as well as traditional e-commerce and daily deals sites.

Slice has processed more than 10 million purchases to date. Slice’s service was named “the best package tracker for iPhone” by Lifehacker and the company was included in Inc. Magazine’s list of start-ups to watch in 2012.

“Our number one request in the months leading up to the holidays was for an Android release,” said Scott Brady, CEO and co-founder of Slice. “Our mobile platform is really the best way to use Slice since it puts all the benefits of the service right at your fingertips. With Slice on your Android, the days of rooting around in your email for tracking numbers or customer service information are long gone. Slice gives you all the information you need, when you need it, in the palm of your hand.”

Slice’s mobile apps simplify your shopping by eliminating some common hassles:


  • Need to remember what you ordered? We automatically track all your in-progress shipments on a single map as they make their way to your front door, with detailed information about the contents of the package, not just where it’s coming from.
  • Want to know where your stuff is? Our push notifications let you know when a purchase has shipped and when it gets delivered, so you’re never left wondering.
  • Want to return something? Slice keeps a copy of all your electronic receipts for easy access in case you need them. Slice also provides you with often hard to find return and customer service information. Returns made simple.
  • Purchase info hard to find in your cluttered inbox? Slice consolidates your shopping history in one place so you don’t have to log into multiple websites, dig through receipts or manually file emails. From large retailers and daily deal sites to mom-and-pop online shops, we’ve got you covered.
  • Where’s all your money going? We provide purchase details beyond what’s provided in your credit card statement, showing you exactly what you bought down to the individual item, not just where you bought it.

Starting today, the Slice mobile app is available for all Android users in Google Play. The app is available with a downloadable widget that makes it even easier for Android users to track packages at a glance. Slice is also available as a desktop service for all Gmail and Yahoo! Mail users and for iOS devices as the Slice iPhone app in the Apple App Store. For more information, visit

About Slice

Slice provides the simplest way to organize your purchases, saving you time and money. Slice automatically pulls information from electronic receipts in your inbox and makes it easy to track the progress of your orders, take advantage of price adjustments and see everything you’ve bought, all in one place. Based in Palo Alto, CA, Slice is privately held with funding from DCM, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Michael Birch, FLOODGATE, Innovation Endeavors (Eric Schmidt), and Rick Thompson. For more information, visit


Reader comments

Slice for Android - Organizes your orders, tracks your stuff


I've been using Parcels to track my shipments, but i'm definitely going to give this a shot right now. Looks pretty slick.

It is available for ICS and Galaxy Nexus. We had an error in configuration on the Android market. Just fixed it and there is a new version 1.0.1. Sorry for the inconvenience. It should work now.

"This app is incompatible with all of your devices."

I have a VZW Galaxy Nexus and Moto Xoom both running ICS.

I  think the compatability thing is just because of their market listing. Will e-mail them. 

It's been working fine on my GNex.

Nah, I acquired the APK but it gives me the "not installed" message. If you do have it installed on your GN you have a special version of the app not available to the public. Share the APK!

Please try downloading from the Android market now. We had an error in configuration on the Android market. Just fixed it and there is a new version 1.0.1. It should work now

It STILL DOES NOT WORK! I've been trying all day, your update did not fix the problem, other users are reporting the same thing. JUST POST THE APK ALREADY!

Re: Tracking notices. I've wondered why Gmail didn't do this for me in the first place. It recognizes calendar events, and I know that Google recognizes shipping numbers when you google them so why not build this right into GMail, not just GMail on the web, GMail on Android!

It just occurred to me what a great business model this is. Give away the app and you've opened a treasure trove of information about what people buy according to the emails they use that I'm sure retailers would love to buy!

How does one go about installing this on the Galaxy Nexus if I can't install it through Google Play or on my phone? Do I need to root the phone?


Hi sorry about the install issue. We had lots of folks raise an issue with incompatibility so we believe we've addressed this in the latest build (1.0.3). Please try giving it another shot and let us know if you have any other issues. (

I can't install it, says incompatible, on GSM Galaxy Nexus 4.0.2 stock. please post the apk. I want to use this badly.

Hi thanks for posting. We believe we've fixed the compatibility issues with 1.0.3. Please give it another shot and let us know if you're still having issues. Thanks and we hope you love the app. :)

Sort of a big mistake to screw up your listing so that the Verizon GNex can't install - it says it will install on my Droid X, but not my GNex (which, you know, I actually use).

L A M E.

Does it filter out android market, err, google play purchases as well? Also, listed as incompatible with Galaxy Tab 10.1

You can filter, if you choose, on their website
Currently I only have an account though their website because thewy cannot fix the Gnex availability problem and refuse to post the APK!

Give me a way to simply forward an email to their service, versus providing them full access to my entire email account, and THEN we'll talk.

well, if you wanted to do that you could setup a second gmail account and setup filters in the one you don't want prying eyes to get their hands on which forwards to said second email account.

That defeats the purpose of the service. TripIt and all the others are set up the EXACT same way.

Use Shiprack from the Play Store. That's exactly how it works.

Slice is nice and pretty and I don't care about it sifting my email. In fact I like that it's automated like that. I just find it (the app and the web interface) too bloated and the usage flow is not very intuitive. It would be nice if Shiprack could do that automatically, but it wasn't much trouble setting up my forwarding rules. Now it works automatically 80% of the time. I just forward the other 20%. Not a big deal for me. I have to stick with Shiprack because it does what I need and nothing more. It receives shipping updates and notifies me about it. I do, however, like the way Slice keeps track of my spending, so I think I'm going to keep it just to use that feature.

I love the idea, but I do not like the idea of giving another company full access to my email accounts, at least not without a detailed explanation of how their system is set up and that they can assure me it is impossible for someone at that company to get the password.

I too had the compatibility issue on my verizon gnex. But i then logged into and out of google play a few times, and the last time i searched for the app, it came up and was listed as compatible. So i grabbed it then and it has since downloaded to my phone and is working well.
It may be helpful info that i did this from my laptop rather than from my phone.

I was getting the not compatible message as well (VZW GalNex AOKP m4)...

10 minutes ago I checked the "Play Shop" and a new version had been uploaded, which is apparently now compatible.

I guess they heard us. :^)

Good catch. I didn't even notice it the first time. Something between Speedtest and Swype. We could probably find it if we had better filters for the market... err.. for the play?

How are apps registered in the market? Do they have to check off each compatible device and OS? Just wondering b/c even the new version 1.0.1 is a no-go on my Nexus S 4G running ICS 4.0.3. I guess I'm SOL since that combination "officially" doesn't exist. Sucks... this is one of my fav apps on iPad.

So we submit an app manifest as part of the .apk which controls device compatibility. And aside from tablets and OS < 2.2, we basically enabled all devices, including ICS devices. So we're a little puzzled about the spotty compatibility reports we're reading, but we think it may be due to having copy-protection enabled. We're investigating it and hope to have a solve soon. Thanks for the post!

installed it on my Moto Photon. The dang thing showed me that i have spent close to $3,000 online over the last five years!!

Then, to add insult to injury, it crashed my phone!

Had to use MarketAccess to get it. Not bad, but the country and device restrictions in the Market are pretty silly.

Running it on my Atrix CM7 based ROM in AU.

I really, REALLY wanted to love this. Didn't have a problem installing it on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus, but the importing was broken from the get-go.

I got the app in the first place because I have an Amazon order that is backordered and want to know right when it ships, but the importing marked that order as delivered. If that wasn't frustrating enough, it marked a digital order (PSN card) as ordered but not delivered, and I couldn't find any way to get rid of it. (I even went as far as to delete the saved email, but no dice.) So after some frustration, I deactivated my account and uninstalled. Bummer.

Sorry to hear about your frustrating user experience and wish we could've helped out before you deactivated and uninstalled.

But if you ever want to give it another shot, you can delete any purchase on the app by holding down on the order or item, which will bring up a submenu to delete. Also, for the backordered item, when the shipping confirmation eventually comes through, Slice will track that package for you so you actually will know when it ships and is out for delivery.

Thanks for giving it a whirl and we hope you'll give it another test drive soon.

ANYONE WITH COMPATIBILITY ISSUES!!!! Just look for the app on the desktop version of the Play Store and it will be available to you there. Hope this helps someone.

Actually we believe we've addressed the compatibility issues with 1.0.3. Please give it a shot and let us know if you still are having problems. Thanks!

Looks like a great idea and I like the link in to IFTTT. Registered an account but unfortunately the app apparently isn't compatible with my phone. I use an Sony Xperia Z C6603 running Android 4.4.2. Any chance of making the app compatible with my phone?